Doctor Bao eats live worms in net red cakes? Businessmen: or similar to seaweed color

 Doctor Bao eats live worms in net red cakes? Businessmen: or similar to seaweed color

On December 16, some netizens microblogged that they bought a meat pine scallop at Baoshi Guojin Street Shop in Changsha, but ate live worms. Then they contacted the staff in the shop and got full compensation. In the morning, Manager Liu, who is in charge of Guojin Street Store, confirmed the incident. The other side said that it may be because the color of live insects is similar to that of seaweed. He didnt pay attention to it when packing, or because customers put the scallops of meat pine overnight and insects flew into the cake. Now the matter is still under investigation. But because it is a service industry, it first meets the needs of customers and makes full reparations, Liu said.

On December 16, a microblog headline from the media @Changsha released a message that a netizen @eating melon girl ELSA exploded. On the evening of the 15th, she bought a cake of 165 yuan in Guojin Street Shop of Baoshifu, Changsha, including three seaweed crispy shellfish. However, this morning at dinner, she opened the box and found a live insect under Beckham. In explosive photographs, a finger-sized flying insect attaches to the fleshy pine, and its color is somewhat similar to that of seaweed, which is not easy to detect.

Among the tickets sunned by netizens, the purchase time is 8:29 p.m., while the time when flying insects are found is around 8:00 a.m. Someone questioned, Are you sure you didnt climb in the middle of the night? In this regard, netizens said in the explosion that they did not fly in, because the insects were at the bottom of the meat pine shellfish.

In the morning, when Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter contacted the netizen, the other side stressed that the cake had been sealed and preserved until this morning, only to open, the result is that once opened, worms are found.

Manager Liu, who is in charge of Bao Shifu Guojin Street Shop, responded that he received the customers response at 9 a.m. and that he had made full reparations as soon as possible. In the case of live insects, Manager Liu explained that the color of live insects was similar to that of seaweed. He did not pay attention to them when packing them. He also said that customers bought them and placed them for one night to attract flying insects. This matter needs further investigation, but because it is a service industry, they have consulted with customers and paid compensation at the first time.

At noon, the reporter learned from the source that the store responded that it may also be the problem of the raw material supplier, the specific details need to be further confirmed, and the matter will be dealt with face to face by communication.

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News Responsible Editor: Ji Guojie_NBJ11143