Hate! Post-80s civil servants are addicted to gambling, owe millions of debts and sell houses for profit.

 Hate! Post-80s civil servants are addicted to gambling, owe millions of debts and sell houses for profit.

Born in 1988, Lang Xiaolu is the youngest public official to be investigated since the establishment of Fuyang District Supervisory Commission. On August 31, 2018, Lang Xiaolu was sentenced by Fuyang District Peoples Court to one years imprisonment and suspended for one year and six months for bribery of 98,000 yuan. According to the case-handling personnel, although the degeneration has the external hunting factor after the expansion of the authority of the department, the most important factor is corruption caused by gambling.

A fraud case leads to corruption

However, the case officers of Fuyang District Disciplinary Commission questioned the authenticity of this statement: Lang Xiaolu has more than 10 credit cards, and the repayment record in recent two years is as high as over 1 million yuan. In addition, he has purchased real estate a few years ago, and it is unlikely that he will borrow money to buy a house again.

In the next three months, Lang Xiaolu was filed for investigation. After a series of links, such as detention measures, prosecution review and prosecution, the Fuyang District Peoples Court finally held a public hearing on Lang Xiaolus suspected bribery case according to law.

Get addicted to online gambling and fall into debt quagmire

Gambling caused me to owe millions of dollars in debt, full of thinking about how to repay the debt, facing temptation simply can not hold back. According to Lang Xiaolu, he has liked football and basketball since he was in college, and he is a senior fan. In 2012, he began to engage in online gambling, initially just to enjoy the game. Fifty or one hundred pours at the beginning, blindly confident after tasting the sweetness, thinking that they have found a good way to make money, then five hundred or one thousand underground bets, the craziest time in the morning lost two or three million yuan, the deeper they sink, they can not extricate themselves.

The turnaround took place in 2016, when the State Council promulgated the real estate price limit control policy, which required that the real estate sales price must be recorded in the price management department before the real estate sales, and the price fee Department of Fuyang District Development and Reform Bureau has become a fragrant baboon.

Suddenly it became very important, and a large number of developers came to me. As the backbone of the department, Lang Xiaolu is responsible for docking with real estate developers and reporting with superior departments. Under the background of the hot real estate market and the regulation and control policy of real estate price limit, Lang Xiaolu inevitably becomes the target of some real estate developers competing for hunting.

In 2017, the real estate market in Fuyang was extremely booming, and the phenomenon of one room is hard to find appeared. The hot house number became a scarce resource. Often heard of the reselling house number can make a profit, which makes Lang Xiaolu secretly delighted. At this time, he is being driven to desperation by high debt, and urgently needs funds to alleviate financial distress. Therefore, Lang Xiaolu found a real estate company and hoped that he could provide convenience for them when the real estate price was filed for personal gain. He borrowed money from developers for various reasons, even when the loan could not be repaid, by asking for the house number and reselling it for use in order to repay the loan.

In June 2017, Lang Xiaolu received a house from Wu, the former sales manager of a real estate company in Hangzhou. With the help of the staff of the real estate company and the real estate intermediary, Lang Xiaolus house number sold at a high price of 207,400 yuan, from which Lang Xiaolu received 68,000 yuan. The money was quickly used by Lang Xiaolu to pay off debts. Later, Lang Xiaolu received a total of 30,000 yuan in cash from two other real estate development companies.

Source: Responsible Editor of Chongqing Morning News: Li Siming_BJS2696