Xu Jiayin donated 600 million yuan to the local Education Bureau

 Xu Jiayin donated 600 million yuan to the local Education Bureau

Recently, Xu Jiayin returned home with his wife and donated 650 million yuan to the network. On the evening of December 16, the official website of Taikang County Peoples Government of Zhoukou City, Henan Province, published an article entitled Xu Jiayins Visiting Fathers and Villagers at Home. It said that on December 15 and 16, Xu Jiayin returned to his hometown in Zhoukou, Henan Province. Along the way, he inspected four schools, one hospital and one agricultural base that had donated more than 1 billion yuan, and decided to donate another 650 million yuan to further support the development of his hometown.

According to the article, Xu Jiayin inspected Jiayin High School, Jiayin Middle School and Gaoxian Branch of Taikang Hospital. These two schools and a hospital were built by Xu Jiayin with donations of 500 million yuan, 160 million yuan and 120 million yuan respectively in 2016.

After the return visit, Xu Jiayin decided to donate another 250 million yuan to Jiayin High School to help it expand, and another 300 million yuan to build a new high school, which is scheduled to open in September 2019.

On December 17, a reporter from Beijing News called Taikang County Education Bureau. In the phone call, the staff of the Education Bureau praised Jiayin as Professor Xu Jiayin. The staff said that Jiayin High School was built by Xu Jiayin with an investment of 500 million yuan. At present, there are 10,000 students in the school.

For the specific use details of Xu Jiayins donation in the future, the content he saw was limited to news. This is what happened yesterday, when the money is not known, no one has studied the plan in this respect. These things must have documents and plans to say. Specific implementation must be documented, not nonsense.

Taikangs education must have a great role in promoting, Taikangs financial development, he must invest money to build some schools will certainly be beneficial. Taikang County Education Bureau staff said.

In addition to pledging donations to the construction of the school, Xu Jiayin also decided to donate another 100 million yuan to Gaoxian Branch of Taikang County Hospital to purchase advanced medical equipment for the hospital.

According to the official website of Taikang County Peoples Government, Xu Jiayin donated 120 million yuan to build the hospital in 2016. Reporters learned that in December 2016, the Taikang County Health Bureau also issued a public announcement that the Gaoxian Branch of Taikang County Hospital is located on the west side of S326 Provincial Road, Gaoxian Township, Taikang County. The initial construction plan is to invest 75.980.07 million yuan, covering an area of 3,050 square meters, and the construction period is from December 2016 to December 2017. The hospital initially planned to set up 300 beds with 141 staff, including 135 medical staff and 6 other staff.

On December 17, staff of Taikang County Health Bureau introduced to Xinjing News that Gaoxian Branch of Taikang County Peoples Hospital had not been able to operate since its completion, and the project was in a standstill and recruitment has not started yet. It said that there were many reasons why Gaoxian Branch did not open its business. Now we are looking for partners and negotiating with them.

For the future 100 million funds donated to Gaoxian Branch Hospital, how to determine the opening time of the hospital, the staff of Taikang County Health Bureau also said, There is no clear time point now.

According to the Hurun 100 Rich List in 2018, Xu Jiayin ranked second in China with 250 billion yuan in wealth.

Source: Gu Ying_NN6577, responsible editor of Beijing News