Unexpectedly, a group of citizens came to ofo company to refund the deposit on the spot.

 Unexpectedly, a group of citizens came to ofo company to refund the deposit on the spot.

The group came to Xiaohuang Car Headquarters to refund the deposit.

According to the BeiQing Daily, the sign of ofo Xiaohuang Car Company on the first floor of Zhongguancun Internet Finance Building in Beijing has been removed. Users who first visit the building need to register with the security guard or the front desk lobby. On the 5th floor of Block B of this building, turn left from the elevator to the headquarters of Xiaohuang Car.

Reporters visited the headquarters of ofo Xiaohuangche a few days ago and found that some citizens either took their family ID cards or the whole family together sent a group for refund.

Are you here to refund the deposit? Sit in it. As soon as Ms. Bao, a citizen, arrived at the door of the headquarters of the ofo Xiaohuang Car, a receptionist greeted her with a smiling face, which relaxed her tense nerves. She thought that she would inevitably have to pay for the membership fee, but the scene was unexpectedly friendly, calm and orderly.

Less than 10 minutes later, Ms. Bao completed the deposit refund procedure of Xiaohuang car for three people in the family. Her experience was: Its crazy to say that Xiaohuang car cant work out outside, but it looks good today. The on-site refund was particularly smooth, which made her puzzled: Why is it so difficult to refund online? After submitting the application, she waited for more than 20 days for the money not to come to the account. I have to make such a trip in cold weather.

The group also refunds Ms. Wangs family, the refund team includes three sisters of the Wang family and Mrs. Wang. As for the value of refund at the headquarters, Ms. Wang thought: We have a deposit of about 800 yuan for four people. Its worth a trip. You can have a big meal with the money.

On-site customer service: service hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday

Less than 11 a.m., the customer service girl was already tired: To help people refund, you must bring your ID card with you. Our service time is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

For users to ask why online refund is so difficult, is platform refund background closed problem, the customer service staff answer, if 15 working days (three weeks) did not refund the account, APP will pop up a refund page, you follow the small window tips, complete fill in user accounts such as Alipay steps, you can get a refund. She said.

However, due to the long distance, refund processing time is scheduled in the working day, it is estimated that many citizens simply chose to give up.

Last month, when a reporter visited the Beijing Youth Daily, he saw that the only entrance and exit to the office area, two glass doors, were locked, and only by entering the password of the entrance guard, could he enter smoothly.

Today, temporary reception posts are set up outside the glass gate and a staff member is assigned to maintain order. The temporary receptionist is a middle-aged man with a checked shirt and a work sign on his chest. When he sees the visitors, he smiles and greets them with a smile: What are you doing? What are you doing with your deposit refund? Sit inside and wait a moment. In the corridor, chairs and sofa stools are placed against the wall for the refund users to queue up for rest. However, with few people in the morning, users can go directly into the lobby to wait, and these chairs and stools have not yet come into use.

Walking into the glass door, you can see a spacious and bright hall. The sunshine pours down from the overhead glass window and shines on a set of corner sofas in the center of the hall. There are seven or eight people sitting and waiting there. They all play with their mobile phones to kill their boring time. Next to it was a small rectangular glass house with the words customer service reception on the door.

Through the glass, you can see that there is a customer service personnel receiving a refund user. In a few moments, the well-managed refund pushed out and the next user went in again. Under the guidance of staff, on-site refund seems to be very orderly.

App refund deposit, said that 15 working days can be cashed?

Some time ago, media reports said that some consumers reported that ofo had been unable to refund deposit in App. The refund deposit button became gray and could not be clicked. The balance could not be refunded online. The customer service telephone could not be connected.

According to CNN client reports, ofo responded that the deposit refund button grey is normal, it is normal to retain user settings, there is no situation that can not be clicked, in the absence of confirmation to ofo, rashly exaggerating the individual problems caused by network reasons to be unable to refund deposit online is extremely irresponsible behavior of the titled party.

China Youth Daily used Android version of ofo software to test the operation of deposit refund:

Find deposit interest in wallet__

Click on the bottom deposit refund_

On the deposit refund page, check Reasons_

Then click on the deposit refund button, which will prompt in the refund, expected 0-15 working days to account_

In addition, the APP page also shows that the deposit can be recharged into the balance__

However, according to media reports, many users have said that the said 15 working days can not be fulfilled at all.

Earlier, the ofo official said in an interview with CCTV reporters that

Our deposit refund is normal now. The normal process of refund is from 0 to 15 working days. If there is abnormal refund, you can call our manual customer service telephone.

At this stage, it may be busy sometimes, and people will call a little more, so we may need to call a few more times.

China Youth Daily (ID: zqbcyol) noted this afternoon that a large number of messages denouncing deposit refund still occupy the commentary area of ofos official microblog__

Can your deposit be refunded smoothly?

Source: Chi Guojie_NBJ11143, responsible editor of China Youth Daily