Men are sick and financially distressed. Change the head of a beautiful woman to introduce themselves to friends.

 Men are sick and financially distressed. Change the head of a beautiful woman to introduce themselves to friends.

Yangtze Evening News on December 16, Danyang post-90s man Liu Mou suffered from cancer, the economy in hand is in trouble. Urgent medical treatment, in distress, Liu even impersonated a young woman, pretending to be a beautiful woman on the Wechat, deceiving acquaintances of money. On the 16th, the reporter learned from the Danyang court that after the deceived man discovered the truth accidentally, he was ashamed and angry and called the police. Liu Mou was recently sentenced for fraud.

According to the hospital, the defendant, Liu Mou, was born in 1993. He was born in Danyang City. His parents divorced at an early age and lived with his grandparents. In 2015, Grandma Liu underwent breast cancer surgery. More unfortunately, Liu also suffered from facial cell tumors less than a year ago. Liu resigned from the chemical plant and borrowed money to buy a car.

In raising the cost of the second operation, Liu used his car to offset it, and borrowed more than 8000 yuan from informal channels. Since then, the car has been compensated for the default, but the purchase of the car still needs to bear the money, while there are medical treatment and other urgent needs of life. By the end of 2017, Lius life was at a loss, so he had to turn to friends to borrow money.

At this time, Liu Mou thought of Xu Mou he met in 2016. Xu Mou is honest, introverted and has not been in love and married up to now. Liu had a heart to read, pretending to be a beautiful woman to cheat some money from Xu somewhere.

So Liu introduced his girlfriend to Xu Mou, a mature man, and registered a micro-signal, nicknamed A Qing Qing Maid and matched it with the image of a beautiful young woman downloaded online. Liu Mou added Xu Mou as a Weixin friend with A Qing Qing Maid, so he introduced himself to Xu Mou.

After adding success, Liu Mou incarnated A Qing Qing Maid and began to talk with Xu Mou on Wechat.

In this way, one side cheats money intentionally and the other is in love. One side of Liu incarnated A Qing Qing girl pretending to be shy and charming on the Wechat, constantly coaxing Xu Mou to be happy. At the same time, in order to alleviate their responsibilities, but also not forget the good intentions to remind Xu friends should be cautious.

Under Liu Mous rhetoric, Xu Mou, who is confused by love, has been completely fascinated by A Qing Qing Maid, and cant stop and listen. During this period, Liu Mou, incarnated as A Qing Qing Maid, asked her boyfriend Xu Mou to pay for clothes, doctors visits and new mobile phones from time to time. In this way, Liu Mou cheated Xu Mou micro letter or Alipay transfer total RMB more than 9700 yuan.

However, to Xus confusion, the A young girl who is in love is reluctant to meet. In September 2018, when Xu Mou poured out his troubles to friends who knew Liu Mou together, because Liu Mou used A Qing Qing Maid to chat with his friends, he leaked Heavens Chance in a moment!

When unexpectedly learned that A Qingqing girl was Liu Mous disguise, Xu Mou, who was ashamed of herself, angrily called the police. Soon, Danyang police solved the case and arrested Liu Mou.

Recently, the Peoples Procuratorate of Danyang City initiated a public prosecution on the suspected crime of fraud by Liu Mou. During the courts trial, the defendant Liu Mou repaid Xu Mous economic losses.

On December 7, the Criminal Trial Chamber of Danyang Court opened a public hearing on the case.

After trial, the court held that the defendant Liu Mou, with the purpose of illegal possession, fabricated facts and used telecommunication network technology to defraud other peoples property. The amount is large and the act violates the criminal law and constitutes the crime of fraud. According to the facts, nature, circumstances of the defendant Liu Mous specific crime and the degree of harm to society, as well as his confession of guilt and understanding of compensation for damages, the defendant was sentenced to four monthsimprisonment and four months probation, and fined RMB 2,000.

Source: Xinhua Newspaper Network - responsible editor of Yangzi Evening News: Li Wan_B11284