Ferguson 43+10+11 Guangzhou 6 points win over Shanghai Ferguson Sky cut 37 points and 15 boards

 Ferguson 43+10+11 Guangzhou 6 points win over Shanghai Ferguson Sky cut 37 points and 15 boards

Technical statistics:

Guangzhou team: Guo Kai 13 points 8 rebounds, Ju Mingxin 12 points 8 rebounds, Chen Yingjun 10 points, Ferguson 43 points 10 rebounds 11 assists, Xire Lijiang 18 points.

Shanghai team: Frederick 37 points 15 rebounds, Luo Hanchen 26 points 6 rebounds 4 assists, Scola 20 points 6 rebounds.

Guangzhou team lost to Shenzhen team in the last round and ended two consecutive wins. Only three players of Guangzhou team scored double in the last round. The Shanghai team defeated Tongxi in the last round and scored double points for the whole team, showing excellent performance. Both teams are currently in the top 12 of the scoreboard and are strong contenders for playoff places. At present, there are many injuries in Shanghai team. Dong Hanlin, Liu Wei and Luo Xudong can not play in this match. Guangzhou Team (including Foshan Team) and Shanghai Team have had 16 historical confrontations and each side has won 8 victories.

In the first quarter of the game, Ferguson shot three-point from the outside, and Ferguson returned the ball with unreasonable three-point shot. Fergie and Guo Kai completed the air relay and Guo Kai scored 2 points. Sir Alex Fergusons three-point shooting resulted in a foul. Sir Alex Ferguson hit his opponent 11-0 in all three penalties. Frederick hit a three-point shot. Zhang Yongpeng scored 2 points in the mid-range shot. Fergie took the baseline ball and put it directly in. The captain of Guangzhou passed back and Ju Mingxin scored easily. Luo Hanchen made a breakthrough shot. Ferguson broke through and stopped jumping shots and hit again. Frederick broke through many peoples defense and fouled his opponent. He hit 1 out of 2 penalties. At the end of the first quarter, Guangzhou took the lead 32-18.

Shanghai: Luo Hanchen, Zhang Zhaoxu, Cai Liang, Freddite, Tang Zihao