Male Professor in Skirt: Using Dress to Challenge StudentsThinking and College System

 Male Professor in Skirt: Using Dress to Challenge StudentsThinking and College System

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After that video interview became popular, some netizens commented on it as follows: Fortunately, he only taught his children in school by mistake... Others say, The style of dressing is acceptable, but men make up very beautiful. Some people will mistake him for gay. He did not feel that such a misunderstanding would bother him, so he would not deliberately explain it.

Feng Yingqian in a skirt. Pictures from the official website of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

On December 13, Feng Yingqian, 49, entered a coffee shop in Nanmen, Beijing Normal University. The doctoral tutor of the School of Art and Media, Peking Normal University, was in his early thirties. He was thin and wore a pair of thick oval-rimmed glasses. His neat and tidy Liu Hai was blown a little messy by the wind.

He wore a long down jacket with a thick collar, a dark blue wavy shirt and wine-red broad-legged trousers. His shoes were a new fashion brand with a well-known fashion brand, a tie and a black-and-white collision.

Down jackets were bought in Sanlitun, Beijing, shirts were designed and made at home in Hong Kong, pants and shoes were bought at academic conferences abroad. This corresponds to Feng Yingqian being divided into three parts of the time. One is a director of the Asia-Pacific Institute of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong, and teaches a course for undergraduates. One is in Beijing, as a specially appointed professor and doctoral supervisor of the Thousand People Program of Beijing Normal University. The other one is in foreign countries, between different academic conferences.

Not long ago, Feng Yingqian caught fire on the Internet. An interview video entitled Male Professor in Skirt has been widely circulated in the circle of friends and microblogs. In the video, he tells about his life in skirts and make-up. Many netizens left messages under the video saying they liked his style of dressing. Some said he was cute. Others said he was like Korean actor Liu Jae-shih.

He even appeared on the billboard of Guangzhous bus stop. His students saw it and photographed him: Anthony, I saw your face at the bus stop! He was stunned by the news and told the students that he didnt expect the video to be so popular, but its very good, you can play it.

Challenge studentsthinking and college system by dressing up

Did the professor make up today? I asked him.

Just a little powder.

Feng Yingqian loves make-up. He carries a cosmetic bag with him and has a special dressing table at home. I have all the cosmetics that girls need. For him, Makeup is basically a daily necessity.

He had many acne on his face since childhood. He graduated from college and worked in the media. When he was a radio anchor and a TV host, he needed make-up. Over time, they have developed the habit of making up. He felt that make-up had nothing to do with gender, especially in some important occasions, makeup is a respect for others.

When student Tian Shan Jiahui Gang met Feng Yingqian, she happened to see him painting his eyebrows. At that time, she thought, This teacher is so exquisite. But she did not realize that the professor not only made up, but also wore skirts.

Feng Yingqians life photo. Pictures from the Internet

Feng Yingqian started wearing skirts in 2012. He was then Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and studied cultural industries, media and gender. That year, Hong Kong Baptist University held a dialogue. Several scholars were invited to talk about gender and culture. Among them, Feng Yingqian was invited. The organizers encouraged him to dress boldly.

Just after he returned from his trip to Japan, he wore a mans dress bought in Japan to attend, and talked about social stereotypes attached to clothes. The theme of the lecture and his clothes complement each other. At the lecture, he said, I like to challenge studentsthinking and college system with my dress.

After that time, he began to feel that it was also very good to wear skirts, which not only echoed his research interests, but also summer will be very comfortable. Over the next few years, he designed three skirts himself. A Scottish checked skirt, a pleated skirt and a mens dress are worn in summer, autumn and winter.

My colleague at Peking Normal University saw his interview video and asked him if you could wear a skirt in our lecture as well. Feng Yingqian still felt, Isnt that good?

During the interview, he looked around the cafe and said, You see, in winter in Beijing, everybody wears very monotonous clothes. I dress so brightly, in fact, it has already shown my character.

In Hong Kong, when he talks about gender shaping in the media, he will wear skirts. This means breaking through the established gender stereotypes in society.

He wears skirts in class, in office, and in meetings with Shen Zuyao, the former principal. Students, colleagues and principals all know his research interests and dressing tastes. Nobody thinks its a big deal.

Outside the ivory tower of the university, not everyone understands Feng Yingqians choice. After the interview video surfed the Internet, some netizens commented on it as follows: Fortunately, he only taught his children in school by mistake... Others say, The style of dressing is acceptable, but men make up very beautiful. Some people will mistake him for gay. He did not feel that such a misunderstanding would bother him, so he would not deliberately explain it.

Feng Yingqian doesnt care about this. For him, these comments only show that there is still a long way to go to change gender prejudice in society.

Resisting Stereotypes

Feng Yingqian felt that wearing skirts should not be a label that sticks to women and solidifies gender stereotypes. Now, after interviewing him by different media, wearing a skirt has become a label attached to Feng Yingqian, but he doesnt mind. Resisting social stereotypes is a big thing. Its good to change people around you.

The style of dressing and cultural identity seem to be incompatible to outsiders, but here Feng Yingqian feels that he is not actively confronting the social paradigm, but just being himself.

After taking over as Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011, he often attends school meetings and needs to wear a formal suit. But he thought, Its tragic. Can I be myself?

Its better to wear a suit and be yourself than to wear a suit through the eyes. ?

He designed a perspective suit, changed it with the tailor again and again, and made it for three months, and finally made it. Feng Yingqian has a good command of fine arts and is not complicated in designing clothes.

He wore a perspective suit to the school meeting, with shirts with different patterns and ripples.

Feng Yingqians Instagram account has updated his daily clothes since 2014, and now 288 sets of clothes have been shared with him online. In addition to college students and colleagues, there are many people who know him through the media. They leave a message under the post: Professors fashion!

A screenshot of Feng Yingqians social media. Pictures from the Internet

In 2015, Feng Yingqian and three other scholars co-wrote a book, Professor Perspective Male. In the book, four people start from the change of mens posture and talk about the change of generationsculture and the social paradigm hidden behind different costumes.

After reading the book, one reader said, Why dont I overcome my sense of shame and try on different clothes?

Avant-garde and traditional

It seems that Feng Yingqian is trendy and avant-garde, but he feels that he is a traditional person and has a sense of belonging to Chinese culture.

In 2001, he returned to his alma mater, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to teach and exchange with the Mainland whenever he had the opportunity. Especially Beijing. Feng Yingqian said that he visited almost every college and Department of media in Beijing. In the summer of 2011, he taught summer courses at China Media University and brought his daughter to Beijing. When his daughter went to an international school and spoke more English, he sent her to the national class of Confucius Temple. At that time, the Chinese Class had not aroused social controversy. In the Confucian Temples Chinese Class, the daughter learned the Analects of Confucius and practiced Putonghua.

Over the years he has been traveling in the Mainland, he sees old Chinese furniture in the junk market, and he will take those he likes back to his home in Hong Kong. Now he buys desks, bookcases, shoe cabinets and dressing tables from different places. He also collects old maps of China. Panjiayuan in Beijing and Kangwang Road in Guangzhou are his frequent places. There is a cylinder in his home, which specializes in collecting these collections.

Feng Yingqian is in class. Pictures from the Internet

Feng Yingqian grew up in Causeway Bay, the most fashionable corner of Hong Kong, where Hong Kongs first department store was located. Influenced by the latest fashion, he often returned to his hometown in Guangdong with his parents when he was young and saw the development of the mainland.

In his own clothes, he has incorporated a lot of Chinese elements, from patterns to colors, in order to let people know that Chinese elements can also be very fashionable.

Because of Feng Yingqians unique style, students can easily get along with him. Undergraduates of CUHK have a tradition of clapping hands, chopping feet and shouting slogans every time they start school. Senior students are rarely willing to participate, let alone teachers and professors. Feng Yingqian, on the contrary, often mingles with students. He thought it was just like an interview about wearing a skirt. It was a play.

Zheng Yawen, a student, felt that Feng Yingqian was easy-going and cordial. If she hadnt been in school, she would never have thought that Anthony would be a dean-level person. In Feng Yingqians social media, we often see him and students of different years gathering for dinner and taking self-portraits.

At the end of the interview, Feng Yingqian pulled me to take a self-portrait together. Im a child too. I can play with it. He skillfully crossed his face to the left in front of the camera, adjusted his angle, grinned and pressed the shutter button.

Source: New Beijing Daily Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284