Iranian media say the United States harbours terrorists in Iraq and wants to control oil resources

 Iranian media say the United States harbours terrorists in Iraq and wants to control oil resources

Reference News Network reported Dec. 17 that Irans Fars News Agency reported Dec. 10 that a commander of the Iraqi Peoples Mobilization Organization disclosed on Dec. 10 that the U.S. military had established eight military bases in Western Iraq near the Syrian border. He warned that Washington was plotting to control this strategically significant and oil-rich region.

The Arabic news website Baghdad Today quoted Cassim Muslim on Dec. 10 as saying that the US military has recently built eight military bases in Anbar province in Western Iraq.

Muslim also disclosed that the United States plans to control the oil-rich region with important trade routes. The region has important strategic significance.

He also said that the U.S. military base in Syria is the main stronghold of terrorists and provides weapons, military equipment and intelligence for the remnants of the Islamic State Organization. He pointed out that the purpose of the U.S. government was to use the commander of the Organization of the Islamic States as a weight to put pressure on the Iraqi and Syrian governments.

Mousavi said Iraqi security forces and peoples mobilization organizations are currently working to clear terrorists in an area of Anbar province, near Iraqs border with Syria. He also said U.S. fighter planes often provide cover for the Islamic State organization operating between Iraq and Syria.

Reported that for a long time, people suspected that the United States-led coalition forces had collaborated with Islamic State terrorists operating in eastern Syria for many years. Experts believe that the United States must stop the activities of the Islamic State terrorist organizations in the region to prove that it is reasonable to strengthen its military strength in eastern Syria. (Compiler/Song Caiping)