Prada Apologizes for Racial Discrimination Dolls after D&Gs Disgrace to China: Lets not take another example

 Prada Apologizes for Racial Discrimination Dolls after D&Gs Disgrace to China: Lets not take another example

[Global Times] Another Italian luxury brand plunged into the whirlpool of racial discrimination after Du Jiabanas insult to China. Prada, what are you thinking about? The Washington Post asked on the 15th. Why does the fashion industry always create racist images? The reason is that a $550 pendant doll displayed in the Manhattan store in Prada, New York, is considered racist, with black body and bright red thick lips.

The style is reminiscent of the ugly round eyes and red lips of the 19th centurys black face and the characters in the childrens book Little Negro Sambo, according to Vox New Network on May 15. Blackened Face refers to past white actors who used to blacken their faces to play black roles and satirize African Americans. The protagonist of Little Black Sambo has dark skin and surprisingly large red lips, which are thought to distort and exaggerate the facial features of Africans.

Belton, editor-in-chief of Roots, an American magazine that explores black culture, told CBS on the 15th that she was dismayed by Pradas creativity, but at the same time admitted that such images would revive almost every year in some form.

Isle, a New York civil rights lawyer, was found to be discriminating against the above-mentioned goods. When the black lawyer passed the Prada Manhattan branch on the 14th, she saw the product in the window and immediately felt irritated. Isle took pictures and showed them back to his family. They also saw the racism behind them. They are not like me, they graduated from the Doctor of Law, they are just ordinary people, but they are also angry.

In a Twitter post, Isle immediately criticized Prada for racially discriminatory designs and for putting Prada dolls and pictures of Negroes on Twitter. Thank Prada for letting the Dark Face continue to exist, she wrote in her tweet. I dont want to show anger in silence. I dont want to swallow the bitter medicine of racism alone. In fact, black employees in Prada have protested against the doll, but its not helpful, according to Vaux News.

Isles tweet immediately triggered a strong response. Some netizens said, Racism is not fashionable at all! Devils wear Prada! others said, unless you were born 10 years ago when social media was not so developed. Prada, you should know what youre doing, dont cry out for wrongs. However, some netizens disagree that people like to play racist cards. Other netizens argued: This is a thing created by the idea of running a wild horse, and it does not allude to anyone or something.

If the tide of criticism appeared, Prada immediately made an apology statement, saying that the latest series of products they designed, including dolls, were pure fiction, unrelated to the real world, and did not have the meaning of black face. As a result of questioning, they decided to take the controversial goods off the shelves and apologize for the storm, so as not to take the next example.

Prada continued to tweet on 14, saying that Prada hates racial discrimination in any form, and that the new product is the design that we have assembled the design ideas and elements of the brand. These designs are creative expressions and absolutely do not allude to any real life people or things. We have absolutely no intention of offending anyone. We firmly oppose any form of racial discrimination. Therefore, all relevant designs will be removed from the shelf.

However, the Washington Post apologized to Prada on the 15th, saying that the fashion industry seems to have no bottom line in creating chaos and anger when it comes to race, ethnicity and diversity, even for some well-known global brands. In November, Du Jiabanas show in China was cancelled because of the disrespect for Chinese culture and Asian women in the promotional film and the criticism of its founders against China as a whole. According to the Washington Post, the list of businesses that humiliate religion and race is long, and Chanel annoyed religious figures by introducing three dresses printed with Koran scriptures in 1994. Fashion writer Menks said that the global expansion of the fashion industry is too easy and too careless.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Gu Ying_NN6577