Liu Guoliang: Zhang Ben is the biggest rival in the next decade. Guoping can still pull out his teeth.

 Liu Guoliang: Zhang Ben is the biggest rival in the next decade. Guoping can still pull out his teeth.

After Fan Zhendong and Liang Jingkun stopped in the top eight, Lin Gaoyuan, who reached the mens singles final, failed to hold the mens singles gold medal. He was defeated by Zhang Benzhihe by 1:4. Zhang Benzhi, the first singles champion in the finals, not only ended the three consecutive championships of the national table tennis, but also became the youngest mans singles champion in the history of the finals.

Considering Malones injury and illness, the national table tennis team did not sign up for him. However, Liang Jingkun, Liu Dingshuo, Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin were out successively, only Lin Gaoyuan reached the final.

For Zhang Benzhihe, Lin Gaoyuan is no stranger. In this years China Open, he beat his opponent 4-1.

Before the competition, as the only seedling of the national table tennis mens singles, Lin Gaoyuan said frankly that he would be ready. In preparing for the battle and difficulties, he should make the best plan and try his best to win the game.

However, in the final, the 23-year-old National Table Tennis Junior failed to live up to his wishes.

Faced with his 8-year-old rival, Lin Gaoyuan lost points continuously as soon as he came up, and soon lost a game 4-11. In the second game, after a saw, he pulled back a point by 15 to 13. However, in the following three games, in Zhang Benzhihes roar and fierce attack, Lin Gaoyuan could not find a way, the key points were repeatedly lost, and finally lost the final 1-4.

After the match, Liu Guoliang, chairman of the table tennis association who watched the match on the spot, pulled back Lin Gaoyuan, who was ready to return to the dressing room after the award ceremony. They talked about the details of the game for several minutes. Finally, Liu Guoliang patted Lin Gaoyuans back with a smile and comforted his disciples.

The instability of key competitions has always been Lin Gaoyuans weakness. Prior to this, National Table Tennis Coach Wu Jingping has also analyzed Lin Gaoyuans problems. First of all, from the temperament, Lin Gaoyuan is far from soft, and his inner strength is not strong enough, not ruthless. Fully rely on technical support, once unable to get the upper hand, lack of ability and strength to get rid of. Secondly, according to the opponents situation, timely adjustment of their tactical ability is not enough.

Even recently, the Japanese Table Tennis Magazine The Kingdom of Table Tennis reported Liu Guoliangs return on the topic of The Return of China Teams Instructor and the Return of the Most Terrible Man King, but at present, there is no reason for Guoping to relax.

Liu Guoliang also acknowledged that over the past year, the overall performance of the National Table Tennis Team has declined, and the strength gap between China and Japan has also been significantly narrowed.

Now, Liu Guoliangs speech in his inaugural speech is not alarmist, and more needs to be done to extract teeth from a tigers mouth.

For Zhang Benzhihe, who created history, 2018 is a year to witness his rapid growth. As Liu Guoliang said, In the next ten years, Zhang Benzhi-he will be the biggest competitor of national table tennis.

Indeed, taking into account Lin Gaoyuan, Zhang Benzhi has defeated four world table tennis champions this year, including Fan Zhendong, Malong and Zhang Jike.

For national table tennis, failure is just the beginning of their continued efforts, after all, this honorary teacher will never relax. In Liu Guoliangs words, Were not just talking about gold medals, but we swear to fight for the flag in front of us.