Female drivers seem to be more prone to traffic accidents? It was a big mistake.

 Female drivers seem to be more prone to traffic accidents? It was a big mistake.

In many peoples minds, female drivers seem to be more likely to have accidents, but in fact they are not. On December 13, the Wuxi Traffic Police detachment made a comprehensive inventory of the traffic accidents in 2018, taking the data as the female drivers correct name. The data show that as of December 10 this year, 300,000 traffic accidents (including casualties and minor accidents directly taking the way of insurance claims) occurred in Wuxi, which is basically the same as the same period last year. It is estimated that there will be about 315,000 accidents in the whole year. In terms of the proportion of accidents between male and female drivers, female drivers account for 15% of all casualties and less than 12% of fatalities.

Female drivers account for 15% of all casualties and fewer than 12% of deaths - a figure that is enough to disprove the old saying that female drivers are the number one killers.

Whether Wuxi is a special city or not, in fact, it is not only from Wuxi. On Womens Day last year, Nanjing Traffic Administration announced that by the end of February, there were 3.12 million motor vehicle drivers in Nanjing, of which 2.20 million were male drivers and 1.1 million were female drivers. In 2016, 57 481 minor traffic accidents occurred in Nanjing, of which only 18.4% were caused by female drivers and 81.5% were caused by male drivers. The proportion of traffic accidents caused by female drivers is lower. In 2016, 282 accidents were caused by drivers under three years of driving age in Nanjing. Among them, 253 were caused by male drivers, 35 were caused by female drivers, and only 13.8% were caused by female drivers.

But when it comes to women drivers, many peoples first reaction is road killers. Ive heard a joke like this: What driver is the most frightening on the road? A: Female drivers and novice female drivers.

Whats more, some articles have a profound analysis: Why are women drivers prone to accidents? First, wearing high-heeled shoes is not easy to brake; second, there is no habit of braking ready; third, it is easy to distract and not concentrate. More people analyze the reasons for more accidents of female drivers from the physiological and psychological differences of women.

But from the objective data, the so-called female drivers are more likely to have accidents is totally unfounded. The so-called female driver accident prone is only some peoples feelings, there is no accurate macro data as a support. The data provided by traffic police in Wuxi and Nanjing gave a powerful response to these rumors.

In fact, the vast majority of traffic accidents are caused by non-compliance with traffic regulations. Females are more careful than males, and their driving preparation is more meticulous. In addition, their regular life and adequate sleep make them less tired when driving and fewer smokers and drinkers. Moreover, female drivers pay more attention to not exceeding the speed limit. Most women do not drive fighting cars. They are relatively stable in the driving process, have a strong sense of legal system and safety. There are fewer serious traffic violations such as speeding, running red lights, drunk driving, and are not easy to be impatient in traffic jams. Therefore, the proportion of traffic accidents caused by women is much less than that caused by men. u3002

Of course, if we draw lessons from the female drivers in accidents and draw the attention of all female drivers, it is necessary and good will to ensure the safe driving of female drivers. However, if there is no factual basis for fabricating a lie that female drivers are prone to accidents, it still needs to be corrected and clarified. If such a lie is used as a basis for discrimination against women, it will be even more necessary to put it down.

Source: Author of Beijing Youth Daily: Responsible Editor of Yin Guoan: Li Wan_B11284