The dangerous amputation of a mans black finger is related to a hobby many people have.

 The dangerous amputation of a mans black finger is related to a hobby many people have.

On February 11, the reporter learned from the First Peoples Hospital of Chenzhou that the hospital had successfully performed bilateral upper extremity radius osteotomy and venous arterialization to relieve the severe pain of a patient with severe black finger pain.

Gumou, a 60-year-old patient living in Dayi Township, Leiyang City, started smoking at the age of seventeen or eighteen, and now smokes at least six packs a day. If he has a party with a friend, he can smoke eight packs a day. He said that smoking was his only hobby and he never left his hand every day.

In August this year, Gumous hands and fingers began to suffer intermittent pain. At first, he thought it was gout. He didnt pay much attention to it. He just prescribed some medicine for gout in the local hospital. More than two months later, the pain increased markedly, especially in the night when sleeping. It was painful all night. It needed to take painkillers to fall asleep. Slowly, the distal part of the finger became black. The patients family attached great importance to it. They took the patient to three hospitals and were diagnosed as thromboangiitis obliterans. Before admission, analgesics had no effect at all. They couldnt sleep all night. They were sweaty with pain. One hand should be soaked in cold water all the time. When they were taken out, they should blow with their mouth. They should shake their hands all the time to relieve the pain.

Dr. Liu Jun introduced that the disease of thromboangiitis obliterans in Gumou is closely related to smoking, because the harmful components in tobacco promote the release of vasoconstrictor substances, resulting in small vessel spasm, which leads to the formation of micro-thrombus, while promoting the inflammation of vascular intima, leading to vasculitis.

The angiographic examination showed that the blood vessels of 10 fingers of Gumous hands were basically occluded, and the situation was serious. There was no way to solve the problem of drugs and interventions. If put in the past, it would definitely need amputation. In fact, Gumou has opened three hospitalization lists in three major hospitals, but all of them were before hospitalization. The doctor said that if the operation found that the situation was not good, he had to amputate his wrist and flee the battle.

At the end of November, Gumou found Dr. Liu Jun, Director of Hand and Foot Surgery of Chenzhou First Peoples Hospital by inquiry. After admission, the doctor assessed and analyzed that although some of Gumous fingers had necrosis, new techniques could be used to implement surgical treatment and promote vascular regeneration, so that no amputation from the wrist was needed, and finger blood vessels could gradually improve. Finally, after listening to the doctors analysis, Gumou finally decided to perform the operation, the name is very professional - one side of the upper limb radius osteotomy transverse bone handling and limb vein arterialization operation. Popularly speaking, the matching venules and blocked arteries are established to become new arteries to restore blood supply, while bone traction technology can promote the regeneration of peripheral capillaries and restore finger circulation.

But before deciding to operate on Gumou, the doctor made an agreement with him that cigarettes would not be cured unless they quit. Doctors say that cigarettes contain nicotine, which can cause persistent spasms in limb arteries. Over time, it can cause nutritional disorders in blood vessel walls, intimal hyperplasia and inflammation, resulting in thrombosis and vascular occlusion. Clinical also found that patients with vasculitis after smoking cessation pain will be significantly alleviated, symptoms will gradually improve. On the contrary, if smoking continues, the disease will progress and worsen, such as gangrene of limbs, and even invade both sides and upper limbs from one side.

At present, Gumou has recovered very well. After several months of painful expression disappeared, the pain basically disappeared, ranging from 9 points before operation to 1 point at present. Meanwhile, the hand temperature has been restored. As for cigarettes, Gumou said that he really dared not smoke.

Source: Chenzhou Publishing Responsible Editor: Wang Zheng_N7526