Wife lost in Shenzhen and husband turned to sanitation for 7 years and found it in Guangzhou

 Wife lost in Shenzhen and husband turned to sanitation for 7 years and found it in Guangzhou

Mom, weve come to pick you up and weve taken you back to Dazhous hometown... The Huang Jingmeng family finally reunited again.

In 2011, Wang Junman, a worker in Shenzhen, received Han Lifang, his wife from his hometown in Dazhou, Sichuan, and four members of his family met in a foreign country. Only 37 days after arriving in Shenzhen, his wife, who seldom goes out on weekdays and is not familiar with his place of life, suddenly disappeared, and his son and daughter lost their mother. The familys subsequent years were mercilessly rewritten into long-term vagrancy and search.

Seeking help from the police, posting and distributing announcements, seizing vague clues and rushing to seek relatives everywhere... These years, they have tasted the vicissitudes and twists of leaving their loved ones and struggling to find fruitless ones. Eventually, Wang Shan inadvertently opened up the online world, giving hope to the long way to find relatives. In November this year, the whereabouts of mothers sent news on the Internet that there was a vagrant with a highly similar appearance to Han Lifang in Huadu District of Guangzhou City. On November 15, Wang Junmans family reunited in Huadu, which coincided with Han Lifangs lunar birthday, seven years after her disappearance.

On January 1, 2016, the Ministry of Civil Affairs established the National Rescue and Family Seeking Network network platform. All relief management stations can upload the information of unrecognized vagrants to the platform. The platform is open to the public free of charge and can input the trust of relatives to search for relatives. However, Wang Junmans family had no knowledge of this before.

The National Rescue and Family Seeking Network of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

In the National Rescue and Family Seeking Network, there are 35609 relatives (only adults) waiting to be searched, just like Han Lifang.

Be missing

The late autumn in Shenzhen seven years ago was full of Wang Juns heart.

Your mother is missing! On the afternoon of November 23, 2011, Wang Xuan, who was working overtime in Shajing Factory, received a call from his father, Wang Junman, stopped his work and rushed to his parentshome. In a rental house in Tangwei, there was no mother Han Lifang inside or outside. In the empty wardrobe, there was only another set of washing clothes and rubber shoes. Outside the door, there was her fathers anxious figure.

At noon, when Wang Junman came home from work, he found that his wife, who had always stayed at home and did not go out, was not in the house. At first, he did not take it seriously. He thought that his wife was running through the door of the neighborhood, but knocked on the door of the neighborhood one by one, but nobody saw his wife at home. He began to feel a little anxious. He followed his wifes daily footprints and went through shopping malls, farmersmarkets and even abandoned houses near Tangwei. His wife was still missing.

Where did Mom go? See a helpless father, Wang Xuan six godless, turned out the mothers picture, father and son each take one, separately around the streets and lanes near Tangwei, turned the whole afternoon did not see Han Lifang, who did not know where to go. Realizing that something was wrong, Wang Jun rushed to the police station near his home that night to call the police.

Han Lifang is different from ordinary people. Suddenly she disappears without any reason. Both father and son are extremely anxious. Wang Junmans family was in Dazhu County, Dazhou, Sichuan Province. In the 1990s, he was introduced by a matchmaker and married his fellow countryman Han Lifang. Only after his marriage did he find his wife unusually shy and introverted. He never talked, and heard that when he was a child, he had a fever, fell and had a brain problem. Although the wife is always silent, she is gentle and quiet on weekdays, takes good care of her children and family life is generally smooth and contented.

Dazhu County is located in a remote area. In order to make a living, Wang Junman went south to Shenzhen shortly after his marriage to work as a construction worker. Han Lifang and his wife raised their young children in their hometown. Four people lived in two places. Daughter Wang Shan recalled that after his father went out to work, his mother seemed to be more worried and depressed all day. She always talked about my father and asked him why he hadnt come back yet.

In 1999, Wang Junman, who went to Shenzhen shortly after returning to work, suddenly received the news from his hometown. His wife did not know what stimulation she had received. In a day, if she had changed herself, she would break out of her home, run around, be in a trance, and be unconscious. Wang Jun was full of heart, and immediately returned home to take his wife to the county hospital to see a doctor. He did not remember clearly the diagnosis results of that year, but only knew that his wife was a neurological problem. After a year of taking medicine from the hospital with relativesmoney, his wifes mood gradually stabilized, but because he could not continue to pay for the medicine, he could not treat it in the future.

The burden of the whole familys income fell on Wang Jun Man. The most important thing was to survive. Although he was worried about his wife, he couldnt do anything about it. Around 2009, Wang Xuan and his sister Wang Shan graduated from junior high school and went to Shenzhen to work, leaving only their mother and grandparents in their hometown. Two years later, his children stabilized in Shenzhen, and Wang Jun was determined to bring his wife to his side. It happened that Han Lifang left Sichuan for the first time to come to the warm south after the cold winter and the cool autumn in his hometown. The whole family was looking forward to reunion.

Only 37 days later, the wife who seldom went out on weekdays and was not familiar with the place of life suddenly disappeared, and the son and daughter lost their mother. The family reunited and separated in a foreign country, and the following years were mercilessly rewritten into long-term vagrancy and search.


At first, Wang Junman and his son Wang Xuan had no clue at all. They only found Guangming New Area more than ten kilometers away by knocking door to door every day near the rental house disappeared from Han Lifang. During the weekend break, cousins who work in Shenzhen and familiar villagers also help to inquire around.

Half a month passed, but no news came back. It was not until Wang Jun, who was full of photographs, went to the streets to seek his wife and a kind passer-by asked him for a leaflet, that he realized that he might be able to prepare some complete and easy-to-disseminate and preserve personal search announcements. When he returned that day, Wang Junman immediately drafted a person-seeking notice containing his wifes name, hometown and appearance. At the end of the notice, he left his own telephone number and his sons telephone number, and attached a description of the 5,000 yuan reward.

On the first day, the thin leaflet paper was rolled and printed into 1200 announcements, heavily stacked on Wang Juns hands. It was all the hope of finding relatives. He and his son each carry a large schoolbag, take relatives and the villagers together to post and distribute leaflets for people, keep a close eye on the mobile phone 24 hours away, for fear of missing his wifes clues.

Four or five days later, Wang Junman received the first call from a villager near the rental house who said he had seen Han Lifang at the Tangwei meat market. After putting down his mobile phone, he rushed to the market immediately. He had looked for his wife here before. He rushed to the market again when he received the news, but still could not see him in the corner. In the next few days, he chose to stay out of the market at different times, and for days he had nothing to gain, so he had to give up.

Wang Xuan remembers that whenever his father and he received a phone call, whatever he was doing, he would stop and immediately follow the clue on the other end of the phone to find his mother. However, most of the time he received vague and inaccurate information. Once a message came from mother in Songgang Creek. Father and son were still on leave. In the garbage house guided by an online person, they saw a vagrant woman picking up broken children. Although her figure was similar to Chen Zhengfens, they carefully distinguished that she was not her mother. The father and son handed cigarettes and water to the informant and turned away disappointedly. Over the years, they have tasted this empty taste more than ten times.

Wang Xuan used to work as a garment maker in a wool mill in Shenzhen. When he arrived at the holiday factory, he would organize employees to volunteer at the rescue station in Futian District. Every time, he would rush to register. When he takes care of the disabled, the elderly and helps to clean up, he also pays more attention to observe whether there are any rescued vagrants like his mother around him. He carries some pictures of his mother with him and gives them to the staff of the rescue station for advice and attention.

After his wife was lost, Wang Junman turned to work as a sanitation worker. The area contracted for cleaning happened to be near the rental house where Han Lifang disappeared at that time. Since then, pedestrians on the streets and people wandering at the foot of bridges have become the figures he closely watches in the clearance, always fantasizing that one day his wife will suddenly appear in front of him and end the long and lonely separation. Colleagues sympathized with him, organized by the sanitation company, workers and other sanitation workers from other brotherly companies helped him distribute information to find people, and paid attention to Han Lifangs traces in his daily work.

All the 5,000 leaflets were sent out, but no accurate information about his wifes whereabouts was returned. Half a year later, relatives, fellow townsmen and colleagues were all working. Their enthusiasm for finding people was getting worse and worse. Wang Junmans family was also somewhat frustrated, turning the anxiety of searching for relatives into a heavy silent yearning.


The sanitation workers get up at 5 a.m. every day to work, clean the streets till evening, and are exhausted when they get home from work. Heavy labor is a rare escape for Wang Junman, so as not to be occupied by his wifes unreasonable disappearance and fruitless chagrin. Only when one is alone and sleeps hard can those subtle sorrows grow and invade. When he was in trouble, he habitually bought a bottle of liquor for 15 yuan. No one accompanied him. He was tightly drunk and fell asleep.

Wang Xuan remembers that when he was reunited on New Years Day, his grandfathers uncle and cousin were all together. When he raised a glass of reunion wine at a big table, only his mother was missing. What do you think is missing? My heart is very complicated. Wang Shan, the youngest and sensitive sister, misses her homeless mother very much when she grows up. She always comes up with extreme ideas from time to time, fearing that her mother has been abused and injured outside. She dares not watch the news lost in TV, and is often worried.

More distressing than missing and worrying is the unwarranted suspicion among relatives. In the second year of his wifes disappearance, Wang Junman renovated the damaged three tiled houses and built four-storey buildings in his Dazhou home with the savings of many years of working. This was originally a commitment to his wife and children buried in his heart, and improved his familys life by hard work left home. After the wife and her family knew it, they decided that Wang Junman had sold Han Lifang and bought money to build the house.

These comments spread to Wang Junman, who was angry and wronged. Although both his wife and his family are poor in the county, they have been under pressure for years to earn more money to fight for breath in front of their mothers family. However, the dilemma of both parents makes the trust between relatives vulnerable to collapse when confronted with uncertain changes.

After that, Wang Jun made up his mind to find out his wifes whereabouts all his life.

As time goes on, the more sparse the news of his wife is. Until May 2012, Wang Junman suddenly received a phone call from Shantou. A strange man claimed to have met Han Lifang in an industrial park in Shantou. He refused to reveal his specific address. He made an appointment with Wang Junman to meet his wife at the Shantou Bus Passenger Transport Center Station. Although it was the first time that he received a telephone call from a different place, Wang Junman, who was eager to find a wife, did not hesitate much. He took a leave of absence and went straight to Shantou the next day.

After arrival, Wang Jun-man dialed the callers telephone as expected. The other party did not intend to say more about Han Lifangs whereabouts. He just kept asking if he had brought the 5,000 yuan reward written in the announcement. Wang Junman did not hide, saying that he did not bring enough money, if he found his wife, he could pay the full remuneration at any time. When the other party listened, he hesitated and hung up the phone. No one answered the call in the past.

Sitting in the crowded lobby of the Passenger Center station, Wang Jun was completely empty of consciousness. Immediately he convinced himself that maybe the other party really saw his wife in Shantou and could not give up easily. That night, he found a 25 yuan one night hour room near the passenger transport center station to stay. After waking up the next day, he scanned the street vagrants around the overpasses, footbridges and underground passages near the station hall in Shantou, where he was not familiar with life, and then went back to rest at night. Sanitation companies can only take three days off at most. On the morning of the third day, Wang Junman checked out and took the afternoon bus back to Shenzhen.

Since then, there have been similar calls from Chaozhou and other places, saying the same thing, even though he had deceived experience, he has not fallen down again and asked for leave to seek relatives. Wang Juns monthly salary is 3000 yuan, and he pays 100 yuan less for every day off. He spends a lot of money on travelling and lodging expenses to find his wife in other places. Although he always comes back in vain, he feels at ease.

In September this year, her daughter Wang Shan also reported the case again at the police station near her mothers missing place, leaving her DNA information and waiting for news.

Pleasantly surprised

Over the past six or seven years, for Wang Junmans family, it was all luck to find relatives. After the initial alarm, there was no progress. In the long waiting for help, they did not know where to turn. They only wandered around inefficiently in scattered clues and kept the belief that they would surely find their loved ones.

Mother is such a good person, how suddenly disappeared, where is she? Over the years, the disappearance of her mother has always left her sister Wang Shan confused and guilty. Fortunately, she inadvertently opened up the network world, so that the road to find a mother has hope.

In August this year, when Wang Shan used her mobile phone to surf the internet, she suddenly found some family-seeking platforms on the internet, which included all the images of the lost population, basic identity information and successful cases of family-seeking. Her fingers glided through the stories of years lost and reunions in her lifetime, and her heart was beating. From the complicated information, she intuitively selected a platform, completed the registration fee, uploaded the mothers head picture and identity information, and prayed for good news.

Whenever she has time, Wang Shan constantly searches for photographs and faces of her mother in the database of missing persons on the family search platform. Once she finds the suspected missing population of her mother, she immediately transfers the relevant information to the family group. Her father and brother are busy identifying together. However, in thousands of pictures, one by one is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Before she could figure it out, on November 14 this year, news came from the registered family search platform that a middle-aged woman in the missing person bank, who is currently in Huadu District, Guangzhou, looks very similar to her mother, Han Lifang. Wang Shan immediately saw the photo, I looked like ah, I asked where, how to contact. Wang Shan was almost sure that this was her mother, and immediately dialed the telephone of Huadu District relief station.

In the afternoon of the same day, Lai Yuanke, the office secretary who was working at the Huadu rescue station, received a phone call from Wang Shan. He heard that he was looking for the missing relatives in the rescue station. He immediately attached importance to it. He carefully asked the number on the picture of Wang Shans mother in the Population Bank, and locked the information of the rescue station personnel according to the number.

The identity information of Chen Zhengfen, the mother of Wang Shans family, in the Huadu rescue station is almost blank. Lai Yuanke explained that Han Lifang had never spoken and had no access to the exact information about her. Only after Wang Shan phoned and provided the photo number, did they know her name for the first time. After the inquiry of Huadu District Rescue Station, Han Lifang on the photo is currently hospitalized in Baiyun District Psychiatric Rehabilitation Hospital, Guangzhou.

Lai Yuanke immediately asked his colleagues stationed in Baiyun Jingkang Hospital to take a video of Han Lifang, which was transmitted to Wang Shan for further identification. When the screen of the mobile phone came on, Wang Shan immediately sent the video from the message to the family group. This is my mother, there is a mole on my lips and Im getting fat. When my brother Wang Xuan saw the video, he immediately identified his mother, and my father was so excited that he couldnt believe it.

Father reminded Wang Shan to redirect the video to the family group of about 20 people so that other relatives could recognize it. Everyone is sure, seven years, its really happy and sad. Wang Shan, who was at work at that time, had a hard time calming down. She immediately answered the rescue station in Huadu District. Now the family is going to Guangzhou to pick up their mother. However, it was almost afternoon off work, did not check the relevant documents, arrived unable to go through the registration formalities, persuaded by the staff to Wang Shans family agreed to pick up their mother early tomorrow morning.

The joy of finding relatives spread in the family. Aunts and uncles working in Dongguan also proposed to go to Guangzhou to meet Wang Shan the next day. Brother Wang Xuan immediately started chartering cars and planning trips. The familys seven-year longing to see the dawn is about to land happily.

claim a family connection

At 6:00 a.m. on November 15, Wang Junmans father and son met Wang Shan from Shajing Town, 10 kilometers away from their residence. After they made a detour to Dongguan, their aunt and uncle got on the bus. At 9:00 a.m., the family arrived and the car opened to Huadu, Guangzhou.

Along the way, I got closer and closer to my mother. At about 10:40 a.m., the family arrived at Huadu Salvage Station. Lai Yuanke was already there. Early in the morning, he sent a vehicle to Baiyun Jingkang Hospital to pick up Han Lifang. Unfortunately, when the highway was blocked and the vehicle was not seen, the family stood under the eaves outside the rescue station, staring at the road in the direction of the car, waiting for their relatives to appear.

No, no, no, no! Seeing a black car coming on the road ahead, Wang Shan leaned against the pillar and sprang away, and walked forward quickly. The car drove straight into the gate. Lai Yuanke explained that it was the staff of the rescue station. Wang Shanhao backed up, turned and paced down the eaves. Father and brother stood on their backs not far away, looking at the distance in silence.

Around 12 noon, a van approached. Lai Yuan-ke recognized the vehicle coming back from Baiyun Jingkang Hospital. He just turned around and called Wang Shan. The family immediately realized. Look for someone to recognize later. In order to avoid Han Lifang being frightened, Lai Yuanke signaled to send a relative to the car door to verify his familys identity.

Wang Junman hurried forward. With the help of the staff, Han Lifang lowered her head and got out of the car. Her eyes were slightly evasive and her face was sad. Do you know him? What is he? Lai Yuanke tried to guide Han Lifang to identify her husband in front of her, but she still bowed her head and kept silent. Wang Jun-man did not respond when he saw his wife. He called her name in Sichuan dialect, Lifang? Yao Rong (nickname)? As soon as her voice fell, Han Lifang looked up at her husband like she had been hit.Look! She knows its me, Wang Jun was so excited that family members had already come together to surround Han Lifang.

Just when the car came in, she raised her hand and pointed it at you as if she wanted to talk, said the staff escorting Han Lifang. Before she got out, she reacted to the family members who came to recognize her relatives, but when she stood in front of them, she was still nervous and timid. Han Lifang has never said a word since she arrived at the Huadu rescue station.

This is Mom, Mom, weve come to pick you up, weve taken you back to Dazhou home. Sister Wang Shan, holding Han Lifangs hand, kept talking. Im Jianqing (nickname), Jianqing, Mom..., Im your sister, do you recognize me? Brother Huang Huan and aunt Wang Junfen were also looking at her, hoping Han Lifang could speak. However, she only raised her eyes occasionally, her eyes stayed on the people around her for a short time, and she remained silent all the time. Its all right. Mother knows us. She just doesnt want to talk. Wang Shan gripped Han Lifangs hand heartily and helped her mother with her brothers left and right, walking quietly in the yard of the rescue station.

In a twinkling of an eye, Wang Junman has handed Han Lifangs ID card, marriage certificate and original household registration to the rescue station staff. After checking the identity, the handover was completed and the family finally reunited. When filling in the Registration Form for Claim and Departure, Wang Junman suddenly remembered that On the eighth day of the eighth day, today is the eighth day of October. Its her 46th birthday on the lunar calendar. Happy birthday to you, Lifang! Its a double joy! With that, Wang Junman raised his hand and gently rubbed his wifes collar, ears and hair. Shes five years younger than me. Today is her birthday, white and fat....

When the telephone rang, Wang Junman took out his mobile phone and asked his sister-in-law Leng, who was next door to Dazhu Countys home, about her family recognition today. Received, received, Lifang, she was still not talkative. Seven years later, cold, hot, hungry, I dont know how to live. There are many mosquitoes in Guangdong. To tell the truth, I really dont know how to get through it. Wang Jun Her voice choked and her eyes slid out of tears.

Sister Wang Junfen, who was waiting, sighed, Its really not easy for them. My elder brother said its less than 10 days before seven years when he heard that someone was going to look for them.


Only when a family truly reunites, seven years is an easy-to-say and comfortable number.

The joy of finding a mother in ones lifetime overwhelms all. For the first reunion dinner, they celebrated their mothers birthday in a restaurant near Yangkengtang, Dongguan. On the table were all Han Lifangs favorite dishes, boiled fish, * cooked pork and pig ears. During the dinner, Wang Xuan kept eating vegetables for his mother. His mother seemed to be eating well and ate three bowls in succession. As she became more familiar with her family, when her daughter asked her to speak, she would look up and answer, sometimes with a little smile.

Wang Junman sat next to his wife and kept telling her about the changes in Dazhu County, Dazhou. Her house was built. The pier bridge in front of the village was a reinforced concrete bridge that could only be passed by pedestrians, and the father-in-law was going to celebrate his 80th birthday in December. The family could come home neatly to celebrate his birthday..................................................... Although the wife still did not speak much, But we are happy to see her back.

When Han Lifang left the rescue station, she was wearing the new clothes that the staff had just changed for her. Her shoulders and waist were still a little wide. In the afternoon, Wang Shan and her aunt took Han Lifang to the mall near Yangkengtang to buy four or five sets of clothes for her mother. She wore new clothes that were close to her. Wang Shan said that she could feel the joy of her mother.

In addition to her joy, the family was always curious about what her mother had experienced in the past seven years and why she suddenly disappeared. Han Lifang remained silent. From the Huadu District relief station, they learned that in 2015, Han Lifang was taken to the relief station for temporary resettlement after she was found near the Huadu District relief station. Doctors at the relief station check the health of vagrants every day. Han Lifangs files record suspected mental patients. After 2016, they were sent to Jingkang Hospital in Baiyun District for long-term hospitalization. The staff at the relief station still visit her regularly. Because Han Lifang hasnt said a word these years, she hasnt left any personal information on her body, nor handled the second generation ID card, nor has she filed the identity information matched with her personal photos, and cant inquire independently. She only stays in the relief station and hospital for a long time.

Lai Yuanke introduced that similar to Han Lifang, there is no personal information. Long-term stranded vagrants only have more than 100 people in Huadu District relief station. Salvage station staff also try to ask them for identity information on weekdays, but most of them suffer from mental illness, or never open their mouths. Occasionally, they get fragmentary information about the place of residence from their mouth. Salvage station will immediately send letters to the place of residence, asking for help to confirm their identity, but the probability of success is often very low. These vagrants may never be reunited with their families without their relatives taking the initiative to claim them.

In order to help Han find relatives, Lai Yuanke said that since 2017, they have also published Chen Zhengfen and other homeless peoples family search information in newspapers and new media, but with little success. He said that on January 1, 2016, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China set up the National Rescue and Family Seeking Network network platform. Relief management stations around the country can upload the information of unrecognized vagrants to the platform. The platform is open to the public free of charge. It can input the height, posture and accent of relatives, independently search for pictures of missing persons, rescue units, and upload photos of relatives. Face-to-face matching quickly locks down matches in the missing person database. Han Lifangs information also appeared on the platform of National Rescue and Family Finding Network, but Wang Junmans family had no knowledge of it before. In the National Rescue and Family Search Network, like Han Lifang, there are 35609 relatives (only adults) waiting to be searched.

Lai Yuanke said that for those relatives who suffer from illness and language expression obstruction, he suggested that their families could put or embroider personal identity and contact information in their clothes. In case of loss, they should seek help from the police or inquire about the missing person information of the National Rescue and Family Seeking Network at the first time.

Knowing that my mother has not suffered in recent years, my family is very grateful to take care of Huadu District Relief Management Station, and even express their heartfelt thanks. Facing the fate design of separation from close relatives, a family has only to cope with and endure for seven years. This family member who once let them worry about endlessly has gone through the rounds and twists of searching, and finally returned to the side. This time, he grasped the hands of his relatives and never separated easily.

Source: Liable Editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182