High vigilance! Groups can brush away your money if they follow the secret-free payment.

 High vigilance! Groups can brush away your money if they follow the secret-free payment.

Since mid-November, a police station in Nansha District of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, has been connected to the masses to report the case, saying that the bank card was stolen and swiped.

The card is still there. The money is gone.

According to these owners, their bank cards are in their own hands, but the money on the cards has disappeared. In view of this new method of committing crimes, the police launched a rapid investigation. According to the police, the tactics used by the criminals are very simple --- depending on it, the money will be available.

Nowadays, many people have opened flash payment function. Small amount of consumption does not need to input passwords or signatures. POS machine senses this flash payment function of chip card, and it will automatically consume.

Criminal gangs use this convenient payment method to install a set-up POS machine in a thinner wallet.

Next, as long as the criminal gangs find the right target, such as some ladiesbags, or mens personal wallets, rely on the past to feel. The distance of induction is about 5 centimeters. Close up, the victims money was stolen and brushed unconsciously.

Because the maximum amount of confidentiality-free payment is 1000 yuan, so each suspect is set below 999 yuan, specially choose crowded places to shop, so a circle can be harvested a lot.

Police arrested the suspect

According to the comprehensive analysis of the police, the choice of the place where the suspect committed the crime should be based on the densely populated area, so the target should be the food festival being held, and the key control should be carried out in the area.

At about 17:00 on November 15, the police found two men and one woman walking around the market with black bags, but no shopping behavior. Their appearance was very suspicious. One of the men approached a crowd with a black bag, then quickly retreated to a concealed location to open the bag and operate the card swipe machine.

The police seized two POS machines and about 80,000 yuan in cash.

At present, the suspect has been detained by the police in accordance with the law on suspicion of theft. The case is still under further investigation.

Civilian Police Reminder: Close the Secret-Free Payment Function

Since June 1, 2018, China UnionPay and other member organizations jointly optimized the function of small secret-free and sign-free. The limit of small secret-free and sign-free single for debit cards and credit cards of UnionPay chips has been raised from 300 yuan to 1000 yuan, and the cumulative consumption amount of single card per day does not exceed 3000 yuan.

Most of the chip bank cards have the function of small secret-free flash payment. Although it is convenient and fast to use this function, there are some risks in its payment principle.

Civilian police warn: Because secret-free payment is opened by default, the majority of users can call the bank to close the function according to their own needs, in order to ensure the security of the account.

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Wang Zheng_N7526