Current Situation of Express Delivery Agents: Responsibility for Low Income and Unguaranteed Accidents in Time-by-seconds

 Current Situation of Express Delivery Agents: Responsibility for Low Income and Unguaranteed Accidents in Time-by-seconds

Journalist Jia Li

Double Eleven Shopping Festival has just ended, and Double Twelve E-commerce Festival is coming. The rapid increase of package volume is another challenge to express industry.

Securities Daily reporter in part of the express site to understand that the double eleven Express has not yet been delivered, double twelve express and accumulated, courier brother is connected.

There are more and more big items in recent years, and the shopping habits of buyers are also changing. They are more and more fond of buying large items of household appliances on the Internet, and they are more trusting in the business. This is more demanding for our couriers. Delivery of express delivery is not only a manual work, but also a mental work. Xiao Zhang, a courier, is sitting on an electric car, giggling and revealing a few tiger teeth. The electric car is his only home in Beijing.

An electric tricycle carries the expectations of many people. However, behind this is the hard work of the courier boys who brave the wind and rain, the cold and the hot sun. They often sleep in the open air, wear stars and wear the moon, and rush between the busy cities.

About 30% of door-to-door service is after-sales.

In my opinion, courier is an insignificant profession, but he cant be lacked in our life now. Xiao Zhang said.

Every morning at 5 oclock, Xiao Zhang gets up. Early arrival at the unit, he must sort out the goods as soon as possible to avoid peak flow. In the morning, when the truck arrives and the goods are unloaded, I have to select and sort the items in the morning, take the scanner to the items to be dispatched in the morning, and go to the computer to inquire about the items not dispatched or omitted, and re-scanned the items to be dispatched.

The morning routine is the most tedious. If he does not get up early, Xiao Zhangs whole days work process will have to be delayed, which means that he will leave work later.

Sorting and loading are both technical and skilled. If arranged well, the delivery efficiency can be greatly improved. Generally, Xiao Zhang will arrange the order of goods in his car according to the district route he is going to take today.

Running door-to-door consumes physical energy. For Xiao Zhang, the most painful thing is the depletion of his heart.

Express couriers dont dare to take a holiday without weekends. Because holidays mean less money. Usually, Xiao Zhang takes one or two breaks a month and breaks his fingers for several days. Other peoples holidays are their busiest time. More rest makes less money. Express industry is too tired, physical labor is good, mainly tired heart.

It is also one of Xiao Zhangs tasks to meet the different requirements of customers. All kinds of buyers with different tempers have met Xiao Zhang. Customersrequests for service within a certain period of time often disrupt his original scheduled routes and plans and greatly increase his working hours. Often need to deal with the buyers various unreasonable requirements, let Xiao Zhang feel very tired. Most buyers still understand that if it is not convenient to receive all the requests are placed at the door, but some requests are served within the specified time, we can only try to meet them.

After-sales of e-commerce platforms also often require small door-to-door, after-sales occupies a large proportion of his work. Because products can be returned within seven days without reason, the proportion of sellers returning and exchanging goods is very high, some buyers will return the second-hand goods to the platform, Xiao Zhang will be responsible for door-to-door pick-up. After-sales service accounts for 20% - 30% of the door service. Xiao Zhang said.

In most express companies, the income of couriers is mostly calculated by base salary plus commission. The courier can also carry out package business for the area he is responsible for while delivering the package. This is commonly called door-to-door pick-up. The Commission for one package is about three or four yuan.

If we dont pay attention, we will be deducted. If we lose something, we have to pay for it ourselves. We are really men of the same style, living on the point of a knife. Xiao Zhang sneered at himself.

Providing five insurance and one fund is a minority.

There is no guarantee, but also the majority of couriers are facing the status quo.

At present, some express companies do not pay Express Couriers five insurance and one gold, let alone accident insurance and other security guarantees. The absence of industrial injury insurance, so that the wind and rain, shuttle on the highway courier can only take extra care of themselves, if there is a risk, only their own responsibility.

Although tired, express delivery is Xiao Zhangs favorite job, and earns more money than his hometown. A few years ago, Xiao Zhang returned home and married his daughter-in-law. Now his wife and children are out of town. Xiao Zhang sends half of his earnings home every month. In Beijing, they earn a lot more than in their hometown, but they also spend a lot of money. A month earns seven or eight thousand, minus rent, food and drink, there are three or four thousand left, basically sent home.

Xiao Zhang said that in recent years, there are many colleagues who have transferred their posts and resigned. They cant run for a few more years. They also have to go back to their hometown to find a stable job and live a stable life. When the time comes, sell the car, go home and spend more time with the children.

Express warehouse explosion accidents are frequent

Unlike Zhangs area outside the North Five Rings, Xiao Luo is mainly responsible for the area near the North Three Rings. Due to the dense population, Xiao Luos daily workload is much larger than Xiao Zhangs.

I work 10 to 12 hours a day, sending about 100 couriers a day on average, 70 to 80 couriers a day when its easy, 70% of the time is on the way to receive dispatches every day, with narrow intersections and various roundabouts. The colleagues in charge of the business building should send about 220 pieces, and the Commission of one piece varies from 5 cents to 1 yuan.

Referring to the past double eleven, Xiao Luo looked sad. If we want to say what we fear most, itsdouble eleven.

Shuangxi usually lasts for a week. I can get up at 4:00 a.m. and go back at 12:00 p.m. I lie down and go to sleep, tired and do not want to move. Eat whenever you have time during the day. If you dont, your meals will be irregular. Buy your own snacks and prepare them. Youre really hungry.

Long-term irregular eating habits led to Xiao Luos gastrointestinal disease. Xiao Luo said that most of his colleagues had gastroenteritis, just like him. Working hours are long and intensive. In order to be in a hurry, most of the couriers lunches are bought outside or not eaten at all.

Tired, return to the site at noon when the goods can sleep, can not sleep, play with mobile phones. Now its cold in winter and I cant sleep at the station. Generally, the truck arrives at the station twice in the morning and in the afternoon. Xiao Luo, who delivers the goods in the morning, returns to the station from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. to continue sorting the items to be delivered in the afternoon.

Before waiting for the train at the station, we have to do some packing work. When the truck arrives, we continue to scan, load and deliver. When we meet thedouble eleven, we usually deliver it to 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., and the express delivery is often backed up to the next day. Its too busy to ask relatives and friends to help and give them some commissions.

For Ronaldinho, only after a busy week of Double Eleven can he rest for a day and regain his strength. With the advent of Double Twelve, they will soon have to fight again. Shuangxi shopping time is obviously prolonged in these two years, busy takes at least a week;Shuang12is usually busy for one day;6.18is busy for three to four days.

During the rush hour, the goods at the express delivery point are piled up like mountains, and sorting alone can cause people to collapse.

The sudden increase in express delivery volume, human resources can not keep up with, so that the site often burst warehouse phenomenon. In such a tense period, there are often lost items, and once lost, we are responsible for the losses. Wrong pieces and picking up the wrong ones are our own. We have to pay for them. Once a loss occurs, Ronaldinho has to bear the corresponding losses of the buyer, and the value is incalculable, or even incalculable, which is the last thing Ronaldinho wants to see.

Express is mostly tied to the back of the electric vehicle, often piled up into hills. Xiao Luo usually delivers large quantities of express, too many heavy pieces or goods, often turning the electric vehicle into seesaw, which is very prone to accidents, especially in windy and snowy weather, vehicle rear-end collision occasionally occurs.

If we delay for one minute, the customer will wait for another minute. The time of the courier is calculated in seconds. After that, Xiao Luo left in a hurry, the sound of a clatter, Xiao Luo and his electric car quickly disappeared in the crowd.

Source: Liable Editor of Securities Daily: Yao Liwei_NT6056