Do you accept Du Chuns response to the Cutter Teaching campaign?

 Do you accept Du Chuns response to the Cutter Teaching campaign?

As we all know, in several rounds of operation, this seasons Tucao conference has been successfully transformed into the white wash conference. From the point of view of stars, how to make each other know how the stars wash themselves.

Tonight, Tucao Congress welcomed Bao Beier and his friends. However, it was Du Chuns teaching of knife insertion that just got into hot search.

Let me tell you a little about the teaching of knife insertion.

The word comes from a quarrel during the filming of the TV series GunLin Bullet Rain. At that time, actress Yin Xiaotian and actress Bian Xiaoxiao started because of differences during filming. Later, Yin Xiaotian denied doing it through microblogging. Then Xiaoxiao on the other side also sent a microblog response again.

However, without any evidence, such a star jumped out and criticized Yin Xiaotian. In addition to Jia Nailiang, Dong Xuan, Li Xiaolu and others, there were also brothers who had good relations with Yin Xiaotian at that time: Du Chun, Li Chen, Huang Jue and so on.

However, through the video released by Yangtze after that, it can be confirmed that Yin Xiaotian just pushed away Bian Xiaoxiao and did not hit people.

In ancient times, there were brothers with two ribs, but now these brothers inserted brothers with two knives for the sake of face, interests and women, so there was knife insertion teaching.

Recently, Du Chun said in the Tucao conference that he did not understand why he became the leader of knife insertion. In his opinion, the knife must have betrayed his brother. And he and Yin Xiaotian were just collaborators, not brothers.

Du Chun also explained that he had already signed the endorsement, but the time of the official announcement coincided. And he didnt want to jump on that strap every day. If he could, he wanted to take the blade of the cutter and cut the strap.

And he explained that he simply felt that no matter what, boys could not do with girls.

In 2009, Du Chun and Yin Xiaotian filmed the dedication drama Nanxia, in which Du Chun acted as the No. 1 male, while the more popular Yin Xiaotian matched him at that time. In an interview, the reporter asked Yin Xiaotian this question: Do you feel uncomfortable playing No. 2 in the play? Yin Xiaotian answered: In real life, Du Chun and I are also very good brothers, who will play No. 1 man, will not be uncomfortable.

Think of it, such an answer should only be printed Xiaotians own business courtesy.

As for beating people. In the released video pictures, Yin Xiaotian just pushed aside the rushing edge Xiaoxiao, and the field staff confirmed that the woman was constantly cursing, there was no Yin Xiaotian touching people.

In this regard, some netizens said: Yes, Du Chun did not start with girls, he directly inserted knives into his brothers.

However, some people also said that it was Yin Xiaotian who did it. Didnt push and shove be a fight?

What do you think of this matter?

Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284