The Chief Navigation Officer used the umbrella to suppress his mistress competitors for Sand Battle Lover

 The Chief Navigation Officer used the umbrella to suppress his mistress competitors for Sand Battle Lover

Tang Moufeng, former director of Ziyang Navigation Administration (Local Maritime Office), has now felt the evil consequences of acting as an umbrella for the evil forces, and has been deeply imprisoned and lost his freedom. During his tenure, he repeatedly used his authority and the convenience of engineering management to solicit business for his lover Chen Mouhui in order to gain more benefits. He also invested in the operation of Chen Mouhuis sand carrier and formed a community of interests with Chen Mouhui and his husband Wei Moubing. By using their functions and powers to greet and direct pressure the clients, Chen and his wife played a vital role in monopolizing the sandstone market in the western part of Langao County, which was their umbrella.

In August 2018, Tang Moufeng, 48, was arrested in accordance with the law on suspicion of involvement in forced trading. Two other suspects, Chen Mouhui and Wei Moubing, were also transferred to the Langao County Procuratorate for prosecution according to law.

Borrowing into Shares to Form a Community of Interests

Chen Mouhui and Wei Moubing were born and bred in Langao County. Chen Mouhui was born on November 1, 1971, with a high school education. Wei Mobing was born on August 23, 1968, with high school education. Since 2000, they have used cargo ships to trade in sand and gravel in the waters of Ziyang and Langao counties in Ankang City. Later, they established Hengda Port Company Limited in Langao County, with Chen Mohui as the legal representative.

In 2005, Tang Moufeng transferred to the Shipping Administration of Ziyang County and assumed the post of Director-General. His main responsibilities are responsible for shipping safety management, investigation and treatment of water traffic accidents, approval and supervision of underwater and underwater construction operations in Ziyang County. Chen Mouhui and Wei Mouwei are the objects of management and service in their operational work, and they are familiar with each other from time to time. Around 2008, Chen Mouhui resold a set of houses to Tang Moufeng at a price below the normal market price. In the long-term exchanges, Tang Moufeng and Chen Mouhui gradually developed into a lover relationship.

Beginning in 2013, Tang Moufeng, in the form of telephone calls and interviews, has repeatedly greeted Wumou Yin and Wumou, operators of the Hanwang Town Sand Pit in Ziyang County, who are their management clients, and asked that the quarry give Chen Mouhui Sand Stone a price discount of 5 yuan per cubic meter lower than the normal market price, and take care of it in quantity. Under the influence of Tang Moufengs position, Wumou Yin and Wumou gave Chen Mouhui preferential treatment in stone price and quantity according to Tang Moufengs requirement, so that Chen Mouhui seized a lot of profits from it, and the sand quarry in Hanwang Town suffered a great loss.

At the beginning of 2014, Chen Mouhui borrowed 100,000 yuan from Tang Moufeng and bought a sand carrier at the price of 480,000 yuan. The latter two agreed that Tang Moufeng should borrow this money to invest in the sand carrier and hold 30% of the shares (property rights) of the sand ship. Chen Mouhui holds 70% of the shares. Chen Mouhui is responsible for the operation of sand and stone trafficking. The profits are divided into 50,000 shares, and then Chen Mouhui distributes the dividends to Tang Moufeng three times. Yu Yuan.

Charge down the battlefield and directly suppress the rivals of mistresses

With the protection of Tang Moufeng, Chen Mouhui has made a lot of profits in the process of sand and stone raw materials. In the process of sand and stone trafficking, Chen Mouhui still wants to dominate the market.

Originally, the shipowners Deng Mou and Gong Mouying, who have been engaged in sand and stone trafficking for many years in Hanbin District, Ziyang County and the western part of Langao County, Ankang City, also trafficked sand and stone to the Western Valley of Langao County, thus forming a competitive relationship with Chen Mouhui and his wife. From 2011 to 2013, Mr. and Mrs. Chen repeatedly blocked the trafficking of sand and gravel by Deng Mou and Gong Mouyings sand carriers in the south pier of Langao Avenue by means of forced barriers and threats of violence.

From July to December 2013, Tang Moufeng directly pressed Deng Mou and Gong Mouying by telephone to stop trafficking sand and stone to the south pier of Langao Avenue, or to sell the sand and stone to Chen Mouhui at a low price. Meanwhile, Wu Mouyin, the operator of the quarry, coerced Deng Mou and Gong Mouying to withdraw from the sands in the West of Langao River. Stone market has played a protective role for Chen Mohui and his wife to monopolize the sandstone market in Western Langao.

In December 2013, a soldier of Wei was reported to have blocked Dengs sale of sand and gravel at the Jiangnan Wharf of Langao County, and the Langao County Public Security Bureau intervened in the investigation. On the second day after Deng Mou testified to the Langao County Public Security Bureau, Tang Moufeng personally led the team to investigate and punish Deng Mou, who was carrying sand in the Hanjiang Reservoir Area, and was fined 2,000 yuan higher and unloaded to the 30 cm waterline. According to the investigation, Tang Moufeng was the deputy director of Ziyang County Traffic Bureau. He had no time to investigate and punish the general overloading behavior in peacetime. He personally investigated and punished the abnormal behavior, and the penalty exceeded the maximum amount of the analogous fine and the unloading amount in the same period.

In January 2014, Tang Moufeng again punished Deng for the same reason. After investigation, from 2012 to early 2014, Tang Moufeng personally investigated and directed his staff to investigate and punish Deng Mous overloading behavior for five times, with a total fine of 4500 yuan. According to the Langao County Public Security Bureau, from 2012 to 2018, all the punishment decisions of Ziyang County Navigation Administration have never been found to be any decision on the over-loading punishment of Chen Mouhuis and his wifes ships.

During the conflict between Deng Mouhui and Chen Mouhui in business competition, Tang Moufengs behavior had a greater social impact in the industry and was widely disseminated. As a result, other shipowners dared not compete with Chen Mouhui in the sand and stone supply market in Western Langao.

Loss of a lovers relationship was severely injured.

At 7:00 pm on April 18, 2015, Tang Moufeng and Chen Mouhui returned to Ankang after drinking at their friends place in Langao County. Later, Chen Mouhui drove his car to take Tang Moufeng for a ride in Ankang City. When the car arrived at a certain place in Hanbin District, they parked in the car ambiguously and were later discovered by a soldier of Wei.

Weimoubing had suspected many times that they had an unfair relationship with men and women. Seeing this situation, he picked up the U-lock of his electric car, opened the door of the co-driver, and beat Tang Moufengs head and face with the lock. Chen Mouhui fled in panic and warned the police. Then Tang Moufeng was sent to Ankang and many hospitals in Xian for emergency treatment.

After the hospital examination, Tang Moufeng left eyeball rupture, left eyelid skin laceration, left orbital inferior wall fracture, left eye aphakia. After private consultation, Wei Mou-bing paid Tang Moufeng 220,000 yuan to reach an understanding. In the understanding agreement, it was agreed that Wei Mou-bing should not report Tang Moufeng to any organization for any reason or in any way; Chen Mouhui, in order to completely break off the relationship with Tang Moufeng, asked Tang Moufeng to withdraw from the ship shares, and the two sides reached a withdrawal agreement on January 7, 2016, witnessed by the relevant witnesses. Discussion.

Tang Moufeng and Chen Mouhui never thought that Heavens net is vast and sparse, but not leaky. They will be severely punished by law if they do evil.

In May 2018, when Langao County Public Security Bureau handled the case of Wei Mobing and Chen Mohui suspected of forced trading, Tang Mofeng was repeatedly asked to carry out injury appraisal. However, Tang Mofeng refused to carry out injury appraisal on the grounds that he had signed an understanding agreement with Chen Mouhui and his wife and had agreed not to pursue Wei Mouhuis liability.

In handling the case, the Houlan County Public Security Bureau found that Tang Moufeng had violated the law and discipline, and then transferred the clue step by step to the Ankang Discipline Commission Supervisory Committee. After the Ankang Discipline Commission had a talk with Tang Moufeng, it ordered him to make an injury appraisal. According to the appraisal of Jinzhou Judicial Center, Tang Moufengs eye injury belongs to the second grade of serious injury and the seventh grade of disability.

The owner of a telephone pressure quarry is suspected of forcing a deal.

The Langao County Public Security Organ found that Tang Moufeng used his power to greet and directly pressure the clients he managed, forcing Chen Mouhuis business competitors to withdraw from the specific business market, which played a vital role in the couples monopoly of the sand and stone market in the western part of Langao, and was the umbrella of Chen Mouhui and his wife; at the same time, Tang Moufeng joined the stock market. Operating Chen Mohui Sand Carrier to form a community of interests.

According to reports, Tang Moufeng was directly involved in a forced trading case.

One day in July 2013, a friend of Tang Xingjing introduced the business of supplying more than 3000 square meters of white sand from Hanjiang River to Heti Construction Project in Shimen Town, Langao County, and then bought sand and gravel from Gong Mouying. When Gong Mouying transported sand to the south pier of Daohe River to prepare for sand unloading, Chen Mouhui pressed Wu Mouying, the owner of the quarry, through Tang Moufeng. Wu Mouying told him by telephone that Gong Mouying should not unload sand at any pier in Langao County. Otherwise, the quarry would stop selling sand to Gong Mouying later. Under pressure, the helpless Gong Mouying did not dare to dock at the wharf and sold the sand to others.

Because of the urgent need for sand and gravel at Shimen Town embankment construction site, Tang Moxing had to ship nine sand-pulling trucks he had found to Limounian construction site in Daohe Town by barge, and send 108 sand-buying trucks from here to Shimen Town embankment construction site. Since there were no other sand shippers willing to transport sand to Daohe Wharf, Tang Moxing could only terminate the contract of sand supply for Shimen Town river construction project, and the business was acquired by Chen Mohui.

Chen Mouhuis actions resulted in Tang Mouxings additional expenditure of 1800 yuan for ferry, 540 yuan for sand loading, 1080 yuan for sand purchase and 540 yuan for freight, totaling 3960 yuan for economic losses.

In addition, Chen Mouhui, Wei Moubing and his wife were directly involved in four other cases of forced trading, one case of provocation, and two cases of extortion.

The joint case team also checked the illegal facts of Tang Moufengs illegal disposal of state-owned assets and taking advantage of his position to invest 2.4 million shares in Anchang Building Materials Sales Co., Ltd. in Ziyang County.

The three men were identified as criminal gangs involved in evil

According to the law, the Langao County Public Security Organ has found out that since 2011, Chen Mouhui and Wei Moubing have taken many criminal acts such as forced trading, extortion and seeking trouble, and gathered Wei Mouhong (the brother of Wei Moubing) and Chen Moufei (the brother of Chen Mouhui) to help them stand up and help them, monopolizing the sand and stone supply market in Western Langao for a long time.

From 2013 to 2016, because of Chen Mouhuis lover relationship with Tang Moufeng and his shareholding in the operation of sand carriers, Tang Moufeng took advantage of his position and influence to suppress Chen Mouhuis competitors by means of administrative penalties and greet the principal of the quarry to provide convenience and help for Chen Mouhuis sand carrier business.

At the same time, because the owner of the sand carrier in the valley learned about Tang Moufengs lover relationship with Chen Mouhui, and the situation of investing in the operation of the sand carrier, he was deterred by the influence of Tang Moufengs duties and powers, and forced Chen Mouhuis business competitors to withdraw from the specific business market, which played a vital role in the couples monopoly of the Western sand and stone market in Langao.

Tang Moufengs behavior constituted an accomplice in the case of Chen Mouhui and Wei Moubing suspected of forced trading. And in Hanbin District, Ziyang County and Langao County of Ankang City, bad social impact has been formed. It is a three-person accomplice with relatively fixed membership. It often gathers together to commit more than three criminal activities and forms a criminal syndicate involving evil.

It is reported that on January 16, 2018, the Supreme Law, the Supreme Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice jointly promulgated the Guiding Opinions on Several Issues Concerning the Handling of Criminal Cases by Black and Evil Forces, pointing out that those who take advantage of their positions to shelter organizations of a triad nature should be given heavier punishment as appropriate. If there is any conspiracy to shelter or connive underworld-like organizations, they shall be dealt with as accomplices in specific crimes in advance; if any illegal and disciplinary clues are found, such as sheltering, conniving underworld-like organizations, accepting bribes and malfeasance infringement, they shall be promptly transferred to the relevant competent departments and other relevant departments, and the duty crimes that act as umbrellas of the underworld forces shall be severely punished according to law.

Its more difficult to dig umbrella in case evidence collection.

Yesterday, a reporter from China Business Daily interviewed the responsible person of Langao County Public Security Bureau. He said that on February 12, the Langao County Public Security Bureau received the Ankang City Public Security Bureau and forwarded the information about the report of Chen Mouhui and Wei Moubing suspected of illegal and criminal offences from Shaanxi Public Security Bureau. After investigation and verification, the Langao County Public Security Bureau filed a case for investigation on February 28, 2018.

The person in charge described several difficulties in solving the case, especially the difficulty of obtaining evidence and the difficulty of digging the umbrella to attack.

It is difficult to obtain evidence in a case. The case has a long time span, involving many people and a wide range of forensics, which makes it more difficult to obtain evidence. Since 2011, the gang has gradually formed criminal groups, and has repeatedly committed such illegal and criminal acts as harassment, entanglement, threat and extortion, in order to achieve the goal of dominating the sand and stone transport and trading market. Because of the oppression of the group for a long time, a considerable number of victims are so afraid that they dare not tell the truth to the public security organs and intentionally avoid the investigation by the public security organs. In order to clarify the case, the special police lasted more than seven months. They moved around Anhui, Jiangsu, Xian and other places successively, stationed in many cases for several months, and finally found out the whole case.

It is difficult to determine the nature of the case. The criminal group is suspected of provoking trouble, forced trading, extortion, intentional injury and other charges. During the investigation period, the Langao County Public Security Bureau convened several joint meetings of the Discipline Commission Supervisory Committee, the Procuratorate, the legal system, public security and criminal investigation departments to discuss whether the suspect is involved in the criminal group, and to analyze the suspects summons, detention, arrest, prosecution and other links. After studying and judging, the case was finally determined to be a criminal group of evil forces.

It is more difficult to dig deep into the umbrella. In the process of handling the case, the investigator found Tang Moufeng many times and asked him about the case, but he was arrogant, bad-mannered and refused to cooperate. In order to find out the whole case and effectively break down the foundation of the group, the Langao County Public Security Bureau took the initiative to report to the higher public security organs and the Discipline Commission Supervisory Committee. With the strong support of the higher authorities, the Ankang Discipline Commission Supervisory Committee and the Langao County Public Security Bureau set up a special group to investigate Tang Moufengs suspected crimes and violations of discipline, and finally detained Tang Moufeng according to law as an accomplice in the crime of forced trading.

Source: Han Jiapeng_NN9841, Responsible Editor of China Business Network-China Business Daily