Putin gave a special gift to a 14-year-old boy as a driver wearing a seat belt

 Putin gave a special gift to a 14-year-old boy as a driver wearing a seat belt

Putin again, this new year gift is extraordinary!

Why do Russians support Putin? Moreover, the support rate has remained above 80%, which Trump admires.

There may be different opinions. For example, Putins toughness, Putins wrist, and Russias worship of the strong national character. One more thing, of course, is Putins personal charm. In the West, he has been demonized, but in Russia, he is the undisputed leader.

On December 15, Putin again offered an extraordinary New Year gift.

The object of the study was a 14-year-old Russian boy, Artyom Palyanov, who suffered from very severe fragile bone disease. His dream is to take a helicopter one day and look down on St. Petersburg.

During a charity event, Putin drew the envelope of his dream from little Palanov and then made a clap: Let the little boy see his hometown.

Although the target is an ordinary boy, Putin has done his best.

At Constantine Palace in St. Petersburg, he invited little Palanov and his father and brother to lunch. He prepared Christmas presents for the children.

On the dining table, Putin, dressed in suit and leather, also deliberately unfolded the map to explain the helicopter flight route to little Palianov, and you can see those scenes.

After dinner, Putin personally took the guests outside.

Then he goes back to do something else?

Nothing! Putin also acted as a driver and took the children wrapped up tightly to the airport. Putin sat down in the drivers seat first, and did not forget to fasten his seat belt to little Palianov in the co-drivers seat.

Putin has been putting the children on helicopters and getting off the plane himself. Standing next to the car, watching the plane hover, waving to the children.

There is also a picture of Putin calling on the Kremlin website. The introduction said that when the helicopter landed, Putin also specifically called Little Palianov to ask him how he was flying.

At first, his face was serious, but soon Putin, with his telephone, laughed like a flower.

This is reminiscent of an old story 10 years ago.

Putin graduated from the 281 School of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) in 1970. Eudiskaya is his German teacher, and Putins favorite course in his youth is German. In 1973, Judicia, a Jew, emigrated to Israel. When Putin visited Jerusalem in 2005, he learned that the teacher was living in a very poor condition and gave her a small apartment near the hospital.

This should be Putins private money?!

A little sigh:

First, the coming 2018 will not be easy for Putin. Although there is no doubt that he will be re-elected, although the Syrian battlefield has won a great victory, the Western sanctions and siege continue, the drama of expelling diplomats is still not over, and the meeting with Trump was set free at the last moment. But Putin is firmly in control of Russia.

Secondly, politicians inevitably show off, but it is still moving to do so. Even if its just to satisfy a little boys wish, prepare gifts, drive away in person, and call after flying. This patience is also rare for many leaders. Poor little sick child will surely be unforgettable all his life. Putins high support rate is not without reason.

Thirdly, when it comes to gift-giving EQ, looking around the world, few leaders can really compare with Putin. When a foreign leader visits, he often presents flowers to his wife in person; when it is cold in autumn and winter, he always takes the opportunity to put on a windbreaker for women; he never forgets to send a room to a female teacher, nor to let a little boy enjoy the treatment of a super president...

On the one hand, it was demonized in the West, but it was very Popular in Russia; on the other hand, it was angry in its own country, and on the same day it was scolding the media for slandering Trump. These two men, on the other hand, consider themselves good friends. This world, very torn, really interesting.

Putin drove a seriously ill boy in a helicopter and fastened his seat belt himself.

Overseas Network, Dec. 16, according to Russian Satellite News Agency, Russian President Vladimir Putin received a seriously ill boy and his family at Constantine Palace in St. Petersburg on Dec. 15, local time, and arranged a helicopter trip for the boy to help him realize his dream. Warmly, Putin not only prepared Christmas gifts for him, but also drove him to the helipad in person.