26-year-old Chinese female graduate student suspected of involvement by consulate during snorkeling disappearance in Indonesia

 26-year-old Chinese female graduate student suspected of involvement by consulate during snorkeling disappearance in Indonesia

26-year-old female college students lost their couplets after they went to Indonesia

On the evening of December 15, Mr. Zhang, who lives in Shanghai, told the Beijing News that his daughter, Zhang Qiujuan, had recently lost her connection in Indonesia.

Mr. Zhang introduced that Zhang Qiujuan, 26 years old, was a postgraduate of Anthropology Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Taiwan after graduation from university.

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Mr. Zhang recalled that the last side he saw his daughter was December 1, when she flew back to Shanghai from Taiwan, China, and took a night off at home to Indonesia to participate in activities and play organized by local artists and friends. Every day before, my daughter had new developments in Ant Forest, an entertainment and social networking platform, and no updates were made after December 9.

At first, Mr. Zhang didnt pay much attention when he saw that his daughters ant forest had not been updated. On December 14, he received a notice from his school that her daughter had been lost in Indonesia for many days. Mr. Zhang said he didnt believe his daughters loss of connection until he called her, texted and tweeted without any response, and he began to feel overwhelmed.

According to Professor Li, Institute of Anthropology, Tsinghua University, Taiwan, China, on December 10, he received a message from Facebook messenger from a person named HMAsyraf, asking for contact information from Zhang Qiujuans family about an emergency. At that time, Professor Li was uncertain about the authenticity of the information, so he forwarded the information to Zhang Qiujuans mailbox for verification, and told the same teachers and students, but did not receive Zhang Qiujuans response.

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Relatives and friends ask for help to suspect the disappearance of snorkeling on the island

A classmate of Zhang Qiujuan in Taiwan told the Beijing News that Zhang Qiujuan was usually cheerful and lively. He and his classmates said that he was going to Indonesia to help an artist organize an event. She usually likes to publish in social media. The last development of her circle of friends was released at 22:00 on December 7. Its located in Bali, and the last time Facebook goes online is December 7.

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Zhang Qiujuans family, classmates and friends began to contact the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia for help after feeling the seriousness of the situation. According to Indonesian local media SUARANTB1 on 11 February, at about 3 p.m. local time on 9 December, Zhang Qiujuan disappeared while snorkeling with two other foreigners on the coast of Gili Air Island, Indonesia. Asyraf, a 27-year-old Moroccan man, claims to be a friend of Zhang Qiujuan.

During snorkeling, Asyraf went into the water first, and Zhang Qiujuan went into the water later, the report said. After Asyraf landed, only Zhang Qiujuans slippers, mobile phones and other items were found on the shore, and Zhang Qiujuan did not return until 8 p.m. Local search and rescue teams and police stations intervened in the search, but so far have not been found. Police speculate that Zhang Qiujuan may be swept away by the current of the seabed.

On December 16, Zhang Qiujuans teachers and classmates contacted Asyraf. Asyraf said that he was Moroccan and now lives in Paris. He has only known Zhang Qiujuan for a few months. The reason he sent a help-seeking email to Zhang Qiujuans teacher was that he saw on Facebook that Mr. Li had contacted Zhang Qiujuan.


No missing girls whereabouts have been found. Chinese Consulate intervened

On the afternoon of December 16, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from Mr. Tan, Liaison Officer of Longmu Island of the Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar that Asyraf and Zhang Qiujuan were snorkeling on Gili Air Island in the afternoon of December 9, while making a note at the local police station. Asyraf came back from her first snorkeling and saw Zhang Qiujuan on the shore. She was not seen after her second snorkeling. She only found her slippers, mobile phones, bags and other items left on the shore. Subsequently, Asyraf alerted the police.

Mr. Tan also said that according to Asyraf, Zhang Qiujuans water quality was not very good. As for whether she went into the water that day, Mr. Tan said it was not clear. According to Mr. Tan, the whereabouts of Zhang Qiujuan have not yet been found, and the search and rescue has been stopped. Zhang Qiujuans father arrived in the area as soon as December 20.

Zhang Qiujuans father said that he had contacted the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia and would apply for his passport on December 17. At present, Mr. Zhang has contacted the consulate and hopes to find his daughter in Indonesia as soon as possible with the help of the consulate.

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Source: Responsible Editor No. 37 of the Serious Case Unit: Ji Guojie_NBJ11143