Death of petitioner Chen Yuxian: Interception of 12 counties and municipalities in Shangrao

 Death of petitioner Chen Yuxian: Interception of 12 counties and municipalities in Shangrao

On June 3, 2017, Chen Yuxian of Shangyou, Jiangxi Province, made his first visit to Beijing. The next day, he was intercepted by 12 members of Beijing Shenzhou Changhang Automobile Rental Co., Ltd. and died. The bad luck he encountered eight hours before his death included: tape sealing, rope binding, shoe plug mouth, which was beaten by many people in the car, alley and ruins.

Beginning on September 5 this year, upstream news reports such as The death of petitioner Chen Yuxian uncovered the inside story of illegal business ofInterception Company,The petitioners deceased family members claim 4.97 million county governments that they are not responsible but can be properly compensatedaroused widespread public concern.

Niu Li, born in 1976 in Chengde, Hebei Province, is the principal person in charge of the company. He has worked as a coal miner, a brick factory worker, a bank driver and a hotel owner since he dropped out of junior high school.

Evidence obtained by upstream journalists shows that in September 2013, Niu Li stepped into the industry and was still a loser owing to gambling and usury. Over the next five years, Niu Li carried out illegal interception operations around Shangrao, Ganzhou, Changle and Zhangzhou provinces in Jiangxi Province by means of letters and visits directors, providing thoughtful service to letters and visiting cadres, and developing informants. Among them, Shangrao City is Niulis main business place: 12 counties and municipalities, he has sent visitors, are in contact with the visiting director.

On June 14, 2017, Niu Li was arrested on suspicion of illegal detention. The place where he fell into the net was the place where he started: Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province.

Photos of Chen Yuxian in Shangyou, Jiangxi Province

Illegal Interception of Companies Making Money by Volume

What I earn is the difference between two dollars.

On June 14, 2017, Niu Li said this to the Beijing police several times after he landed in Shangrao Hotel, Jiangxi Province.

In more than five years of illegal interception, Niu Li has made a lot of profits. He became the companys controller of an interview with a fixed monthly capital of at least 25,000 yuan from a person who owed usurious loans for gambling.

The Confessions of 12 suspects exposed the operation process of illegal interception of visits by Shenzhou Changxing Company: Niu Li was at the top, responsible for business and telephone command; Niu Tieguang was the second person, after receiving the instructions from Niu Li, he contacted the car keeper and the head of black security, while instructing Zhang Liyang and Yu Xuebin to receive the visitors; the car keeper drove his car and black security guard to the designated place to receive the petitioners. The road is southward.

The car keepers and black security leaders in this chain of interests are not employees of Chellona Changxing Company. They are more like guerrillas. Niu Li and them pay their bills alone.

Niulis notes said, I charge eight yuan for a kilometer, according to the number of kilometers. Car providers are calculated at 6 yuan per kilometer, security wages are 150 yuan to 200 yuan, and more visitors on the bus will be more important. Generally, the visitors are sent to the public security organs where the household registration is located, and the people of the government give me cash.

Chen Weishu, the son of Chen Yuxian, said that according to the estimate of two security escorts, two thousand kilometers in three days to make a round trip, Niu Li received 16,000 yuan, of which 12,000 yuan was for car owners, 900 yuan for security guards and 3100 yuan for Niu Li. If the source of this business comes from information workers, Niu Li will also pay 300 to 500 yuan for information fees.

Niulis interception company earns a single profit, except for oil money and labor costs, only two or three thousand yuan. If he wants to make more money, he can only rely onwalking volume. Chen Weishu thinks this is a simple truth.

Cow power earns money by walking. In 2010, Niuli owed usurious loans for gambling and failed to fill the hole by selling houses. In September 2012, Niu Li followed another interviewer, Xiao Qinglin Gan, who acted as a driver, mainly interviewing visitors from Fujian, Anhui and Xian.

Xiao Qinglin was separated from Xiao Qinglin in 2014. On August 23, 2016, Shenzhou Changxing Company was established to rent wages for three people. The company has three cars. That is to say, after the interception, Niu Li changed from a heavily indebted gambler to the actual controller of the interception company.

Chen Weishu is discussing for Chen Yuxian, his father who was beaten to death by an illegal interception company.

Under-Secretary-General of Shangrao Municipal Committee of Public Relations, Beijing Office

The means of undertaking business by cow force is to grasp both ends.

One is the informant. The informant appearing in the case file includes the passenger solicitor at the railway station and the security of a unit.

On June 4, 2017, Chen Yuxian met Lu Jianyun at Beijing West Railway Station. In addition to opening hotels, Lu Jianyun also sold visitor information. She sent Chen Yuxians photos to Niuli via Wechat.

On June 8, 2017, Niuli received a call from the security guard of a unit. After confirmation by Zhou Longyuan, then director of the Letter and Visit Bureau of Shangrao County, the visitor was Xu Shixing of the county. Then Niu Li instructed Niu Tieguang to send someone to pick it up. The next day, Xu Shixing was sent to Shangrao County Public Security Bureau. This time the driver drove a Mazda car of Niuli Company. After parking the car at Luoqiao Street Office in Shangrao County, the driver handed the key to the Yao surname staff of the street office and went back by car.

Sixteen thousand people were picked up by township cadres at the checkout time, and the driver left the car because the license plate was from Fujian. I want to go to Fujian and sell the car. Niu Li said.

This means that the Niu Li Gang was engaged in illegal interception until Chen Yuxian was beaten to death and fell into the net.

After the cattle force fell into the net, the Beijing police said: The cattle force surface is to maintain stability, but the actual things done destroy stability.

Niu Lizhaos other end is to visit the director of letters and visits.

On September 11, 2017, Fu Rongpeng, deputy secretary-general of the Shangrao Municipal Committee and director of the Letter and Visit Bureau, said when asked by Beijing police that in 2014, Niu Li found him at the Beijing work site of the Letter and Visit Working Group of Shangrao Municipality, claiming that he could help them intercept visits, and the two met from then on. He learns that Niu Ligans job is to inform the local government to contact and collect information fees after finding abnormal petitioners in Beijing. After meeting him, Niu Li asked him for a work permit, but he thought it was against the rules and refused it. In 2017, when he came to work in Beijing again, he met Niuli for the last time.

The two have known each other for three years. Fu Rongpeng did not say how the relationship was. Asked if Niu Li cooperated with Shangrao, Fu Rongpeng said: Niu Li has nothing to do with our listing in Shangrao, but it may have a collaborative relationship with the counties and cities below Shangrao, and it has close contact with Zhou Longyuan.

Reply Document to Chen Weishus Letter and Visit from Dongshan Town Government of Shangyou County, Jiangxi Province

Eat All in 12 Counties and Urban Areas of Shangrao, Jiangxi Province

Deputy Secretary-General Fu Rongpeng said it was possible, while Niu Li said it was all.

Niu Li confessed that he had sent visitors to 12 counties and cities under Shangrao City, including Dexing, Wuyuan, Poyang, Yugan, Wannian, Yiyang, Hengfeng, Qianshan, Shangrao, Guangfeng, Yushan and Xinzhou.

Every time I contact the directors of letters and visits from these places. After Niu Li said this, he gave the names of the directors of the 12 counties and citiesletters and visits bureaus.

Niu Li has the closest relationship with Shangrao County.

Wei Meng, a security guard in Niu Li Gang, confessed that from May 3 to June 5, 2017, he participated in seven interception visits and had escorted 32 people, 31 of whom were Shangrao County visitors. On May 3, he escorted three male visitors back to Shangrao County Police Station, on May 7 and 8, one male visitor back to Shangrao County Police Station, on May 12 and 13, three men and one woman back to Shangrao County Police Station, and on May 20. One visitor returned to a police station in Shangrao County, four visitors were escorted back to a police station in Shangrao County around 25 May, and 14 visitors were escorted back to the courtyard of Shangrao County Traffic Police Brigade around 6 p.m. on 5 June.

Zhou Longyuan, then director of the Letter and Visit Bureau of Shangrao County, denied this when he was questioned. He said that Niuli only provided him with information about visitors, and he did not let Niuli intercept the interview. Information fees are paid by the responsible units of visitors.

Zhou Longyuan met Niu Li who only provided information.

On June 10, 2017, after beating Chen Yuxian to death, Niu Li arrived in Shangrao County. Zhou Longyuan received Niu Li for dinner, and arranged for him to experience the picking of Bayberry from farmhouse music. On June 13, Zhou Longyuan took Niuli to Wufeng Dong Hotel in Dexing City. On the same day, the letters and visits meeting attended by the leaders of Shangrao counties and cities was held in the hotel. The meeting was presided over by Fu Rongpeng.

Fu Rongpeng told Beijing police that he knew that Niu Li had gone, but Niu Li did not enter the main venue and he did not meet Niu Li.

Niu Li confessed: I was hired by Shangrao County Letters and Visits Bureau, but they did not pay me wages, nor did they pay five insurance and one gold. Every time they call me to attend a meeting of the Shangrao City Letter and Visit System, they all know me.

Provide considerate service to the family members of the leaders of the Letter and Visit Bureau

In order to carry out illegal interception business, Niuli often goes to the Jiangxi Provincial Office in Beijing, which is located in No. 2 Hospital of Madian South Road, Haidian District.

Fu Rongpeng said that the letter and visit working groups of cities at all levels in Jiangxi all work in Beijing and work under the unified leadership of the letter and visit working group of Jiangxi Province in Beijing.

One of the responsibilities of Jiangxi Provincial Office in Beijing is to take charge of the reception and persuasion of abnormal petitioners who come to Beijing.

According to the Performance Management Index System of the Beijing Office of Jiangxi Provincial Peoples Government in 2018, there is a content of maintaining the stability of letters and visits, which includes two specific contents: arranging a special person to the working group to assist in daily persuasion and returning, and rotating a person to handle the work of reception and persuasion of letters and visits every day. The target value of this content is 100%, and the responsible office is stationed in Beijing. Beijing Office of Social Work.

In 2014, Niu Li met Zhou Longyuan in Beijing office. In 2016, Niu Li met Lai Xuewen, the former director of Shangyou Countys Letter and Visit Bureau in Beijing office. At that time, when I was in Beijing for dinner, all of them were letters and visiting cadres from all parts of Jiangxi Province. I forgot who they were and introduced each other to Lai Xuewen.

Niu Lis interception business can not be separated from the support of the director of letters and visits. In order to get along well with the director, Niu Li also racked his brains.

Chen Weishu has nothing in common so far. Niu Li said the cost of returning his father, Chen Yuxian, was 16,000 yuan, but Lai Xuewen told Dongshan Town that it would cost 25,000 yuan. Why is there a price difference of 9,000 yuan? Niuli is not the first time to send visitors to Shangyou, Shangyou is not the first time to let Niuli send visitors. Dont you know the price?

After Chen Yuxians death, Lai Xuewen asked Niuli to borrow 20,000 yuan. Niuli agreed, but failed to send the money because it fell into the net on June 14. In response, Lai Xuewen explained: To stabilize him, let him think that we sent a working group to deal with this matter, need funds. Once he lets go, we will be passive.

When the police asked Niu Li and several petitioners, they all asked a question: Is there any profit output? Niu Li and the petitioners said no.

Even if there is no profit output, Niu Li still provides thoughtful service.

Many letters and visiting cadres come to Beijing. I arrange for cars to pick up stations. Cow power confession.

On June 5, 2017, the parents of a petition cadre from Changtai County Letter and Visit Bureau of Fujian Province went to Beijing to play. Niu Tieguang was arranged by Niu Tieguang. Niu Tieguang let Xuebin drive his parents to the Great Wall.

In addition to Shangrao City and Ganzhou City in Jiangxi Province, Niulis interception business has also expanded to Changle and Zhangzhou in Fujian Province.

Source: Upstream News Editor of Chongqing Morning Post: Wang Zheng_N7526