Eight-year-old pupils who dozed off their homework were criticized for leaving home and retrieved

 Eight-year-old pupils who dozed off their homework were criticized for leaving home and retrieved

Peng Mei News recently learned from the Xicheng Police Station of Cuiping District Bureau, Yibin Public Security Bureau, Sichuan Province, that at 19:16 on December 13, the police station received 110 instructions. Ms. Peng, who lives in Changchun Street, Cuiping District, called the police and said that at about 17:30 that day, her 8-year-old daughter He Mou left home after being scolded for not doing her homework seriously.

The little girl was found by the police and embraced her mother. Map of Xicheng Police Station of Cuiping Branch of Yibin Public Security Bureau

Xicheng Police Station, after receiving the report, immediately coordinated family members to carry out the search work, and reported to 110 command center, command center informed the old city patrol team to assist in carrying out block patrol search work. Finally, after many searches, Xu found the little girl who had been missing for four hours at 21:46 on the same day at the door of Renhe Street Agricultural Bank in Cuiping District.

She was said a few words by her mother, probably in a heavier tone. Aunt Wang Mou of He told Peng Mei News that He was usually very good. On December 13, he was scolded for dozing off while doing his homework. He took advantage of his mothers laundry gap and sneaked out. Before going out, he turned off the phone watch he usually carried on and put it on his desk. Around 18 oclock that day, the little girls mother found out that her daughter had stolen out. After searching for an hour near her home with her relatives, she chose to call the police and sent a notice to her friends on Wechat.

Liu Qiang, assistant police officer of Xicheng Police Station, who participated in the search, told Peng Mei News that after receiving the police, the police station and family members transferred monitoring to determine where the little girl was going. Three police officers and six assistant police officers diverted their paths and asked the surrounding people, while the nearby police station and patrol team also rushed to help.

Liu Qiang said that he learned from his relatives that the little girl had been scolded before and was recovered by her brother. Usually, the family had strict discipline for the girl, but he did not scold her very much. On that day, she left home again because she did not do her homework carefully and was criticized.

The search lasted about two hours that day. Hes aunt Wang Mou told the stormy news. Later, someone called his family and saw a close-looking child sitting at the door of the local agricultural bank. The family immediately rushed to him and found that it was the runaway child who had been picked up and returned home nearly 10 oclock.

The little girl cried when she saw her mother. Her mother hugged her and cried with her and said,Im sorry. Liu Qiang told Peng Mei News that after finding the little girl, the police of the police station also soothed her mood in time, and told her that she should report the grievances to her parents in time and not leave home again.

At the same time, police at police stations also told girlsmothers that they should change their education methods, talk to their children more, understand their psychological state more and not criticize them in a hurry.

Theyre really conscientious. Theyve been looking for it with us all the time. Wang told Peng Mei News that the police did their best in the process of searching for people, and the family was very grateful.

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