One year after the million Maserati parking lot, the owner of the empty shell: no horn left

 One year after the million Maserati parking lot, the owner of the empty shell: no horn left

Too much! The whole car has been emptied for me, and the horn hasnt been left for me!

Recently, Mr. Hu of Ningbo angrily reported to reporters that he had encountered an extremely depressed event. His next million-dollar President Maserati sedan had been parked in an open space outside a commercial square in Hongtang, Jiangbei, Ningbo. On the evening of December 15, when he was going to move the car, he suddenly found that the car had been torn down to a single empty shell, four tires, wheels and license plates were missing, a big hole in the window was smashed, and all the TV and audio in the car had been dug away.

The owner is too busy.

The Maserati has been parked in open space for more than a year.

Mr. Hu, a native of Ninghai, has been doing household goods business in recent years. Early last year, he bought a Maserati President car. The shape of this millionaire luxury car is naturally windy. At first, Mr. Hu was very interested in it. But after a long time, he found that the car was not suitable for him.

Because I often run around talking about business outside, the chassis is low and its uncomfortable to drive for a long time. Considering practicality and comfort, Mr. Hu spent more than 900,000 yuan on a Land Rover in July last year, usually taking the place.

Mr. Hu told reporters that he was alone. He could not drive too many cars, so he lent Maserati to a friend. But soon, my friend reflected that the fuel consumption of the luxury car was so high that he couldnt eat it and would return it to Mr. Hu. At this time, Mr. Hu also began to sell his car, so he did not immediately take it back. As a result, the Maserati car has been parked near the neighborhood where friends live. It is located in an open space beside Yinyi Haide Business Square in Hongtang, Jiangbei. It is a free and unattended parking lot.

Since this year, Mr. Hus business direction has changed a little. Business is especially busy. With this busy, he has forgotten that he still has a luxury car parked outside. Forget it, the car parked in the unattended parking lot for more than a year.

More than a month ago, I got a strange call.

Request to drive away

Just a month or two ago, Mr. Hus cousin-in-law received a phone call (Mr. Hu had previously given his cousins mobile phone number registered on the vehicle information to use). The other side claimed to be the police of Hongtang Police Station and asked him to remove the Maserati.

At that time, it was said that the open space in the parking lot was to be used, so the owner had to drive away. Mr. Hu said that when his cousins husband called, he was still in Guangdong, so he entrusted him to act for him. When we arrived at the parking space, my cousin checked it first. The car was all right at that time, just because the tire was flat after a long time of parking. Afterwards, my cousin-in-law went to Hongtang Police Station, intending to ask about the situation before going through the formalities, but the police told him that there had never been such a call.

Although the monk had no idea, since he was all right, Mr. Hus cousin-in-law did not move his car. But this strange phone call is to get through Mr. Hus memory, so, just recently, he planned to rebuild the luxury car.

A friend of the refitted car suggested that Mr. Hu, since he couldnt find a buyer for the time being, would rather change his face and rent the wedding car to the wedding company instead of leaving the Maserati idle.

Mr. Hu thought it was reasonable, so at 8 p.m., he took his friend who had refitted the car to the parking place, thinking that although the car insurance had expired and he could not drive directly, it was not a big problem to call a trailer.

The car was hollowed out and the license plate was missing.

Previous luxury cars are totally different

Mr. Hu and his friends were foolish at the sight of the car they loved in the past. Now they have to call a trailer if they want to move the car away.

Four wheels and hubs, gear bar, on-board TV, on-board telephone and eight stereos, all of which can be dismantled have been dismantled. All of which can be dismantled can be used directly, and nothing left for me. Mr. Hu, who almost fainted on the spot, took pictures of the time. Reporters saw that the bottom of the body of the Maserati car was erected with bricks. The position of the four tires was empty. They could directly see the inner structure. The inside of the car was a mess. Some parts were unloaded and scattered on the seat, and the license plates hanging outside flew.

I guess it was probably stolen in the last few days. It rained two days ago, but the mildew of the leather cushion is not serious, so the window should not be broken for a long time.

Afterwards, Mr. Hu came to Hongtang police station of Jiangbei Public Security Bureau to report the case. Subsequently, the police immediately went to the parking lot of the incident, and the case has been filed for investigation.

At the same time, the police also reminded the majority of car owners not to park their vehicles in unattended places for a long time. If you need to park, please choose a regular parking lot. Do not put cash, mobile phones, wallets and other valuables in the car, so as to avoid giving illegal elements the opportunity to take advantage of.

Source: responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Gu Ying_NN6577