Men cheat 130,000 cohabiting young women by pretending to be four characters with four micro-signals

 Men cheat 130,000 cohabiting young women by pretending to be four characters with four micro-signals

Anhui men worked as builders in Wuhan and used four micro-signals to fabricate the identities of state cadres, enterprise executives and lawyers. During the past six months, they cheated more than 130,000 yuan from married women who lived with them on the grounds of their fathers critical illness, daughters car accident and other fictional plots and help. When the womans family found out that the situation was not right, the design led the man to Danjiangkou City to report to the police. Reporters learned yesterday that the man had been detained by the police.

Wechat and Friends Deceive Women to Cohabitate

Peng Mou, a 25-year-old married man from Anhui, came to a construction site in Huangpi District of Wuhan early this year to work.

One day in May, Peng Mou made friends with a 27-year-old married woman named Zhuangmou in Jiangkou, Katang, through the function of people near Weixin. Zhuangmou works in a KTV in Huangpi. He cant help Peng Mous sweet talk and soon lives with him. Peng told Zhuangmou that his father had a large business and had many industries in Wuhan. Zhuangmou is convinced of this. In fact, Pengfu also works in a construction site in Wuhan.

In late June, when Peng Mou returned to his hometown in Anhui Province to prepare for his return to Han Dynasty, he could not even get the road fare. So he borrowed money from Zhuangmou again. Zhuangmou transferred 3000 yuan to him by Wechat, and Peng Huihan borrowed 6000 yuan from Zhuangmou in a few days. Every time she borrows money from her, she does not hesitate to say yes. She feels that she has too much trust in me. After being arrested, Peng confessed to the police.

Multi-role play repeatedly borrow money

More times to borrow money, Peng found that Zhuangmou was no longer as cheerful as in the past, decided to upgrade the borrowing reason. At the end of June, he applied for two more micro-signals, one pretending to be his hometown Liu Mou (Zhuangmou also knows), and the other pretending to be his mother.

First, it was Liu Mou who revealed in Wechat that Peng Fu had a sudden cerebral haemorrhage and gave a notice of critical illness in the hospital. Then Peng Mu confirmed the news in Wechat.

Knowing that the father of his cohabiting boyfriend is critically ill, Zhuangmou naturally wants to check with Peng mou. At this time, Peng Mou, with a sad face, confirmed the news with an expression of reluctance to bother his girlfriend. Zhuangmou believed it and took the initiative to transfer 20,000 yuan to his boyfriend.

Less than a week after his fathers critical illness, Peng Mous family had misfortune again. It was still said by Liu Mou that Pengs daughter was seriously injured in a car accident. In this way, Zhuangmou lent Peng 20,000 yuan. Another week later, Peng said he had a check for 200,000 yuan, but it required 20,000 yuan for withdrawal. Zhuangmou gave another 13,000 yuan.

Write a letter to your girlfriend as you like.

One month of cohabitation, Peng Mou has borrowed nearly 70,000 yuan from Zhuangmou, but Peng Mou did not stop. I found her so deceptive that she believed in making up any story. Peng told the police.

Beginning in July, he changed his deception strategy according to Zhuangmous daily life. He invited people to dinner today and paid the deposit for the working equipment tomorrow.

Zhuangmous father-in-law is a disabled person with four disability certificates. Zhuangmou decided that Pengmu had great energy, and asked him to raise the grade certificate, so that Pengmu could do it by patting his chest. This time, he changed the names of the three micro-signals he had applied for to become lawyers, certification workers and leaders. He cheated more than 20,000 yuan from Zhuangmou for the reasons of giving gifts, inviting people to eat, and giving red envelopes to the clerks. It didnt work out, but in the tone of many people on Wechat, Zhuangmou still believed in Pengmus ability.

In this way, in November this year, Peng Mou again cheated 33,000 yuan from Zhuangmou on the grounds of helping his relatives talk about work-related injury allowances.

Designed to pull the snake out of the hole and catch the cheater

Zhuangmou was infatuated with her boyfriend Peng Mou and was soon noticed by her husband in Danjiangkous hometown. At the end of November, her husband spotted her derailment on her mobile phone and had a big fight, both parents knew.

At the beginning of this month, Zhuangmous mother called her and said that she was so angry that she was ill in bed. It was not many days. Now thats the end of the day, if you take the man back and see, Ill be dead as well. In fact, this is a plan that Zhuangmous family decided after discussing, that is, to lead Peng Mou to Danjiangkou City to seize.

Unknowingly, Zhuangmou told Peng about it, and the two decided to go back to Danjiangkou to showdown with Zhuangzhuangs husband. On the 10th, police in Danjiangkou blocked Peng Mou in a hotel in the city proper. I made up almost everything to cheat money. Peng Mu explained that more than 130,000 yuan cheated had been squandered.

Only then did Zhuangmou wake up like a dream.

Source: Wang Lishan_NBJS7182, responsible editor of Jingchu Net-Chutian Metropolitan Daily