US-Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce warns Taiwan not to use Huawei: Does it matter?

 US-Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce warns Taiwan not to use Huawei: Does it matter?

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] Jubo Han, president of the American-Taiwan Business Association, warned Taiwan not to purchase Huaweis network equipment, which caused discontent on the island. Comments in Taiwan media reminded the DPP authorities not to play the role of pawns in front of horses in the United States.

According to Taiwans Business Times on the 15th, after a forum at George Washington University on the 12th local time, Jubo Han, president of the American-Taiwan Business Association, said in response to the Huawei storm that the basic position of the U.S. government is if you use Huawei equipment, dont expect to have contacts with the United States, such as technical cooperation. Taking Britain as an example, he said that the United States wanted its allies not to use Huawei equipment on the basis of national security risks, so even though British Telecom had decided to purchase the equipment, it was forced to cancel it entirely because of American pressure.

For the private sector, Han Jubo said the official ban was not feasible, but the authorities could educate people about the risks of products. Taiwans Zhongshi E-Newspaper also mentioned that the website of National Interest of the United States had reported that Huawei was still very active in the Taiwan market and became Taiwans national security loophole.

The American-Taiwan Business Association, referred to as the American-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, was established by David Kennedy in Chicago in 1976 as its predecessor, the American-Republic of China Economic Council. It played an important role in the drafting and adoption of the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979. The American-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce is considered one of the most influential non-governmental organizations in the unofficial relationship between the two economies. Every year, the American-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference held by the American-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce has made the association influential in the arms circle. At present, the chairman of the American-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce is Wolfowitz, former deputy secretary of defense of the United States, and the chairman is Jubo Han.

As for Han Jubos warning, according to Zhongshi Electronic Daily, most Taiwanese netizens disapprove of it, saying, If you dont listen to the United States, you will be punished. You will become a global public enemy sooner or later. This is contrary to their democratic theory, Do you really regard Taiwan as a colony? The United States has lost to the mainland in 5G technology, so it cant pull its face and become angry. Some netizens said that the American Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce is only a non-governmental organization, not representing the U.S. government. They have not banned the American people from using Huawei, but can they manage the people in other places?

An editorial published by Lianhe Daily on May 15 warned that Taiwan must be vigilant against following the Canadian Meng Wanzhou case. The article said that the investigation of Jinhua case by the United States not only led to the halt of Jinhua production line, but also shocked the share price of Taiwan Unicom. The case of Huawei has a wider impact. Taiwans three indicators companies, TSMC, Daliguang and Hon Hai, all have business contacts with Huawei. Many other enterprises in Taiwan are Huawei suppliers. Therefore, the Cai English authorities cant let Taiwan become a pawn of the United States to crack down on mainland science and technology.

Even the US side has suggested that Taiwan handle its relations with the US cautiously. According to Taiwans Central News Agency on the 15th, Bao Doug, the former head of the Taipei Office of the American Association in Taiwan, said the same day that he proposed keeping a low profile to Taiwan and carefully assessed any demands made by Washington on Taiwan so as not to get himself into trouble.

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