Hardens foul stunt made Grizzlies howl 32+12+10 key 6 penalty victory

 Hardens foul stunt made Grizzlies howl 32+12+10 key 6 penalty victory

Recently, harden and rocket caused controversy because of too many free throws in the Lakers First World War. The Lakers were unable to guard against Tucao rockets at the top and bottom, because they fouled at a single touch. At the beginning of the game, harden received similar treatment again. In just 18 seconds, he deceived the foul on the outside line and got the penalty line.

Unexpectedly, less than two minutes later, Harden made another foul on the outside shooting, the last time he hit two of three penalties, this time he hit all three penalties, grizzly bear players face is helpless. Bixttaff, the Grizzlies coach on the sidelines, also shouted to his players to be careful about touching the porcelain so that they could shine their hands when defending.

The Rockets easily built up their advantage. Harden scored only one goal under the basket in the second quarter, but in the first half he scored 18 points, and other figures were quite good, such as seven rebounds, which was the highest in the team.

In 2 minutes and 53 seconds, Harden forced a breakthrough to create a foul surrounded by many people, but only one of the two penalties. In the ensuing attack, Harden made a mistake, but the Grizzlies also made a mistake. In the last 76 seconds, Harden made another foul on the outside shooting. The opponent was Jay Jackson. This was the third time that he made the same mistake in this game. Harden made three free throws. In the last half minute, Harden continued to score free throws, so that the victory was basically determined.

At the end of the day, Harden sent in assists, and he also reached triple-double figures.