Premier League - Sun Xingtu missed a good chance to read the second to kill Eriksson! Spurs won 1-0

 Premier League - Sun Xingtu missed a good chance to read the second to kill Eriksson! Spurs won 1-0

Harts 0.1 second limit landing + 2 throws will score! 31-year-old returns to first place in the Premier League

Bazaars former demon king and God operation! Fight back without passing teammates 1V3 single-handed break!

In the 24th minute, Kane was knocked down by the opposing defender in the penalty area after receiving Alis heel pass, but the referee did not say so.

In the 30th minute, Sissoko took Kanes pick-up pass and rushed to the forbidden area, then passed it across to Ramela on the left side to form a single knife, but Ramela stabbed too straight and was blocked by Harts attack.

In the 34th minute, after Kane got the ball, a precise pass found Ali in the double, but Ali did not touch the ball to shoot.

In the 44th minute, Lori made a mistake and was broken by Burnley in the front court. Barnes, at the front of the small penalty area, followed the header to the top, but was above the crossbar.

In the 45th minute, Sissoko, on the right side of the front court, did not shoot directly, but chose to return the ball to his teammates in an inverted triangle, but was blocked by Burnleys defenders. Then Cain got the ball and shot it with his right foot. The ball hit Kevin Lang and bounced off the bottom line.

At the end of the first half, Tottenham Hotspur temporarily drew 0-0 with Burnley, bringing the suspense to the second half.

In the 74th minute, Daniel Ross got the ball back to pass, Ramelas push was blocked by Harts fall with one hand at the back point, and Cains re-shot in the restricted area was cleared by Kevin Lang.

In the 77th minute, Spurs kicked a tactical corner. Ramelas left foot hit the goal in the restricted area, the ball was blocked by the guard and returned to Ramelas foot, then Ramelas right foot hit again, the ball was off the left baseline.

In the 81st minute, Burnley kicked the ball with big feet in the back field, and Wood got the ball in the front field and hit the left rib of the penalty area. The right foot shot was blocked by the defender.

In the 89th minute, Sun Xingtu broke through the right road near the baseline and knocked on Ali in front of the door, which almost caused the Oolong of Takovsky.

Spurs (4-2-3-1): 1-Lori; 2-Tripper, 4-Aldwell, 33-Ben Davis, 3-Ross; 17-Sissoko, 52-Skip (757-Sun Xingtu); 20-Ali, 11-Ramela (8118-Llorente), 27-Lucas Jr. (6523-Eriksson); 10-Cairnberry (5-4-1): 20-Johart; 6-m, 5-Takovsky, 28-Kevin-26-Balders Li, 3-Taylor; 4-Jack-Coke, 18-Westwood, 25-Lennon (939-Walks), 12-Brady (9213-Hendrick); 10-Barnes (8011-Chris Wood) Sources: Netease Sports Author: Hot River Responsible Editor: Feng Haotian_NSJS2656