QUYANG BURNING BURNED COAL PARTICIPANTS: Its a shameful exposure and the EPA has to apologize

 QUYANG BURNING BURNED COAL PARTICIPANTS: Its a shameful exposure and the EPA has to apologize

Zhao Fei, 57, suddenly became a detainee.

Zhao Fei said that in early December, because he burned a handful of loose coal, he sat in the interrogation chair of the police station and was photographed many times. After receiving the admonition and promising not to burn any more coal, he returned home.

A few days later, the news of his detention was overwhelming. Relatives and friends call constantly, Zhao Feis blood pressure increases sharply, and he has a headache.

Also involved in this incident is Zhao Yang, a fellow villager. He also became a negative model by burning loose coal. In Quyang, Hebei Province, neighbors jokingly call them celebrities.

The information of the two detainees originated from an article entitled Detention of two users of burning loose coal in our county published by Quyang Environmental Protection Bureau on December 7. As soon as the article was published, it aroused widespread concern and doubts.

On December 8, the official website of Quyang County Peoples Government responded that the information was incorrect due to staff errors and that the county had not detained people who burned low-quality loose coal; the article said that two people did not listen to persuasion, burned low-quality loose coal twice in violation of the regulations, and punished them for public security detention, in fact, after two people burned low-quality loose coal, they were given critical education; two pictures were distributed in the article. Actually, on December 6, Zhang Mou and Wang Mou were questioned for illegal sewage discharge.

_Quyang County Governments official website issued a description of the situation.

Their family members and Zhao Fei told Red Star News that the incident had infringed upon the parties and caused physical and mental injury. We ask the government departments, especially the EPA, to apologize at their doors and publicly apologize to us through official channels. Otherwise, they will be prosecuted.

A Negative Typical of a Mistake

Sitting in an interrogation chair and being photographed

Zhaochengdong Village, Quyang pilot coal control village, prohibit the burning of loose coal, promote clean briquette, also known as coal ball.

Zhao Fei recalled that at 6:40 a.m. on December 1, the fire in the stove had been extinguished after he got up. He ignited the coal ball with a handful of wood and a handful of pulverized coal. But a few minutes after the chimney smoked, three strangers walked into the hospital, entered the bedroom and took pictures of the stove.

On Saturday, Zhao Feis daughter and two children had not yet got up.

No knock, just come in. Zhao Fei told Red Star News that it was the first time that it would not be reported. Then leave.

Zhao Feis daughter, Ms. Zhao, said that about 10 a.m., another 78 people came. At this time Zhao Fei was working, loading and unloading trucks, three or four kilometers away from home. Ms. Zhao recalled that this time someone in police uniform came along and the other party said, Call and let your dad come back as soon as possible.

After receiving his daughters phone call, Zhao Fei did not return. He thought that his wife is at home and he did not need to go back. Zhao Fei told reporters that a few minutes later, the police called to let must go home! He felt the other sides attitude was stern, so he rode home immediately.

After Zhao Fei returned, law enforcement officers warned that he would be detained if he burned loose coal again. After that, several people left. At about 12:30 p.m., village cadres informed Zhao Fei to arrive at the police station at 2 p.m.

On the morning of the same day, Zhao Yang, a fellow villager, was arrested for burning loose coal. At 2 p.m., accompanied by village cadres, they rushed to Hengzhou Police Station.

Zhao Fei recalled that as soon as he entered the gate, there were police photographs. Then the confession was recorded and the police registered the personal information of his three children. Afterwards, Zhao Fei signed, pressed his fingerprints and promised not to burn loose coal any more.

Zhao Fei said that he thought it would be over, but then they were taken to the interrogation room and photographed in the interrogation chair. No one was detained or copied during the whole process. Its just taking pictures.

_On December 8, Zhao Feis daughter saw the news of her fathers detention on the Internet.

A resident of the Hengzhou Police Station warned against Red Star News that the two were not detained. But why did they sit in the interrogation chair to take pictures? The policeman did not respond. Red Star News has repeatedly dialed the telephone of the deputy director-in-charge of Quyang County Public Security Bureau, but no one answered.

Zhao Feis daughter provided Red Star News with photos of her father in the interrogation chair. Zhao Fei laughed bitterly after seeing it.

Its a shame after being exposed

At about 5 p.m. that day, Zhao Fei and Zhao Yang walked out of Hengzhou Police Station. Zhao Fei said frankly that he was timid and frightened. Such a small thing, not so.

When she returned home, her daughter found that Zhao Feis face turned red and her blood pressure was much higher than usual.

Zhao Fei told Red Star News that when they were taking photos at the police station, they felt they might be regarded as a negative model propaganda.

After returning home, the family called the village cadres and asked if they would be on TV. If the other party returned, they would not.

At 6:31 a.m. on December 8, Zhao Feis daughter saw the news from Quyang County Environmental Protection Bureau on her mobile phone. She was shocked that her father had been detained.

Soon, Zhao Fei also knew the situation. In the next few days, relatives and friends kept calling and neighbors made fun of him.

Zhaoyangs situation is similar. Zhao Yangs wife told Red Star News that after being exposed, her husband went out to the sports car. He felt very humiliated.

At 11:30 p.m. on Dec. 10, Zhao Yangs father-in-law called in a hurry after he learned the situation. Zhaos wife said that her mother suffered from heart disease, diabetes and so on. Her father told herself on the phone, After knowing the news, she (mother) was in a hurry. She suffered from heart disease and foamed at her mouth. After taking the medicine urgently, it slowed down.

Ask for an apology, or youll sue.

Zhao Fei, many of Zhaoyangs family members and Zhao Fei himself told Red Star News that Quyang Environmental Protection Bureaus article Detention of Two Users of Burning Scattered Coal in Our County had many falsehoods. One was that they did not dissuade persuasion; the other was that they violated the rules for the first time, not for the second time; the third was that they were not detained; and the fourth was that the photos distributed in the article were not parties.

After consulting lawyers, they believed that the incident had infringed upon the parties and their families, and had caused physical and mental injury. The information issued by the government did not mention apologies to the parties. We want government departments, especially the EPA, to apologize to us at home, and to apologize publicly to us through official channels. Otherwise, we will sue the EPA and other relevant departments.

Zhao Feis daughter said, My father did not break the law. Why should he sit in the interrogation chair? At about 7 oclock that morning, the law enforcement officers did not produce any documents or state their identity. They went straight into the bedroom, which was not a private intrusion into the house?

On the day of law enforcement and the request of the parties to apologize, Red Star News called Li Liang, Director-General of Quyang County Environmental Protection Bureau. The other side did not apologize, but said, In the meeting, something to find the propaganda department.

Guo Yingtao, head of the Information Section of the Publicity Department of Quyang County Committee, told Red Star News that apologizing is also an apology for law enforcement personnel, which requires communication with the Environmental Protection Bureau. Half an hour later, Guo Yingtao responded that communication had failed.

Peoples Daily Chivalrous Island published an article saying that there are legal professionals who interpret that the mass coal-burning behavior itself is not illegal, and the second violation after the admonition does not constitute conditions for public security detention. Environmental protection departments do not understand the seriousness of handling cases by public security organs. In order to create public opinion and create an atmosphere, staff members may simply rely on policy intent Zhang Guanli Dai.

According to Southern Weekend, the staff of Huanan Brigade of Quyang Public Security Bureau mistakenly believed that they had been detained when they reported the information of coal dispersal control to the Atmosphere Office, and mistakenly reported the relevant written materials and the pictures summoned by Zhang and Wang to the Atmosphere Office. Later, the Atmosphere Office released the news in Quyang Wechat Public Number.

Quyangs Pollution Control Behind Negative Typicals

Curettage under Heavy Pressure

Last year, Quyang County attracted widespread attention for the lack of heating in villages and small villages due to the coal-to-electricity project being completed on time. This year, Quyang once again attracted attention due to environmental issues.

Quyang, once thrived on coal. But in recent years, the burden of environmental protection has become increasingly heavy. At the end of last year, many coal processing enterprises were banned. But the air quality of Quyang is still not optimistic.

On August 1, 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment interviewed Quyang, Hebei Province, Tongzhou, Beijing and other five places to urge greater efforts to control air pollution.

Among the five districts, cities and counties interviewed, Quyang has the most serious problem: in June 2018, the number of heavily polluted hot spot grids reached 11, accounting for 91.6% of Baoding.

A staff member of Quyang Environmental Protection System told Red Star News that the local pressure was enormous, so he decided to scrape bones to heal wounds.

Such coal trucks shuttle through the streets and alleys of Quyang every day.

From November 24 to November 26, Quyang County held three air quality consultation meetings for three consecutive days. The meeting decided to detain people who pollute the air environment and expose the negative typical cases found publicly.

A few days later, Zhao Fei and Zhao Yang became negative models exposed.

Door-to-door notification prohibits the burning of loose coal

Zhao Fei told Red Star News that every winter before October 2018, their family relied on loose coal for heating.

Zhao Fei recalled that around mid-September, loudspeakers in the village were broadcasting continuously, one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. Repeated broadcasting, no burning of dispersed coal, promote clean briquette. Later, people in the government verbally notified each other from door to door.

According to the Quyang County Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the government subsidized 400 yuan per ton of clean briquette, reaching more than 700 yuan in the hands of villagers. According to the media and government information, except for government subsidies, the price of clean briquette in many places ranges from 600 yuan to 900 yuan per ton, 800 yuan per ton in Shenyang, Liaoning, 900 yuan per ton in Weifang, Shandong and 600 yuan per ton in Lanzhou, Gansu.

_Quyang County clean briquette bid announcement.

Red Star News visited 28 Local villagers. They said that a bungalow, a stove, burning a bag of clean briquette a day, 30 yuan, in January, at least 900 yuan. If there is a boiler in the house, it burns three bags a day, which is 90 yuan. After subsidization, the cost is at least twice as high as that of using loose coal, and it is not warm. Burn loose coal and the stove will burn red. Not now, the fire is not strong, the heat is not enough, sometimes even the rice is not cooked. Sometimes there is a problem of insufficient combustion.

_Clean briquette burned by local villagers.

A staff member of Zhaocheng Dongcun Village Committee told Red Star News that Quyang was heavily polluted and went to CCTV. Whatever it is, it is difficult to popularize it at the beginning. New things, there is a process of acceptance.

(At the request of the respondents, Zhao Fei and Zhao Yang are aliased in the article.)

Behind Oolong Detention of Quyang Coal Burning: Villagers claim that clean coal is cheap and expensive

The black smoke from Zhao Jis cigarette holder was found. He was called to the police station and wrote a guarantee letter and pressed his fingerprint as required. A few days later, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Quyang County, Hebei Province, issued a circular that in the process of investigating and dealing with illegal use of low-quality loose coal, two people, Zhao Mou-mou and Zhao Ji-mou, who used low-quality loose coal twice, were given public security detention penalties.

Once the news was released, it was widely questioned. Quyang County Government subsequently apologized for the incident and said the previous information was due to staff errors. Quyang County has not detained people burning poor quality bulk coal, but has given criticism and education.