Tian Liang, who was questioned by netizens when participating in variety show, responded that the program was set up

 Tian Liang, who was questioned by netizens when participating in variety show, responded that the program was set up

In the latest program, the program group arranged team members to simulate the field survival training system of Chinese astronauts to challenge. However, Tian Liangs practice was questioned by many netizens as thinking too much, not talking and making excuses for himself.

In the program, A and B groups need to complete tasks to challenge.

Tian Liangs group B first went to the material delivery point and got enough materials, such as cooking pots, salt and fire, but lacked tents and sleeping bags; Wang Baoqiangs group A went to the night rest place and got tents and sleeping bags, but lacked firewood, salt and water.

After the meeting, Wang Baoqiangs proposal of union between the two sides was not endorsed, and the first round of negotiations between the two sides ended in failure.

Subsequently, when Group A is discussing how to exchange goods, Tian Liang and his members can walk away with the goods first. Because Group A needs badly insufficient materials, Group A will be more anxious and will take the initiative to negotiate.

Wang Baoqiang insists that he will not ask for you because Group B emphasizes think about it, you cant do without water and you cant cook without firewood.

Tian Liangs remarks were questioned as mental motivation and too much careful thinking. In addition, some netizens thought that his subsequent actions were suspected of throwing pots Wang Baoqiang and Zhang Yuqi.

When the members of Group A failed to find the firewood and returned disappointed, all the members of Group B came to the rest place of Group A. At this time, Tian Liang proposed that the two sides share materials with each other.

Tian Liang also criticized Wang Baoqiangs previous gambling behavior. He said that in fact, he wanted to unite and share materials with each other. He did not expect that Wang Baoqiang has been repeatingno change, no change, we do not need to change.

When the two sides get along well, Tian Liangs practice is different from what he said before when group A goes to group B to get the pot they want to borrow. He points out that both salt and fire have been given to group A, which is equivalent to helping them accomplish two tasks. This is the key to the task. Zhang Yuqi, a member of the group, suggested that since the salt had been borrowed, Group B should exchange another tent this time.

After group A left, Tian Liang commented on their practice that group A was unwilling to exchange tents for comfort. For them, comfort was the first and task the second.

Subsequently, after a period of rest between the two sides, Tian Liang once again came to the rest place of Group A.

He gently blamed Wang Baoqiang for making (Zhang) Yuxi angry, and I have never been able to get round, and then painstakingly advised Wang Baoqiang, You say you dont stay with (Zhang) Yuxi there, what to sit down and talk about, you cant rush, you sayNo exchange, chat the day to death.

The next morning, when Wang Baoqiang offered to leave together, Tian Liang refused.

In an interview, Tian Liang said that he had actually surveyed the terrain in the early morning and had known the way out, so he decided to separate the two sides -- otherwise, we are a small team of six people, so we chose to take another road to complete the task ahead of them.

Internet users have different opinions on Tian Liangs approach to the program. Some netizens think that Tian Liangs pattern of throwing everything away to Zhang Yuqi and Wang Baoqiang is very small.

Some netizens think that it is the malicious editing of the program group that caused the netizens to attack Tian Liang.

However, this statement was opposed by some netizens, what they said and did has nothing to do with the editing at all;

There are also netizens who think that the game is a competition. Its not wrong to think about your team all the time. Besides, is it wrong that you dont want to share the hard work with others?

Today, Tian Liang responded in the social media to a series of controversies over the set-up on the Internet recently, saying, Not only do we have directors, but also later, we say sorry to friends who are affected by the set-up of the programmers!

Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284