Zhao Jiwei: It takes time to get back to the court and feel like going home and wanting to eat my mothers food.

 Zhao Jiwei: It takes time to get back to the court and feel like going home and wanting to eat my mothers food.

Excitement -- Bear Hug from Female Fans

At 9 a.m. yesterday, Shenyang Taoxian Airport was the same as before. Passengers in the lobby came and went, but fans holding banners of Zhao Jiwei and Zhao Jiwei Welcome Home were particularly conspicuous among the crowd. Their faces were smiling and they looked anxiously at the passage of the airport lobby from time to time. Close to 11 oclock, Zhao Jiwei, wearing a yellow jacket, finally appeared in front of the fans. Excited fans shouted slogans, and a female fan even delivered a bear hug. Compared with the end of last season, Zhao Jiwei looked a little thinner, but he was in good spirits and had longer hair than the first operation. Seeing the fans so enthusiastic, he laughed very happily. After receiving the flowers from Li Hongqing, general manager of Liaoning Basketball Club, he also took a group photo with the fans.

Homesickness - Missing Mothers cooking

Zhao Jiwei accidentally injured his ankle during a teaching match with the Chinese mens basketball team in preparation for the Asian Games. Then he went to Spain for a long rehabilitation treatment. According to Zhao Jiwei, he has recovered well at present. Its very touching to see you all come to pick me up. Thank you. I have recovered well in Spain and successfully completed the rehabilitation phase. It will take some time to recover the feeling of the stadium. During his rehabilitation, Zhao Jiwei often cooked his own meals. In the delicacies he cooked, Western food was the main food. When asked by a reporter about the food he wanted most, he said without thinking, I want to go home and eat my mothers food.

During his absence from the field due to injury, Liaoning Mens Basketball Team has achieved 16 wins and 4 losses. Zhao Jiwei is also eager to train with the team as soon as possible and strive to contribute his strength on the field as soon as possible. When I was in Spain, I often watched the news of the team on the internet, but due to jet lag and rehabilitation training, I saw less live broadcast of Liaoning Team. I think everybody played very well. Its very difficult to get the result in such a difficult situation. Coach Guo Shiqiang has previously revealed that Zhao Jiwei will not fight with the team immediately. After four months of recovery, he has not had a high-intensity physical confrontation. He will arrange for him to train with the youth team first, and then decide when to return to the arena according to his further physical condition.

Source: Author of Shenyang Evening News: responsible editor of Li Qingshi: Ma Bile_NS4800