Writer Februaryhe died before he had time to sign the 400-yuan bill.

 Writer Februaryhe died before he had time to sign the 400-yuan bill.

The 400 yuan bill was late and could never be sent to its owner again.

On December 15, the news of the death of the famous writer February River set off a huge wave in the social media, and Mr. Ling Jiefang was his real name.

February River Kailing Liberation, Three Books Xianghua Emperor.

On the internet, some netizens mourn the February River in pairs. The three trilogy of Emperor Kangxi, Emperor Yongzheng, Emperor Qianlong and Emperor Qianlong, left by the literary master, has become a dead song in the world.

On the second floor of the office building of the Wolong District Committee, the office of the Information Section of the Ministry of Propaganda used to be the place where he worked for more than ten years.

The office building was built in the 1970s. Apart from changing desks, almost everything else is the same as before. Chen Chunjian, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of Wolong District Committee, pointed to a desk by the window, which was the workstation of February River.

Chen Chunjians heart is rather sorry to mention that manuscript fee bill that has not yet arrived in February Rivers hand.

Teacher Ling wrote the preface for my novel Zhang Sanfeng in person. The preface was published in Henan Daily a few days ago, and the contribution fee came from it. Since the Spring Festival last year, Chen Chunjian has never seen the February River again. Knowing that he is seeing a doctor in Beijing, I have been expecting him to come back earlier.

Chen Chunjian originally wanted to wait for February River to return and hand it in to him personally. Now, he cant wait any longer.

The picture shows people from all walks of life going to Nanyang Funeral Hall to mourn the February River. Liu Peng photo

On the afternoon of Dec. 16, Chen Chunjian took a copy of the bill with him and handed it to his daughter of Februaryhe when he went to Nanyang Funeral House to pay his condolences.

February River spent most of his life in the courtyard of the Wolong District Committee.

After retired from the army in 1978, February River has been working and living in the courtyard of the Wolong District Committee. A total of 13 volumes and 5.2 million words of the Emperors Trilogy were written by him day and night, word by word.

As soon as Emperor Kangxi was published, he became famous in February, and then the adaptation of films and TV plays was the initial enlightenment of Qing Dynasty for many audiences. For a time, Everywhere there are wells and water, they recite the February River.

China News Agency correspondent Han Zhangyun Photo

After becoming famous, the annual royalty revenue of February River is considerable. What we can find now is the rich list of Chinese writers in 2006. At the age of 61, Feiyuehe ranked second in the country with 12 million royalties, surpassing Han Han and Zheng Yuanjie, only after Yu Qiuyu.

February River also expresses in public that it is not a vulnerable group.

After the Emperor Series, my uncle, because of his growing physical distress, devoted more energy to the collection of essays and essays. He also contributed to newspapers, magazines and other media units, and often received contributions. Father and Feiyuehe are comrades-in-arms. Lu Zhao, chairman of the Wolong District Cooperation Association of Nanyang City, grew up under the care of the Feiyuehe River when he was young. Lu Zhao knows more about this uncle who wrote about the Emperor than others.

My uncle can shake a PU fan for ten years, a pair of old cloth shoes can not be shaken at any occasion, a dress is worn out before throwing it away, a broken bicycle travels all over Nanyang streets, early years, he also made his own straw shoes. In Lu Zhaos eyes, the February River has very low requirements for its own living materials.

But where money is needed, the February River has always been generous.

In recent years, I only know that my uncle has donated more than two million yuan to help the vulnerable groups. Lu Zhao said that February River never participates in commercial activities and does not pay any money, but as long as he is invited to cultural activities in Nanyang city, no money, he goes by taxi and does not pick up cars.

China News Agency correspondent Han Zhangyun Photo

In the corner of the Wolong District Committee compound, a red wall surrounds a two-story red brick building built in the 1970s, where the February River lived until his death, where the Emperors Trilogy was born.

February River has a deep feeling for the small courtyard. He has been living there with his wife. The government once proposed to build a memorial hall for him and a villa for him. He refused. Chen Chunjian said that the property right of the second floor small building in February River is owned by the government. Like others, he pays rent to the government every month.

China News Agency correspondent Han Zhangyun Photo

Chen Chunjian has seen February River queuing at the entrance of beef soup shop like ordinary citizens many times. He is a famous writer at home and abroad, but he is also a common people in Nanyang City.

February River left, this last bill of contribution, can no longer wait for the owner to sign in person, the second floor small building in the District Committee courtyard, these days many people admire the name to go to hang on.

I didnt expect his famous writer to live in such an old house. Those who come from other places feel so sad.

Source: Gu Ying_NN6577, Responsible Editor of CNN