Girls credulous hunger therapy for diarrhea 3 days after dehydration fainting

 Girls credulous hunger therapy for diarrhea 3 days after dehydration fainting

Xiao Guo, a 25-year-old white-collar worker, accidentally ate his stomach a few days ago and ran to the bathroom for a few days, which was extremely uncomfortable.

Xiaoguo said that she was not accustomed to taking medicine. She had diarrhea for several days. She didnt want to eat anything. People didnt have any strength. Later, Xiaoguo overheard a colleague say that a partial prescription hunger therapy can cure diarrhea. In order to alleviate the pain, she tried it without thinking.

Xiao Guo said that she started to drink only water to fill her hunger, and as a matter of fact, the frequency of going to the toilet was much lower. But after three days, I felt weaker and then fainted at home.

Qiu Wensheng, director of digestive medicine, said: After examination, the patient suffered from acute enteritis, accompanied by dehydration and electrolyte disorders. After symptomatic treatment, such as fluid replacement, antidiarrhea and intestinal flora regulation, the patient was safe.

Qiu Wensheng, director of digestive medicine in hospital, reminded us that diarrhea must continue to eat. We should choose soft, digestible and nutritious foods, such as egg custard, rice porridge, noodles, and so on. We should drink less milk, avoid raw cold and greasy food, dont trust unproven folk prescriptions, and go to the hospital for examination and treatment at the first time when there is physical discomfort.

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