Early Check-in Small Procedure Hidden Fraud Trap involving more than 30 million yuan of funds

 Early Check-in Small Procedure Hidden Fraud Trap involving more than 30 million yuan of funds

Not only can they urge themselves to get up early, but they can also make money. On the surface, this is a perfect little procedure. But the fact is that the suspect cheats on the margin by modifying background data and check-in rules. According to the preliminary investigation by the police, the case involved more than 30 million yuan of funds, and the number of franchisees reached hundreds, involving 20 provinces and municipalities in the country. So, how did this game of early bird eats insects turn into a trick of early bird eats insects by birds?

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New Internet scam, diligent early riser but deceived

At the beginning of this year, Mr. Luo of Shapingba, Chongqing, came into contact with a Wechat public number called Early Rise Challenge Group. The rule of Challenge is that each participant invests at least 10 yuan as a deposit, and punches in with his mobile phone at a specified time every morning. Those who fail to sign in will be deducted from the deposit and distributed to those who insist on getting up early.

Mr. Luo: Lets invest tens of dollars. At the beginning, we still have to return money. Every day, we will return one or two yuan. After that, I put in a little more, about five thousand yuan. My understanding is that if I throw more, I may return a little more.

Stick to getting up early and clicking on your cell phone can make money. This seemingly kill two birds with one stone activity has been popular rapidly in half a year. Yang Bing, the captain of the Second Criminal Investigation Team of Shapingba Public Security Branch, said, Give some money in, there is a small stimulus, which prompts me to get up every morning. Most people take part in it with this mentality. A small number of people think that I can share money, one-time investment of 20,000, or 40,000, the largest one invested 80,000, as an investment project.

Should send 31600, real 5600, change data easily eat your money

From spring to summer, users have been found deceived, alarm for help. Victims upload screenshots of the application to the online complaint platform, and you can see that the real-time total amount of deposits invested by users is more than 4 million yuan. The suspect told the police that the number is real, and that the amount of guarantee that needs to be deducted is not checked in on time every day. In the background, there are one true or two false figures. The client interface can only see the modified ones. Number. For example, on June 2, 3160 yuan was actually deducted, but only 5600 yuan was released and distributed. The remaining nearly 26000 yuan became the suspects income.

According to public information, the company that operates the Early Rise Challenge Group was registered in Shapingba District of Chongqing at the end of last year. The mobile phone number of the legal representative has been prompted as an empty number. Police said that the companys two directors are university graduates, they found a early challenge software on the network, contact the developers to write it into a model that can modify background data.

Several months earned millions, franchisers involved more than 20 provinces and municipalities in the country.

Yang Bing, the captain of the Second Criminal Investigation Team of Shapingba Public Security Branch, said, Suspects are generally highly educated, and they consulted lawyers before they did this. The lawyer advised them not to revise the data and not to break the law. But everybody has changed the data, because its so easy to make money by changing the data. In a few months, millions of dollars will be in hand.

Fifty-seven suspects have been detained in criminal cases throughout the country, with over 30 million yuan of funds involved.

At the end of July, Chongqing police controlled the main suspects and servers in Shapingba. Background data showed that there were more than 380,000 users, including students, staff, housewives and so on. In order to make more money, a graduate student of a well-known university registered five accounts and invested 20,000 yuan in tuition fees to participate in the challenge of early check-in. She found that there was a problem in the background of the system. After questioning, she was blackmailed, unable to sign in again, and all the money was withheld.

Yang Bing, the captain of the Second Criminal Investigation Team of Shapingba Public Security Branch, said, He set up a blacklist so that you cant punch the card at that time, and your money will be withheld.

Police said that some franchisees suddenly changed their rules in the middle of the night, shortening the check-in time from half an hour to one minute, so that most users could not sign in, and they would be withheld the deposit, as well as franchisees who escaped directly after the deposit reached a certain amount.

At present, 57 suspects involved throughout the country are in criminal detention and part of them are transferred to prosecution. The police initially identified more than 30 million yuan of funds involved and frozen more than 5 million yuan.

Source: Voice of China Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056