The Ministry of Public Security announces which sections of the 10 most accident-prone sections in China are the most dangerous?

 The Ministry of Public Security announces which sections of the 10 most accident-prone sections in China are the most dangerous?

According to Voice of China News, the Ministry of Public Security announced 10 long downhill sections with frequent accidents in China recently (14), which were discovered by the public security traffic control department in the investigation and renovation of dangerous sections with long downhill since November. The Ministry of Public Security requires public security organs at all levels to carry out thorough investigation and rectification work, and at the same time to complete the task of investigation on time, to put forward suggestions for rectification of relevant sections one by one. So, what are the accident-prone sections released this time? What feedback did you have after the release? How will it be rectified?

According to the announcement, the 10 long downhill sections with the highest number of fatalities in accidents since the opening of the road are as follows:

1. The provincial highway of Songdao Line in Kunming, Yunnan, is 77 kilometers plus 800 kilometers to 66 kilometers plus 400 meters.

2. The northbound section of the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province is 1882 km to 1858 km.

3. In Tianshui City, Gansu Province, 1515 km to 1528 km of Tianbi Highway, G310 National Highway.

4. The 896 km to 884 km section of G80 Guangkun Expressway in Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

5. Luohandong Slope of G312 National Highway in Pingliang City, Gansu Province, 1698 km to 1704 km plus 400 m.

6. The section of 213 kilometers plus 400 to 240 kilometers plus 400 meters of G8511 Kunmo Expressway in Yuxi City, Yunnan Province.

7. The G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province travels 1882 km to 1895 km southward.

8. In Luliang City, Shanxi Province, the G20 Qingyin Expressway is 964 kilometers plus 300 meters to 934 kilometers.

9. The section of S329 Provincial Road 12 kilometers plus 100 to 35 kilometers in Linfen City, Shanxi Province.

10. In Hechi City, Guangxi, the section of G210 National Highway 2716 kilometers plus 400 meters to 2721 kilometers plus 100 meters.

Map from @Ministry of Public Security Traffic Safety Microrelease

Pictures from the official website of the Ministry of Public Security

This road has caused the largest number of accidents and deaths since it was opened.

Among the ten major accident-prone long downhill sections announced by the Ministry of Public Security, the Songdai Provincial Road in Kunming City is 77 km plus 800 km to 66 km plus 400 m, which has caused the largest number of deaths since its opening.

Chi Shaoyong, Deputy captain of traffic police brigade and head of Songgong brigade in Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County, introduced that the dangerous long downhill was more than 20 kilometers long. Before the Gonggong Expressway from Huize County of Qujing City to Gongshan Town of Xundian County of Kunming City was opened, it was the only way to Zhaotong and Sichuan. The traffic volume was large and the slope was long and winding, which was very dangerous. From Bainijing No. 2 Tunnel, which is 77 kilometers plus 900 meters to Gongshan 57 kilometers, there is a 21 kilometers long downhill, Kunming direction. Many cars, most of them trucks, often have accidents. Vehicles coming from outside the province do not know the road conditions. Long-term braking will lead to braking failure, often out of control. Traffic flow was large before, and bends were also large.

On September 25, 2015, when the expressway was officially opened to traffic, most of the traffic pressure was diverted. In addition, Yunnan Province invested more than 12 million yuan to rectify the hidden safety hazards of this line. Now, the incidence of this dangerous long downhill traffic accident has been greatly reduced. Now this road is in the direction of Dongchuan and Qiaojia. There are still some trucks waiting to be repaired from Huize to Gongshan. It can save a lot of tolls to take the second-class road. Most trucks still go from the second-class road. After the traffic flow is less than the car, and after the renovation, the effect is still obvious. The accident has been reduced a lot. In 2018, there was an accident on this road and three people died.

Chi Shaoyong reminded that this road is prone to ice and frost in winter, and drivers in the past should pay attention to traffic safety. This section of the road is easy to freeze in winter, freezing weather is also a hidden danger, accidents will occur. Through the signs on the road, there are leaflets to remind drivers which point is easy to freeze and accident.

This road has been listed as the top ten dangerous sections by the Ministry of Public Security.

At the same time, in order to effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, Shanxi Public Security Traffic Police launched a Hundred Days Safety Action for winter traffic in Shanxi Province. A total of 37 dangerous long downhill sections in Shanxi Province were identified, including the Luliang Xuegungling section of Shanxi Province announced by the Ministry of Public Security. This section is under the jurisdiction of six teams of Shanxi Expressway Traffic Police. Yu Pengfei, the captain of the Sixth Brigade, said that the Xue Gong Ling section had been downhill for 30 kilometers, with a drop of about 25 meters per kilometer. There were more accidents caused by rear-end collision or vehicle penetration due to the failure of the brake of the buses. Previously, the Ministry of Public Security ranked the top ten dangerous sections in 2013 because of the large traffic volume, low safety protection level, frequent microclimate and other factors. In recent years, with the joint renovation of high-speed traffic police and road operators, a lot of work has been done in standardizing traffic order, improving safety protection level and hidden danger management. The number of traffic accidents has been significantly reduced, and the traffic environment has been improved. But there are still some hidden dangers, and accidents are relatively high compared with other sections. Yu Pengfei prompted: 1. In case of weather warning, we must check the weather conditions along the road ahead of time and know the road conditions in advance. 2. Before or after entering the high speed, a basic check should be made on the brake, tire and wiper of the vehicle in the service area. 3. If you encounter severe rain and snow weather on the way, please turn on the double flash, turn on the headlight in time, reduce the speed, keep a safe distance from the front car, and drive away from the high speed near the toll station.

The Ministry of Public Security requests that, on the basis of completing the investigation task on time, all localities should put forward suggestions for rectification one by one, report thematically to relevant departments and responsible units such as local Party committees, and, as the case may be, submit to adopt three-level listing supervision measures at ministerial, provincial and municipal levels, and issue public notice promptly to the society.

Source: Responsible Editor of Voice of China: Li Wan_B11284