Blockbuster! Manchester United have agreed to sell Bogbas top management + Mourinhos complete despair

 Blockbuster! Manchester United have agreed to sell Bogbas top management + Mourinhos complete despair

However, Bogba has never been stable in the past two and a half years. The team is in a very embarrassing situation because of his bad condition, complaints about players, off-court hairstyle and bombardment of coaches. The Mirror pointed out that Mourinho had lost patience with Bogba, who had been placed on the bench many times in recent matches. In Bergbas absence, Manchester Uniteds offense found a long-lost fluidity and sharpness. Previously, Mourinho also deprived Bogba of the captains armband.

Originally, Manchester Uniteds top managers were reluctant to sell Bogba. After all, it was only two years ago that they paid 89 million pounds for Bogba. They didnt want to face so quickly. But things have gone beyond their imagination, and the Mirror stressed that Uniteds top managers are finally determined to sell Bogba in the winter window. In addition, the decision made by the top management has little to do with Mourinho. Whether Mourinho is still in office next month or not, the top management of Manchester United will let Bogba go. From a high-level perspective, the sale of Bogba can help Mourinho reverse this seasons decline and lay a good foundation for next season (whether the next seasons manager is Mourinho or not).

Next month, Manchester United will actively listen to the various teamsoffers for Bogba. They will not rule out letting Bogba leave the team on a rent-and-buy basis. At present, Juventus is the most likely destination for Bogba. Recently, the British media have revealed that Juve have been following the situation of Bogba and they intend to buy Bogba back again. Juventus have won seven consecutive titles in Serie A and are eager to make a breakthrough in the Champions League. The Mirror believes that Juve are likely to trade players in exchange, while Manchester United want Pianicci and Sandro.

Paris, the French giant, is also interested in Bogba. Mirror said that Bogba himself preferred to play in Barcelona or Real Madrid, he is full of expectations for the two Spanish giants. Over the past 12 months, Bogbas agent, Raiola, has been evaluating the interest of big powers in Bogba. In January, Raiola recommended Bogba to Manchester City, but was rejected.