22-year-old mom was desperate to jump upstairs and be embraced by a strange hero: lets have a cup of coffee

 22-year-old mom was desperate to jump upstairs and be embraced by a strange hero: lets have a cup of coffee

A young British mother, in despair, sat upstairs trying to jump to suicide. A strange woman suddenly hugged her waist from behind and persuaded, Lets go for a cup of coffee. Things will get better. Nowadays, young mothers are getting a new life, telling their stories, thanking the unfamiliar heroine for saving themselves, and hoping to help people in similar situations.

Charlie Wales, a 22-year-old mother, has a 1-year-old son, the Daily Mail of Britain reported on the 15th. After giving birth, she was often depressed. Charlie said she suffered a lot of blows, suffered from distorted emotional relationships, lost many important people, no one understood her, and all she needed was a hug.

On September 29 this year, she was in a low mood and felt like she had lost the whole world. On the same day, the child was taken to his father by his grandparents. Charlie took the opportunity to drive to a high-rise parking lot in Hudsfield. After parking her car, she sat on the edge of the building and looked down. All kinds of ideas came to her mind. On the one hand, she was completely desperate, thinking that the pain would stop later, on the other hand, she secretly hoped that someone would come to save her.

Charlie kept hesitating and tangling, and a couple of men and women beside her noticed her. Charlie said the couple were not close to her, and they might be worried that she would jump. Five minutes later, a strange woman approached Charlie and hugged her waist. The strange woman said to Charlie, Come on, lets go for a cup of coffee. This is not the way to get help. I can help you, for example, to be your friend.

Since then, the police have also appeared on the scene. There are six policemen behind Charlie and ten downstairs. Charlie recalls feeling that if it hadnt been for the help of the woman and the police, her one-year-old son would not have been carried to bed at night. She gave my child a mother, and I could watch him grow up, play his first football game, and experience his first day at nursery and school. Charlie is very grateful to the woman who fought for justice. After the accident, she was sent to a specialist hospital for treatment, and her depression gradually improved.

Charlie shared this experience with social media, and through social media, she found a strange woman who helped her. Charlie sent her a picture of her son and thanked her very much for her warm-hearted action. The woman responded, Just know youre okay.

The Daily Mail reports that Charlie now knows her worth and is trying to get out of the shadows of the past. She also encourages other people who are at a low ebb through her experience. I know its hard for everyone, but trust me, you can do it.

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