Father of a 26-year-old lost girl in Shanghai: Preparing to go to Indonesia to find a girl without giving up hope

 Father of a 26-year-old lost girl in Shanghai: Preparing to go to Indonesia to find a girl without giving up hope

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Zhang Qiujuan, a Shanghai girl who lost her connection while snorkeling in Indonesia, touched the hearts of all parties. This evening, the reporter contacted Zhang Qiujuans father. Reporters learned from the telephone, unfortunately, Zhang Qiujuan is still in a state of disconnection. Dad Zhang plans to fly to Indonesia for his daughter as soon as he gets his passport.

Ill leave as soon as I get my passport.

So far, there has been no new progress. The police are still looking for it, and no trace has been found. My daughter is still out of touch... After the telephone was connected, Dad Zhangs throat was tight. He told reporters that a week ago, when the news came from the school, he suddenly lost his mind. At first, we really didnt have any idea, and we didnt know the details. The whole people were very anxious and couldnt sleep for several nights...

Zhang Dad revealed that it was not until yesterday that things began to become clearer and clearer. They sought help from a local Chinese liaison officer at the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia. At present, the embassy has communicated with the Shanghai Exit and Entry Administration to open up a green passageway for passport processing as soon as possible. Tomorrow morning, I will go to the Exit and Entry Administration and wait on the spot. If I can get my passport in the daytime, Ill fly there in the evening, and theres a flight at 6:00 p.m....

As long as its lost, its better to give back hope than bad news. Hopefully, she will survive... Zhang Dad said that he had packed his luggage and found the right direction. Everything is ready. As soon as I get my passport, Ill go to Indonesia!

My daughter is enthusiastic about the news.

Tonight, the reporter learned from Zhang Qiujuans classmates at Shanghai University that when she was studying, Zhang Qiujuan had a very good journalistic ideal. She had internship in many media, such as Youth Daily, and was determined to become a journalist.

Zhang Dad said that her daughters journalistic ideal began in junior high school and has been striving to become a war correspondent. After graduating from the Department of Journalism of Shanghai University, he went to Tsinghua University in Taiwan to pursue his masters degree in anthropology. Originally, Zhang Qiujuan was going to graduate this summer. Later, because of the research topic and the preparation of papers, he studied for another half year.

Before this departure, my daughter just said that she would go to Indonesia to hold a promotion meeting. I didnt say anything else, nor did I ask anything. Originally, after returning this time, I would like to discuss employment with her, but I didnt expect that... At this point, Dad Zhang has a choke.

Swimming but not proficient

According to Zhang Qiujuans classmates, Shanghai University requires graduates to pass swimming tests. So she should be able to swim, but its not clear how water is.

The reporter also asked Zhang Dad about this. He said frankly that his daughter could not swim before she went to college. She learned to swim in college, and she should not be proficient.

Thank you for your help.

Worried about becoming ill and missed Chengzuo, Dad Zhang was already exhausted, but he was very grateful for the help from all sides.

Zhang Dad said that the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia has given him great support and help in particular; Zhang Qiujuans classmates are also trying to help contact, pray and send blessings; students of Tsinghua University in Taiwan have spontaneously organized societies to help find their daughters online and offline; major media and self-Media reports, including Xinmin Evening News, are all intended to help. He found his daughter.

Thank you for all that I have in mind. As long as there is a chance and a glimmer of hope, I will not give up. Dad Zhang said so.

Source: Liable Editor of Xinmin Evening News: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182