The son divorced and gave his wife and old man the house before marriage.

 The son divorced and gave his wife and old man the house before marriage.

The son gave the house his parents bought to his wife.

What makes it even more difficult for the elderly to accept is that,

The daughter-in-law became the former daughter-in-law in a twinkling of an eye.

The son divorced the house without telling his parents

Parents want to recover property

When they learned that their son was going to divorce, Zheng Yin and his wife in Hainan raised their hands and agreed. Because, in the view of the old man, his son did not get his parentsconsent when he got married, and his son had good conditions in all respects and did not worry about remarriage. However, when they learned that their son had given Xu Qing, his daughter-in-law, a house in a big way, they almost lost their breath.

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The house was bought by Zheng Yin and his wife after their son worked for a short time. The house is relatively large and the area is very good. After Zheng Jun got married, he gave the house to his wife without consulting his parents, even adding his own name. Now that we are going to divorce, can we get the house back? Zheng Yin urgently asked his friend to find a lawyer and wanted to change the owner of the house back.

Only then did I know that my son had divorced Xu Qing and kept them secret. Now, the house can be said to have nothing to do with the Zhengjun family.

Knowing all this, Zheng Yin and his wife totally can not accept, This house spent a lot of money to buy, and not only did the house disappear, but another house may also give her half of it. Zheng Yin said that the apartment on the West Coast registered the names of Zheng Jun and Xu Qing. When they divorced, Xu Qing did not mention the apartment on the West coast. Should Xu Qing think of dividing the apartment one day, would she have to give her half?

Marriage has been divorced, the division of property is clear, at this time lawyers are quite helpless. However, Zheng Yin was reluctant to give up. Xu Qing and her son had been married for less than three years and let her take the house like this. The old man was reluctant to accept such a fact.

The old man used two ID cards before reporting to his daughter-in-law

She offered to return the house.

Zheng Yin came up with a question. He said that Xu Qing was not called Xu Qing, but had other names. Originally, Xu Qing had two ID cards. His name, date of birth and place of residence were different, and his age was 7 years different.

Lawyers believe that each citizen can only have one ID card. One of the two ID cards must be true and the other false. Is there any story behind it, which may be the key evidence for the property recovery?

Zheng Yin carefully checked Xu Qings identity under the guidance of his lawyer. Originally, Xu Qings real ID card residence is in a county town in Hubei Province. She is five years older than Zheng Jun. She was married once and has two children. These information, Xu Qing did not tell the Zhengjun family, but claimed to be two years younger than Zhengjun, unmarried, working and living entirely in another identity, and registered with Zhengjun.

Zheng Yin wrote a report letter to the public security organs in Hubei and Hainan. After receiving the report letter, the public security organs soon investigated Xu Qings two identity cards and verified the fact that Xu Qing had a false identity card.

Xu Qing got in touch with Zheng Yin as soon as he knew about the fact that he got married with a false ID card and got so much property. He expressed his willingness to cooperate with the Zheng Yin family to return the house and no longer claimed rights and interests for the West Coast apartment. Finally, the two sides settled the dispute peacefully.

Lawyers statement

Add the old mans name on the property certificate.

Avoidable childrens private donation and mortgage

Luo Rong, chief attorney of Beijing Yingke Coconut City Family Lawyer Team, said that in todays society, many parents of families with better family background will buy marriage houses for their children before their children get married and register them directly under their childrens personal names. In this case, Zheng Jun has been well protected by his parents because of his superior family conditions. He was unprepared for his ex-wife Xu Qing who had so many ID cards with so many age differences. Even with Xu Qings persuasion, he easily gave his parents the house they paid for to buy to each other, which was a great blow to his parents.

For parents, if they donate their childrens marriage room without losing control of the house, it is better to write the names of one or both parents when buying the house, so as to prevent the children from transferring, changing, or mortgage the house without informing and obtaining consent.

Lawyer Luo Rong reminded that if parents do not know the other half of their children and do not like the marriage, it is better to register only the name of one of their children to avoid future disputes. (The names of the parties are aliased)

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