Men who read inspirational stories have a fear of killing their grandparents to vent their emotions

 Men who read inspirational stories have a fear of killing their grandparents to vent their emotions

The newspaper Hengyang News looked at the growth stories of industry elites. Luo Mou, a 24-year-old boy in Hengyang, suddenly had a fear of society. In order to vent his inner feelings, Luo Mou picked up a kitchen knife and chopped it off his grandparentsheads, who were sleeping in bed. Recently, an indictment from Hengyang Peoples Procuratorate showed that Luo Mou was charged with intentional homicide.

Luo Mou, a college graduate, has been living with his grandparents. On the morning of January 6, 2018, Grandma Wang called Luo Mou to get up. Luo Mou said that she wanted to sleep a little longer. Wang Mou advised Luo Mou to get up early and go to bed early. Luo Mou suspected that Grandma was chattering and chattering, and hit her head against the wall to prevent Grandma from repeating.

After getting up, Luo stayed in the bookstore near his residence all day reading. That night, Luo read books at home and surfed the Internet. He thought about the direction of entrepreneurship and looked at the growth process of elites in all walks of life. At 22:00, Luo suddenly had a fantasy. He felt that this society was a jungle society. He felt a special fear inside. His heart was going to stop beating. He felt that he was dying. He needed to vent his emotions. The way to vent was to kill his grandparents with a knife.

So Luo Mou took out a kitchen knife and rushed into Grandpas and Grandmas bedroom. First, he chopped off the head of Grandma who was sleeping in bed. After the grandpa who was sleeping next to Grandma was woken up, he cried out in horror, What are you doing? and then laid down on his wife Wang Mou to protect her. Luo Mou chopped his grandfathers head and face until they died.

Later, Luomou dressed to wash blood stains in the toilet, called his father and told him that he had killed his grandparents. Luo Mous father and other relatives rushed to the scene and alerted the police. The police rushed to the scene to investigate in time and took Luo Mou to the public security organ for investigation.

Source: Liable Editor of Xiaoxiang Morning News: Li Wan_B11284