When the old man jumped into the river in June to rescue the drowning boy, he found his mobile phone stolen.

 When the old man jumped into the river in June to rescue the drowning boy, he found his mobile phone stolen.

Yunnan NetNews recently, a young man accidentally fell into the Daguan River in front of Kunming 43rd Hospital, struggling slowly to sink. At this critical moment, Mr. Wang, a passer-by in the late sixties, took off his trousers and shoes and jumped into the water to save people. However, when the lander was rescued, Mr. Wang found that his apple phone in his shore trousers pocket was pulled by someone, which made him laugh and cry. At present, the police have intervened in the investigation.

According to Mr. Wangs wife, Ms. Gao, at 2 p.m. on December 15, after her daughters successful operation in 43 hospitals, the couple finally relaxed and went for a walk near the hospital. On the way through the Daguan River without a guardrail, a young man in front of them stumbled and fell into the water. When they saw each other, they appealed to the people around them for help, but the people around them could not swim.

At that time, the young man showed only his back, and the man was slowly sinking. In a hurry, Lao Wang immediately took off his pants and shoes and plopped into the water to save people. Ms. Gao said that after launching, Mr. Wang took the unconscious young man to the shore and waited for the rescue with the young man. The rescue lasted about 20 minutes.

Ms. Gao said it was difficult to rescue people from the Daguan River because of the large difference between the bank and the water surface. As more and more people gathered around, she suggested that people on the shore find a shared bicycle as a tool to rescue the young man. Due to lack of physical strength, the young man after falling into the water could not grasp the bicycle steadily at all. It was not until the police arrived and threw the life buoy and rope into the water that they succeeded in rescuing people with the help of all the people.

Unexpectedly, when Mr. Wang found his pants and shoes, he found that his Apple 7 cell phone in his pocket had disappeared. After dialing the phone, he told him that it had been turned off. They realized that the cell phone had been stolen. Cell phones are not worth much, but some of the information in them is a pity. Because the accident site is in the dead corner of monitoring, coupled with the scene is more chaotic, more people around, the investigation is difficult. At present, the police have been reported to the police station in the jurisdiction, and the police have also indicated that they will try their best to trace the whereabouts of mobile phones. Ms. Gao said.

Ms. Gao said that their husband and wife had been engaged in self-employment for many years. This year, Mr. Wang, who is nearly 60 years old, also likes swimming. When someone drowns, he will choose to save others out of instinct. But in old age, physical strength is not as good as before.

Although there is some depression when the mobile phone is lost, the couple feel it is worthwhile because the mobile phone is lost and can be bought again, but human life can not be made up for. Perhaps, in those few minutes of hesitation, a life will disappear. What is more important than life? For the theft of mobile phones, Ms. Gao hopes that everyone can be a kind person.

Source: Liable Editor of Yunnan Net: Li Wan_B11284