Shanghai Media 3 asked Xinshuai: Do you know China? Can you train new people? Is the tactics stable?

 Shanghai Media 3 asked Xinshuai: Do you know China? Can you train new people? Is the tactics stable?

After the acquisition of Shenhua by Greenland Group, the change of Shenhuas commander-in-chief can not be said to be infrequent. If Flores eventually coaches, then Shenhua will change seven coaches in five years: Shen Xiangfu, Batista, Gillo, Manzano, Poet, Wu Jingui and Flores, among which Flores is undoubtedly the biggest brand of manager signed by Greenbelt Shenhua in recent years.

But even in Asia, Chinese football still has its own particularity. The introduction of these policies with Chinese characteristics inevitably requires these foreign teachers to understand and adapt slowly after their arrival.

In addition, the vast majority of foreign coaches have a great lack of understanding of the local culture and the promotion of players. In foreign countries, you only need to formulate good tactics, and then the players will carry out, but in China, you not only need to do this, but also need to motivate the players and let them die for you. People concerned said.

The level of coaches naturally varies from high to low, but the factors that determine the final results are not only the coaching ability of the coaches, but also whether they are familiar with and understand Chinese football. Former Real Madrid coach Luxembourg, Tianjin Quanjian coach Sosa and Hebei Huaxia Happy Coach Pellegrini all came with a huge aura, but eventually they all left in disgrace.

As for Flores, although his resume can not be compared with those of the top managers, but at least he has proved himself in the European mainstream league, but whether it is suitable for Shenhua, whether it is the right coach, still remains to be tested. 57347

How to coordinate performance indicators with new trainers?

On the 25th anniversary of Shenhua, Wu Xiaohui, chairman of the club, said, We hope that the team can regain the ability to hit the championship in the next three to five years and bring more trophies to Shanghai and Shenhua fans. Under the strategic background of the clubs younger age, how to coordinate the relationship between performance indicators and the cultivation of new talent also requires a consensus between the club and the new manager.

For every professional team coach, performance is undoubtedly the most important assessment index. However, Shenhuas situation is a little special. Now the team is in the key stage of alternation between the old and the new. Next season, it will be a crucial year for the growth of the 99 and 00 players in the team.

Shenhua Club has taken the training of young people as a long-term development strategy. Wu Jingui has proved through practice that he has unique methods and opinions in training young people. Once a new foreign commander is invited, he will surely bear the pressure of performance indicators. Will he be able to guarantee his achievements and train new people at the same time? Or will we sacrifice the training of new people for the sake of achievement, so that the storm of youth just blown up will stop abruptly, all of which need to be agreed in the negotiations between the two sides.

Adhere to the original intention of training newcomers will certainly not waver. At present, we are also waiting for the new season policy of the Football Association, and then according to the investment and quotation of the policy for the new season, we will finally formulate a reasonable performance index. The clubs top management said.

Can we create stable tactics and techniques?

Last season, fans were not satisfied with Wu Jingui because of the lack of appreciation on the match scene and the lack of a set of fixed tactics and techniques. At this seasons summing-up meeting, the clubs top managers also said that the top teams have their own clear system and methods, so Shenhua should also establish their own tactics and techniques. So if Flores comes, will Shenhua play the football she wants?

Overall, Flores is a coach who relies on the individual abilities of the stars. In Atletico Madrids two peak seasons, the forward twins are Aguero and Fran. Especially Uruguay star Fran, who used his super personal ability to carry Atletico Madrid on his shoulders that season. In the 2009-2010 season, Fran scored 28 goals in La Liga and 7 in the Europa League. In the semi-finals, Frank beat Liverpool in overtime away from home, and in the final he scored in overtime to help Atletico Madrid win the championship. Later in the European Super Cup, Fran and Aguero scored to help Atletico defeat Inter Milan to win the championship.

In the latest coaching experience, Flores led the Spanish team to an unsatisfactory result, not only failed to achieve the Spaniards goal of returning to Europe, but even fell into the relegation zone last season. This is not a question of his coaching ability, more of his tactics and techniques, need to rely on a higher level of players to achieve, which is precisely what this Shenhua lacks at present.

There is no doubt that Dengbaba, Moreno and Guarin are all good players, but they have all passed the peak of their career. Maybe they can recover their heroism in some games, but because of the ups and downs of injuries and conditions, it is obviously impossible to guarantee a sustained and stable output for the team in a season. In addition to the overall strength of the foreign aid portfolio has fallen behind, Shenhua also lacks international level players. In all positions, the quasi-international level, I am afraid only Cao Yiding and Bai Jiajun combination of the side.

Therefore, once Flores coaches Shenhua, he will certainly consider putting forward new requirements for the clubs internal and external assistance according to his own playing style. But because Moreno, Gualin and Dengbaba are still under contract, there is not much room for change in the allocation of foreign aid for Shenhua next season, can Flores achieve his own tactical system according to the original personnel structure?