Behind Oolong Detention of Quyang Coal Burning: Villagers claim that clean coal is cheap and expensive

 Behind Oolong Detention of Quyang Coal Burning: Villagers claim that clean coal is cheap and expensive

Clean coal burned in a coal stove

The black smoke from Zhao Jis cigarette holder was found. He was called to the police station and wrote a guarantee letter and pressed his fingerprint as required.

A few days later, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Quyang County, Hebei Province, issued a circular that in the process of investigating and dealing with illegal use of low-quality loose coal, two people, Zhao Mou-mou and Zhao Ji-mou, who used low-quality loose coal twice, were given public security detention penalties.

Once the news was released, it was widely questioned. Quyang County Government subsequently apologized for the incident and said the previous information was due to staff errors. Quyang County has not detained people burning poor quality bulk coal, but has given criticism and education.

In an in-depth interview with reporters, Zhao Jiyu confirmed that on the day he went to the police station, he was allowed to return home. He also explained that he only used the remaining bituminous coal as the ignition material, not to heat it.

A Oolong detention notice pushed many practical problems in the process of air pollution control in Quyang to the front desk. After the banning of low-quality bulk coal, local residents reported that clean coal as an alternative was not hot enough and the price was high. However, the coal to electricity and coal to gas projects vigorously implemented by the local government also have the problems of cost and gas supply.

Villagers broke off incompletely burned coal balls

Detention Caused by Two Bituminous Coals

Zhao Jiyun did not expect, because of two bituminous coal, he went to a police station, and later on the news.

One day in early December, Zhao Ji got up in the morning to burn the boiler. In the eastern village of Zhaocheng, although many people have yellow gas pipelines erected in front of their doors, coal still needs to be burned for heating this winter because of the lack of ventilation.

The coal needed firewood to ignite, but Zhao Ji spent half a day looking for it. According to him, two bituminous coals left over from last year were finally found in his attic as ignition materials. According to this years regulations, bituminous coal belongs to inferior loose coal, not clean coal, and is prohibited from being used.

Shortly after the two bituminous coals were thrown in, inspectors followed the black smoke from the chimney and found Zhao Jiyus home. They took pictures of the bituminous coals in the boiler and the boiler, and Zhao Jiyu admitted that he was wrong.

After the inspectors left, Zhao Jiyu went out. More than 10 oclock, his wife swept the yard at home alone. Suddenly more than a dozen people came and insisted on Zhao Jis use. The process of his wife calling him was also regarded as procrastination. If you dont cooperate, its a big deal if you dont. You have to let him come back. Near noon, the village brigade also came to his home and asked Zhao Ji to go to the police station at 2 p.m.

That afternoon, Zhao Jiyong sat on a chair in the interrogation room of Hengzhou Town Police Station for nearly three hours. Someone took a picture of him, asked his wife and childrens names, and asked him to copy a guarantee.

They asked me if I burned coal, I said no, and asked if the village had asked for it, I said yes. Zhao Ji used to recall the situation at that time. He was allowed to go home only after he had made a guarantee and pressed his fingerprints.

Another villager, Zhao Jishuan, was called to the police station that day. After the discovery of the use of loose coal, Zhao Jishuan explained the situation. He said that a law enforcement officer told himself, You still have a good attitude. You cant burn it anymore. If you burn it again, well detain it.

After returning from the police station, Zhao Jiyue met several people to check. It was more than 10 p.m., because the old man had fallen asleep. Drill into the quilt, its cold outside. He did not open the door. The next morning, more than a dozen people visited again, thinking that we had stolen coal again.

No one expected that the storm would continue to ferment in a few days. On December 7, Weixin Public Number of Quyang Environmental Protection Bureau released a tweet entitled Detention of Two Burning Bulk Coal Users in Our County with two photos of relevant personnel sitting in the interrogation chair.

According to the article, in order to strictly implement the spirit of Notice Requirements of Quyang County Peoples Government on Further Strengthening the Control of Low-quality Bulk Coal and resolutely do a good job in the prevention and control of air pollution in winter, since November 26 this year, a total of 34 people illegally burning low-quality Bulk Coal have been investigated and punished by various local departments. Among them, Zhao Mou-mou and Zhao Ji-mou did not listen to the persuasion and burned inferior loose coal in violation of regulations twice, and they were given public security detention punishment.

As soon as the article was issued, it immediately aroused many doubts and criticized the local ways and means of controlling loose coal.

On December 8, the article was deleted and the Quyang County Government issued a Situation Note that evening, apologizing for the incident. According to the statement, the previous information was due to staff errors. Quyang County has not detained people who burn poor quality bulk coal. The article said that two people, Zhao Mou and Zhao Ji Mou, did not listen to the persuasion, burned inferior loose coal in violation of regulations twice, and gave them punishment of public security detention. In fact, two people gave criticism and education after burning inferior loose coal. The picture in this article is actually a picture of Zhang Moumou and Wang Moumou who were questioned for illegal sewage discharge on December 6.

Some villagers have room temperatures just above 10 degrees Celsius.

Clean coal subsidized by 400 yuan per ton

Although the detention incident was proved to be Oolong, the words detention did appear in the air quality consultation working conference held by Quyang County Government.

According to the official website of the local government, from November 24 to November 26, the county held three consecutive air quality consultation meetings. The meeting decided to confiscate all the inferior loose coal found and detain those who pollute the air environment. And Zhao Chengdong Village and Xu Chengdong Village are the focus breakthrough of the above measures.

Anyone who dares to burn bituminous coal now will catch you if he finds it, said Wang Ping, a villager in the eastern village of Zhaocheng.

In addition to the above regulations broadcast in the village radio in the morning and evening, Wang Ping also met two organ people to inspect, they are at home, check bituminous coal, if not, let them change coal balls.

The coal ball in Wang Pingkou is the clean briquette popularized by the government. According to her, when villagers buy coal balls, they need to report to the brigade and send them to their homes by special people. In the eastern village of Zhaocheng, bags of clean olive coal balls are piled up in the courtyards of every household.

Purchase of clean coal balls in this way also includes Dazhaoqiu, Qilizhuang and other villages. Zhao Li (a pseudonym) who opened an early stall in Dazhaoqiu village said that after autumn this year, she went to the village brigade to register her identity information and the amount of coal needed. About a month ago, two tons of coal balls were pulled to Zhaolis home. Whose coal is not enough, and then register, we just reported another ton.

They propagandize that coal balls do not smoke and pollute, which is good for the people. But Wang Ping said that the newly promoted clean coal balls are not as good as bituminous coal, which is also the common view of many local villagers. The coal balls are not as warm as burning bituminous coal, and the fire is easy to extinguish and produce more ash.

In the past, when bituminous coal was burned and a boiler was used, the whole house was hot. Wang Ping said that her familys boiler was idle this year, but because the temperature was not enough, each room had to put a local called small shell stove. At Zhao Lis house, when its really not hot, she can only turn on the air conditioner and put on an electric mattress.

Price and consumption are also issues of concern to villagers. Wang Ping said that in previous years, bituminous coal could be purchased by three comparison stores. Five or six hundred yuan in summer, six or seven hundred yuan in winter, and two tons are almost enough. This year, the price of coal balls is set at 746 yuan per ton.

It took more than two tons last winter and 145 years. This will pull two tons at once. It has burned more than one ton, faster than last year. Wang Pings neighbor said.

Coal balls have become the only choice for villagers like Zhao Chengdong. According to an Environmental Impact Report Form for Construction Projects, Quyang Jianshuo Briquette Co., Ltd. signed a contract with the government in 2015 to produce clean briquette through bidding, and this year is the same.

In response to the villagerscomplaints about coal balls, a technician at the factory explained that the raw material of briquette is Shanxi coal, more than 800 yuan per ton, which costs more in terms of processing, adhesives, site and so on. 746 yuan per ton is the price after the government subsidized 400 yuan.

It is different from bituminous coal in nature, bituminous coal has a high volatile content, more than 30, so the flame rises high, but will produce black coal smoke; briquette volatile content is low, we are about 10, in line with the national clean coal standards, but briquette ash content is high, the output of ash is also more.

The technician said that for policy reasons, they sold 100,000 tons of briquette to the county this year, compared with 10,000 tons in 2015.

Yongning Coal Logistics Park

The county magistrate was interviewed and disappeared from the coal plant

Wang Ping, a villager in Zhaochengdong Village, recalls that last year, villagers were able to buy bituminous coal on the roads in the north of the county. At that time, there were also individual coal sellers on the roadside, pulling a large car of coal, the villagers negotiated the price, and then specially looking for someone to pull home with three wheels.

In just one year, from production to sales, the industrial chain of civil bulk coal is now disappearing in Quyang.

Driving north from Quyang County to Lingshan Town, you can see densely distributed gas stations, garage and small restaurants on both sides of Dinglong Highway about 25 kilometers away.

Quyang, located at the junction of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Shandong, has become an important channel for the eastern transportation of Shanxi coal and the southern descent of Mongolian coal due to the underdeveloped expressway, the unobstructed coal information and geographical location in its early years. On both sides of Dinglong Highway, there were nearly 1000 coal processing factories. Now there are few coal yards left here. They are centralized in several coal logistics parks for unified management, among which the factories that process and sell civil bulk coal are hard to find.

The governments control over bulk coal is directly reflected in the changes in the number of coal plants, and the pressure is transmitted from top to bottom.

According to media reports, on August 1 this year, Quyang County Chang Shi Zhixin was interviewed by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment with the principal leaders of Beijing Tongzhou District, Hebei Shijiazhuang Zhao County, Shanxi Jincheng City and Henan Xinxianghui County.

The interview was the result of two rounds of intensified supervision of air pollution control in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and the surrounding areas of 2+26 cities. Among the five counties and municipalities, Quyang County in Baoding has the largest number of problems, totaling 119.

This interview is also the first time I have been interviewed in my life. I feel very stressed and responsible, Shi Zhixin said in his speech.

The changes brought about by interviews are obvious. On August 4, Quyang County held a work conference on ecological environment protection and feedback from environmental protection supervision in 2018, and decided to set up an ecological environment protection supervision group to supervise environmental protection work. In addition, Li Yinfeng, deputy county governor, and the Atmosphere Office were granted the power to chop first and play later. Those who did not act or take responsibility in environmental protection work should be removed from their posts before submitting them to the Standing Committee for research and decision.

On September 15, Quyang issued the Notice on Prohibiting the Transportation, Distribution and Use of Low-quality Bulk Coal and Promoting Clean Briquette in which it proposed that the sale, storage and embargo of low-quality Bulk Coal should be imposed, and those who violate the regulations in operating and selling Bulk Coal should be heavily punished according to law. The announcement was posted over 1300 copies in the next two months.

Li Hui (a pseudonym) is the owner of a coal plant in Hengtai Coal Logistics Park, Quyang County. He feels deeply about the increasingly stringent environmental protection control. Before moving to the logistics park, Li Huis coal plant opened on the roadside. It used to be scattered, and nobody cared where to do it. Now unified management, sprinkler, dust removal, management personnel all day round, not to raise dust.

Li Hui received a Notice of Cleaning up and Banning Coal Logistics Park and Coal Yard in Quyang, Hebei Province, from November 14. In addition to Hengtai, there are also Yongning Coal Logistics Park in Quyang County, Baijieda Logistics Park in Quyang County, Quyang Coal Transport and Marketing Group in Shanxi Province, Quyang Coal Logistics Park and other private coal parks and remaining coal yards.

The urgency of this policy was not received until December, when it was said that it must be shut down. Quyang County, several coal logistics parks, almost unified construction, only a year, now said that the county-wide ban on this industry, Yongning Coal Logistics Park Management Office, a staff member said.

According to its introduction, at present, the remaining coal yards in the park mainly supply coal for Shandong Power Plant. There is no civil (bulk) coal (coal yard) since this year. One is that the cost is high and there is no profit in the park, so it has to change and not do it. Another government also has a policy not to burn bituminous coal and no users.

From this year onwards, environmental protection has been paid more attention. The director of environmental protection has lived here for a long time and has been here this morning. The worker pointed to the empty space in front of the door and said, This was originally a factory. There were more than 100 factories in the park last year, and now there are more than a dozen.

The cold winter of the coal industry has fallen on everyone in the chain. Li Hui, the coal owner, hasnt figured out what to do next after clearing up the remaining inventory. He has worked in this field for more than ten years, first running transportation, then running his own coal plant, 2008 to 2013 is the most brilliant time, a year can earn 4.5 million. Actually, we know its a sunset industry, but you cant change your profession when you get used to it. You have to start from scratch to do anything else.

Three forklift drivers, seven workers and a cook employed by Li Hui are also facing unemployment. A loading worker said that he had been working here for more than a month, two days and two nights, and only earned more than 100 yuan.

Villagers are sorting out coal balls in their homes.

Coal to electricity and coal to gas projects

In Dongkou Nancun, near Dinglong Highway, villagers Li Guizhen (pseudonym) also found that since more than 700 families in the village installed air energy this year, there has been no scattered coal vendors in the village.

On November 6, this year, Quyang County Governments official website published the article Quyang County Market Supervision Bureau overcomes difficulties and resolutely wins the100-day Battlefor the management and control of loose coal. It mentioned that the key regulatory areas are the five non-combustion zones of loose coal in Hengzhou Town and the seven villages ofcoal substituted by electricityandcoal substituted by gas. All sales and mobile sales stalls of loose coal are banned, and unlicensed operation and inferior dispersion are strictly checked. Coal sales behavior.

Li Guizhens Dongkou Nancun is one of the pilot villages of replacing coal by electricity. This year, Li Guizhens family installed two air-energy heat pumps. The installation cost is 6500 for one and 2700 for the other. Electricity cant be burned, the cost of electricity is 55 cents in the day, 30 cents in the evening, and 206 words in a day.

There are three factories in the air available to villagers in Kounan village. Which brand is used to distribute the air by scratches? This makes Li Guizhens wife quite dissatisfied. Three machines, we use the most noise. Some of them are installed in the house and cant sleep at night. The policy is quite good now, but you cant be hard-nosed.

In order to save electricity costs, some time ago, Li Guizhen asked someone to put water in one of the machines, Maybe not clean, these two days are very cold, once turned on, it has stopped for five or six days. They rushed to find technicians, but found that maintenance also needed to queue up.

In order to deal with this kind of problem, the technician Zhang Qing (pseudonym) sent by the manufacturer has no time to rest these two days. He introduced that if the power is cut off for more than 4 hours, the water in the air-powered machine should be released, otherwise the pipe will freeze. You can turn off the panel, you can turn off the main engine, but you cant turn off the power (pull the brake), Zhang Qing said. They posted tips for villagers, but most of the elderly people in the village are illiterate and unable to read the tips. Many people are used to pulling the brake as soon as they go out, coupled with the low temperature in these two days, it is easy to freeze up.

Unlike the pilot village, in Qilizhuang village, villagers can voluntarily apply for the installation of air energy. He Yongjia had installed an air-powered machine before, because the price was too high, he returned it. This year, because bituminous coal was banned from burning, the machine was reinstalled again, six days spent 200 yuan of electricity.

He Yong did business of installing and repairing boilers in 2008, loading up to 100 boilers a year. The year before last, with the tightening of environmental policy, the number of customers began to decrease. Only two or three sets were installed. By this year, the number had become zero. In the past two years, small boilers have gone bankrupt, and nobody has settled down on their cheap prices. They cant burn coal balls, and bituminous coal cant be burned. The owner of our city cant sell twenty or thirty boilers. He Yong said. This year, he switched to installing air energy.

For the villagers of Qilizhuang, replacing coal with gas is another option. At present, however, the number of households using natural gas is not very large. Lets be angry. People are timid, and nobody wants to worry about it. He Yong said that an accident happened several years ago among villagers, when a father and son were injured and destroyed by a gas leak.

High prices are also a problem. In the coldest month, Li Meis gas cost was close to 2,000 yuan. In order to save money, when it was cold, she had an air-conditioning meeting, lower the temperature during the day, and then raise the temperature when it was cold.

In the eastern village of Zhaocheng, although gas pipelines have been connected, there is no gas supply. Liu Chong, vice mayor of Hengzhou Town Government, said in an interview with the media that the gas facilities in the village were built last year and the completion time was hard to say, because the gas pipeline in Quyang County could not pass through and the gas was still in Dingzhou.

Many problems encountered in promoting the work of double generation (coal to electricity, coal to gas) reflect the dilemma of environmental protection in Quyang County. Lu Dewen, professor of sociology at Wuhan University, once participated in the investigation of Hebeis coal-to-gas conversion project. In an interview with the media, he said that the cost of investing in two generations is very high and the financial pressure is great.

After coming out of the police station, Zhao Ji used to find a thermal company to install the floor heating a few days ago because of the low temperature of coal burning balls. Even for heating and installation, he paid 150,600,000 yuan and overdrawn 90,000 yuan of credit cards. What he did not expect was that in the afternoon of the 6th, the pipeline had just started to open water and the heating had stopped. On the afternoon of September 9, Zhao Ji used a thermometer at home to show that the indoor temperature was only 13 degrees.

Zhao Ji rented part of his small building. His wife complained that the heating cost had risen from 150 yuan to 200 yuan, and several tenants were reluctant to pay. This year we collect 20,000 tenants and stick 36,000 on our own. Last year we burned less than 20,000 coal.

Since December 11, there have been two or three consecutive days of blue sky in Quyang. Dinglong Highway and its surroundings are also less dusty. A driver in Lingshan Town said, There were no people on the road before, 24 hours are dusty.

In the eastern village of Zhaocheng, the broadcasting still circulates the relevant regulations: The use of loose coal is strictly prohibited all day long... If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

QUYANG BURNING BURNED COAL PARTICIPANTS: Its a shameful exposure and the EPA has to apologize

Zhao Fei said that in early December, because he burned a handful of loose coal, he sat in the interrogation chair of the police station and was photographed many times. After receiving the admonition and promising not to burn any more coal, he returned home. Also involved in this incident is Zhao Yang, a fellow villager. He also became a negative model by burning loose coal. In Quyang, Hebei Province, neighbors jokingly call them celebrities.

Their family members and Zhao Fei told Red Star News that the incident had infringed upon the parties and caused physical and mental injury. We ask the government departments, especially the EPA, to apologize at their doors and publicly apologize to us through official channels. Otherwise, they will be prosecuted.