The stepmother put her 9-year-old stepdaughter in the bathtub and watered her biological father to help.

 The stepmother put her 9-year-old stepdaughter in the bathtub and watered her biological father to help.

A Utah woman has repeatedly put her 9-year-old stepdaughter in a bathtub to be waterboarded, and the girls biological father not only let this behavior go, but also tormented her daughter with his wife.


Joseph, 29, and his wife, Elias, 28, were arrested for child abuse, the Daily Mail of Britain reported Friday. Police said the couple imposed waterboarding on their 9-year-old daughter as a punishment.

According to police reports, the little girl said her biological father Joseph and stepmother Iria had punished her three times by covering her face with a towel and watering it.


The little girl also gave more details. When her biological father and stepmother punished her, they would take her to the bathroom and tie her hands behind her. They would press her into the bathtub, cover her face with a towel, and start pouring water.

The police report pointed out that when the girl said she was punished, she was unable to breathe, very painful and very uncomfortable. The girl also told the police that her stepmother hit her on the nose with her fist, causing her nose to bleed. Such abuse has occurred at least three times.

Police said the girl was taken to hospital for wrist injuries. The injury to her wrist fits the story that her hands are tied behind her.

Police also found that Joseph had a credit card in the name of his wifes seven-year-old nephew. Therefore, the police also charged Joseph with illegal possession of a financial card as a third-tier offence.

Its not clear why couples are so vicious to their young daughters. Its unclear whether the punishment in the little girls words is really wrong or whether the couples excuse is unknown.

But Netizens feel that their child abuse behavior has exceeded the limits of normal people. Someone left a message saying, I think barbarians are better than children. Many people hope to take legal measures to protect the little girl as soon as possible and punish the criminals severely. I think its time for them to know what waterboarding is. Sentencing them every day. .

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