Fans welcomed Zhao Jiwei home: It was really touching.

 Fans welcomed Zhao Jiwei home: It was really touching.

In August this year, during the preparations for the Asian Games, Zhao Jiwei suffered three fractures and two ligaments in his left ankle during the teaching match with the National Olympic Mens Basketball Team. At the end of August, Zhao Jiwei went to Spain for surgery and began rehabilitation treatment in Madrid. After winning the final last season, he went to the United States for special training, returned home to prepare for the Asian Games, went to Spain for treatment of injuries, and now returned to Shenyang. Zhao Jiwei was deeply impressed.

Yesterday morning, the Taoxian Airport in Shenyang was the same as in the past. Passengers came and went in the hall, but dozens of fans held the banner Zhao Jiwei and Welcome Zhao Jiwei home, which stood out in the crowd. Their faces were smiling, and from time to time they looked anxiously at the aisle of the airport lobby. Close to 11 oclock, Zhao Jiwei, wearing a khaki jacket, finally appeared in front of the fans. Excited fans not only shouted Zhao Jiwei, good! A female fan even gave her a bear hug. Compared with last season, Zhao Jiweis figure is slimmer, but his mental state is good and his hair is longer than before. Seeing how enthusiastic the fans are, Zhao Jiwei laughed very happily. After receiving the flowers from the representative of Liao Basketball Club, he also took a group photo with the fans.

In an interview with the media on the spot, Zhao Jiwei took the lead in thanking the fans who came to pick me up. Its really touching to see you here to pick me up today. Thank you all. I have recovered well in Spain, I have successfully completed my rehabilitation training, and it will take me some time to get back to the feeling of the court.

Ma Yong/Wen Zhang Wenkui, Financial Media Reporter of Shenyang Daily and Shenyang Daily

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