The suspect in Thai Wife Killing refused to accept fraud and the police will prosecute him for intentional murder.

 The suspect in Thai Wife Killing refused to accept fraud and the police will prosecute him for intentional murder.

The case is divided into two stages, the first stage of homicide, the suspect has admitted. In the second stage, the police asked the suspect with insurance evidence, which he did not admit. On December 15, Somkit Boonrat, the police chief of the Kamara police station in Thailand, told a media interview about the investigation process of the case of man killing his wife and cheating insurance.

Incident hotel.

The police chief said Xiao Jie was taken to Badong Hospital after the incident. The swimming pool is shallow with a depth of 1.45 meters. In the hotel room, the police found the victim Xiao Jies hair fell to the ground in pinches and pinches. It seems that someone dropped to the bottom of the swimming pool and went to Padang Hospital to examine the body. The victims body was injured and scratched, mainly because there were many bruises on his neck.

Somkit Boonrat said that when the police gathered evidence, they called the hotel staff to inquire about the situation before they knew that the suspect Zhang Moufan had returned home. I asked the hotel to send an email to the suspect saying that the autopsy had been completed and that the corpse could be brought back to China. In this way, the suspect could return to Thailand. Another way was that the father of the victim forced him to come over.

Zhang buys multiple insurance for his wife.

On December 11, Zhang Moufan returned to Thailand, and the police immediately took him to check his health. When asked, the suspect was asked to take off his clothes, and there were scars on his body and arms. At 8 p.m., he began to ask. At 3 a.m. on November 2, the suspect admitted killing and then cried. Zhang Moufan said during the interrogation that Xiao Jies hair fell when pulled in the water.

In response to the case, Somkit Boonrat said he would first prosecute suspect Zhang Moufan for intentional murder under 289 articles of Thai criminal law.

According to Nandus previous reports, Xiao Jie flew from Tianjin to Phuket Island, Thailand, for a holiday with her husband and daughter on the evening of October 27. On the evening of the 29th, Xiao Jie, 29 years old, met with an unexpected accident in a hotel on Phuket Island. An autopsy report issued by the local police station on Phuket Island, Thailand, provided by Xiaojies family to Nandu reporters, showed that Xiaojies death was caused by injury from her husband, drowning and hypoxia.

After the incident, Tianjin police have filed an investigation into Zhang Moufans case with suspected insurance fraud. According to Zhang Moufans statement, Xiaojies family found four insurance contracts in Tianjin. The total insured amount was 17.16 million yuan. The insured were Xiaojie and the beneficiaries were Zhang Moufan.

Somkit Boonrat said that when he got the insurance policy, he learned that all three policies were processed on September 6, 2018, and the amount was huge. The first one is RMB 1 million, the second one is RMB 8 million, and the third one is RMB 1 million, which adds up to RMB 10 million. The police chief said that Zhang Moufans sentence would be less if there was no evidence of insurance policy in his prison on Phuket Island. The police are still collecting evidence and are expected to send it to court after December 21.

Source: Liable Editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182