American high school female teachers were arrested by police for forcibly cutting their studentshair in class

 American high school female teachers were arrested by police for forcibly cutting their studentshair in class

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Female teachers in American high schools were arrested for forcibly cutting their studentshair in class (Source:)

According to the Daily Mail of December 12, an American teacher recently forced a student to cut his hair in class and was videotaped by other students. Once the video is uploaded to the network, it immediately attracts wide attention from netizens. Teachers involved were arrested on suspicion of personal injury to children, with a bail of $100,000 (about RMB 69,000).

The 52-year-old teacher, Margaret Gieszinger, from Exeter, England, taught at the University Preparatory High School in Victoria, California. As can be seen from the video, Gissinger forced a male student to cut his hair while singing the National Anthem in class. When the student remembered to get back to his seat, Gissinger said to him, Its not finished yet. Then she grabbed another girls hair and cut it. ABC Channel 7 (ABC7) reported that Gissinger told the police that there was an exchange student in her class who lived in her home and she had planned to cut the students hair.

Police reports said Gissinger did not admit that she was acting too far and said he was tired of being called weird. After the incident, the school principal said that Gissinger told him that the haircut was caused by a ban on cell phones in the classroom. Kevin Mizner, the police chief of Sequoia College, wrote in a report that he received complaints from students and parents on Dec. 10 that Gissinger had asked for a ban on cell phones in classrooms, but that her approach was unacceptable. On the morning of the 10th, he felt a little anxious about Gissinger, but he didnt feel anything wrong.

According to ABC7, a student forced to have a haircut hired a lawyer in Fresno, and he did not return to school. According to the police report, items collected by Exeter police from Gissingers house that day included a wallet with hair, two pairs of scissors and some hair found in the bathroom drawer. Gissinger was charged with six misdemeanors, including child abuse and illegal imprisonment.

At present, Gissinger has not been imprisoned and will be tried in court next week.

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