The epicenter of the Xingwen M5.7 earthquake in Sichuan Province: villagers are warmed by a fire in the cold wind

 The epicenter of the Xingwen M5.7 earthquake in Sichuan Province: villagers are warmed by a fire in the cold wind

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A 5.7 magnitude earthquake occurred in Yibin, Sichuan Province. Villagers saw landslides (Source:)

When the earthquake struck, six of us were eating at home. We found that the items on the cabinet were falling down. When we were ready to run out, the door was deformed and could not be opened. Luo Qikun, a villager in Luopu Village, Zhoujiazhen, Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, was still in shock when he recalled the moment of the earthquake at his place on the evening of 16th.

The picture shows the villagers heating with firewood before the electric stove is served in Yunlong Primary School. China News Agency reporter Wang Zhe-zhan

According to the official determination of the China Seismic Network, at 12:46 on the 16th, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake occurred in Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province (28.24 degrees north latitude and 104.95 degrees east longitude), with a focal depth of 12 km. The epicenter of the earthquake was located in Zhoujiazhen, Xingwen County.

Reporters in Zhoujia Town at 1740 saw a large number of fire trucks, police cars, ambulances flashing lights gathering in the town. Many people wear thick cotton-padded clothes in the streets to discuss the earthquake that occurred before. Some of them are worried that their relatives and friends are coming from Yibin, while others are coming from the village to the town with quilts to avoid aftershocks.

The road from Zhoujiazhen to Luopu village, the worst hit by the disaster, has been seriously congested due to the massive influx of rescue forces from all sides in a short time. Journalists can only continue their journey by riding the villagersdownwind motorcycles and hiking.

The picture shows a reporter visiting the resettlement site of Yunlong Primary School in Longdong Village, Zhoujiazhen. China News Agency reporter Wang Zhe-zhan

When the earthquake struck, I was digging coal underground. First I felt the shaking, and then I received a notification that we should climb out of the well immediately. Luo Mingzhao, a coal worker, was going to another village in Zhoujiazhen to pick up his daughter to spend the night in the town. He took the reporter along by motorcycle. Luo Mingzhao recalled that when he came out of the well, he happened to see large rocks falling on the opposite hill and smoke billowing up.

About an hour later, the reporter arrived at Luopu Village. With the setting sun in the west, reporters can clearly see the collapse of the villages Chuandong Mountain, exposed huge white stones, rescue workers outside the mountain pulled a red and white warning line. Although the nearby mountain body did not collapse, the foot of the mountain was piled up with rockfalls of different sizes.

This afternoon, we searched 40 houses of villagers in Luopu village and sent two injured villagers to the hospital. Zhou Jie, president of Gongxian Volunteer Association for Caring Left-behind Children in Yibin City, said that most of the houses in Luopu village were seriously damaged. In order to prevent villagers from being injured in aftershocks, volunteers helped villagers come to settlements for rest.

Night falls and chill approaches. At the Longdong Village settlement near Luopu Village, young and middle-aged villagers are setting up tents with volunteers, while the elderly and children are sitting around the fire to keep warm.

The picture shows a reporter visiting the resettlement site of Yunlong Primary School in Longdong Village, Zhoujiazhen. China News Agency reporter Wang Zhe-zhan

Luo Qikun feeds his one-year-old grandson with bread in his tent. The earthquake has not yet returned home, and the milk powder has not been brought out in a hurry. Luo Qikun said that the house at home has been rated unfit for living by the government. Todays difficulties have been temporarily solved, but it will take time to fully overcome the earthquake.

Under the rush repair of electric power workers, the resettlement site had just been electrified an hour ago, and more materials were being transported along the way. After a short rest at the resettlement site, several rescue workers walked up the hill with rescue equipment and disappeared into the night.

Source: Liable Editor of CNN: Li Wan_B11284