Womens face creams with fast whitening products are 13,000 times higher than the mercury standard.

 Womens face creams with fast whitening products are 13,000 times higher than the mercury standard.

They all say one white covers all ugliness. In order to whiten, Ms. Zhang of Taizhou spent 3000 yuan on a set of skin care products. A month later, her face was really white, but her life was almost lost...

Use whitening products for one month

Suffer from nephrotic syndrome unexpectedly

In early January this year, Ms. Zhang of Xinghua, Taizhou, bought a set of whitening and acne-removing cosmetics at a local beauty salon for 3000 yuan. Beauty salon owner said that cosmetics are pure Chinese medicine, no side effects. In addition to the initial skin allergic reaction, Ms. Zhang felt that the whitening effect was indeed obvious.

But a month later, some strange symptoms appeared on Ms. Zhang, from poor appetite to edema of limbs, memory loss, unable to fall asleep... Ms. Zhang rushed to Jiangsu Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Doctors found that Ms. Zhangs face was somewhat abnormally white. After examination, Ms. Zhang suffered from hypoproteinemia and nephrotic syndrome, and her urine mercury exceeded the standard by 10 times. Doctors suspect that these symptoms are related to the set of whitening cosmetics Ms. Zhang used.

Mercury exceeded the standard by 13,000 times

Twice burnout tester

After learning about the case, Jiangsu Radio, Television and Financial Media News Center reporters immediately reported to Jiangsu Provincial Pharmaceutical Regulatory Department. On March 5, Taizhou Pharmaceutical Supervision Bureau, in conjunction with public security, raided Ms. Zhangs cosmetics shop and seized a batch of three non-whitening products named Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall.

The mercury content in different batches of these cosmetics was 213 mg/-13448 mg/, which exceeded the national standard by 13,000 times. Because the mercury content is too high, the instrument even burned twice in the detection process!

High-grade cosmetics are produced in abandoned factories

Not even the operator knows what the raw material is.

Taizhou Food and Drug Administration quickly transferred the case to Taizhou Public Security Bureau. After three monthsarrangement, the project team traveled many places in Jiangsu, Chongqing, Sichuan and Guangdong. Finally, the production pits hidden in the waste factory areas were found in Baiyun District of Guangzhou. On the morning of April 18, the project team collected the network synchronously from the sales company and the production plant.

In this regard, the police succeeded in destroying three fake and inferior cosmetics production sites and two sales sites in Guangzhou, seizing 7.5 tons of prohibited additives for cosmetics. Among them, more than 6600 kg of semi-finished cosmetics illegally added mercury, 190 kg of mixed solution of metronidazole and chloramphenicol, 129 kg of mercury aminochloride chemical raw materials and 205 boxes of gentamicin were found.

In order to escape the blow, the cosmetics packages containing prohibited substances are printed by cancelled manufacturers. The senior members of the group also store the prohibited substances separately and label them in English code or chemical form. The books are like Moore Code and even the operators do not know what the raw materials are.

Antibiotics and hormones can be added

Side effects are very large

Reporters found that in one of the packages named special glow cream for dermal spot in TCM Hall, they claimed that the raw materials were ginseng, asparagus, astragalus, pearls and more than ten kinds of precious Chinese medicines, while law enforcement officers found that there were no Chinese medicines in it, but the mercury content exceeded the standard by more than 9,000 times!

The gang illegally added glucocorticoids in the mask and illegally added antibiotics to the acne products, which had a very large side effect.

The products involve nearly 1000 beauty parlors in China.

A large number of victims

After review, the group sold banned cosmetics offline in most provinces of the country. Taizhou Xinghua Pharmaceutical Supervision Department joined the public security forces to carry out arrests in Shanghai, Anhui, Zhejiang and other provinces.

It is reported that the value of the case has exceeded 100 million yuan, involving nearly 1,000 beauty parlors in more than 20 provinces across the country, with a large number of victims. At present, 16 members of the criminal gang headed by Duan Mou have been transferred to the prosecution for examination and prosecution, and there are still many criminal clues still under investigation.

For the so-called strong whitening, quick-acting acne products, we must be vigilant, especially in the regular shopping malls, supermarkets can not see the cosmetics, we must see clearly whether there is a label on the packaging of production enterprises, addresses, but also online inquiry is not a regular enterprise. Never buy products with unknown origins. The more quick products, the more careful!

Source: Jiangsu News Responsible Editor: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182