Steering wheel snatching all year round! Domineering man was arrested for interfering with bus for a long time

 Steering wheel snatching all year round! Domineering man was arrested for interfering with bus for a long time

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Grab the steering wheel all year round! Domineering men were arrested for long-term interference with passenger vehicles (Source:)

Bus driver Liu Mou temporarily changed line because of road construction, another bus driver thought his business was robbed, so he stopped Liu Mous bus at high speed and let it divert. After being refused, the driver grabbed Lius steering wheel at high speed and beat the conductor.

On December 16, the reporter learned from the Tongliao Public Security Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region that the driver who seized the steering wheel was arrested by the procuratorial organ on suspicion of endangering public safety by dangerous means.

On July 26, 2018, the Public Security Bureau of Tongliao Development Zone received an alarm from Liu that the bus he was driving was stopped by a man, who forcibly boarded the bus and diverted it and grabbed the steering wheel to beat the conductor. After receiving the police, the police immediately launched an investigation and arrested the suspect Namo.

It is reported that the suspect, who has been engaged in long-distance passenger transport for many years, has repeatedly interfered with the normal operation of buses by intercepting vehicles and seizing steering wheels. In April 2015, Namou was handled by the public security organ for assaulting others.

Source: Chi Guojie_NBJ11143, Responsible Editor of CNN