Exposure of satellite images of hundreds of Russian tanks gathering near the Ukrainian border

 Exposure of satellite images of hundreds of Russian tanks gathering near the Ukrainian border

The picture shows satellite clouds released by British media. Russia has a large number of tanks. (Image: Google Maps)

The Russian-Ukrainian border near Crimea has been cloudy since the Chi Strait conflict occurred on December 17. Recently, a satellite cloud image released by British media showed hundreds of tanks gathered at a military base 11 miles (about 17.7 kilometers) near the Ukrainian border.

According to a November Google map, the Daily Express reported that a large number of T-64 and T62M main battle tanks were gathered at the base, along with thousands of military trucks, artillery systems and tankers.

Russian military base 11 miles (about 17.7 kilometers) from Ukraine. (Image: Google Maps)

Viktor Muzhenko, Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said that since the Crimean Incident in 2014, Russia has posed amilitary threat. He added that satellite imagery showed at least 250 Russian tanks gathering near the border in just two weeks.

Victor Muzhenko even said that it is difficult to predict when Russia will take combat action against Ukraine.

Muzhenko said the Russian tanks were assembled after the conflict in the Kachi Strait, in which 20 Ukrainian naval officers were detained and have not yet been released.

In addition, the report also mentions that Ukraine also hopes to complete the construction of its military base near the Azov Sea after the incident in the Kachi Strait.

Ukrainian tanks are concentrated near the Russian-Ukrainian border. (Figure: Getty)

Tensions between Kiev and Moscow have reached a peak after Ukrainian ships were seized by Russia in the Black Sea, the Daily Star said. Daniil Bezsonov, spokesman for the Ukrainian Army Command, revealed that Ukraine had also deployed tanks and aircraft along the border.

In the past two days, tanks and mechanized battalions of Mechanized Brigade 93 have been unloaded at Constantinovka Railway Station, increasing the force of more than 60 tanks and infantry combat vehicles, Bezonov said.

Over the past few weeks, there has been tension along the Russian-Ukrainian border, and Ukraine has repeatedly accused Russia of aggression by gathering forces on the border. The Kremlin denies the charges, saying it was Ukrainian President Boroshenko who provoked anti-Russian sentiment before the election. The Kremlin believes that Ukraine has provoked conflict with Russia on the grounds of very dangerous provocation.

On November 25, local time, three Ukrainian naval vessels crossed the Russian border and sailed to the Kachi Strait. During this period, Russian vessels failed to communicate with Ukraine, opened fire on Ukrainian warships and detained warships and crews.

A complete break? The President of Ukraine proposed the abolition of the Treaty of Friendship between Ukraine and Russia

Russian-Ukrainian contradiction has intensified recently. Ukrainian President Boroshenko asked the Supreme Rada to consider immediately the decree to abolish the Ukrainian-Russian Treaty of Friendship.

According to Russian TASS News Network, Boroshenko signed an order on September 17 to formally ratify the decision of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Commission not to extend the Ukrainian-Russian Friendship Treaty, but the decision is still awaiting the ratification of Ukraines Verkhovna Rada.