Shandong Arts Examination Joint Question Release Candidates Reflect that Mobile Phone can be brought into the examination room

 Shandong Arts Examination Joint Question Release Candidates Reflect that Mobile Phone can be brought into the examination room

Inspection and cheating are rampant: there are answers on the Internet just after the opening of the exam

On December 15, some netizens reported on the microblog that the radio and television directorial subjects of Shandong Province Art Examination had just opened for 4 minutes before they found the test questions online. It is understood that the Shandong Radio and Television Director Subject Examination is divided into two courses, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. for literary common sense subjects, and in the afternoon for film reviews and story writing. At present, pictures exposed on microblogs show that multiple QQ groups begin to issue multiple-choice questions and short answers from 8:42 to 10:36 a.m. Xiao Liu, a choreographer and director of Rizhao, Shandong Province, said that the leaked questions were all the exam questions and the answer was basically the correct one.

Candidate Xiao Liu: It must feel unfair. We are there every day. They can get the exam by mobile phone. The leaked answer is the true answer, the same as the exam.

Today, Jining and Taian candidates also reported that there was a suspected leak of test questions in the area. Xiao Cao, a Taian examinee, said that the examination questions were not leaked before the examination, but were sent out by students after the opening of the examination, and the organization sent out the answers through QQ group. When we were in the exam, some people came out with the questions. Some organizations had groups. The teachers greeted them well in advance. After 8:30, after half an hour, the questions had been leaked. The teachers sent them the answers in the group.

Xiao Cao also said that the reason why the test site can pass the answer is that there is no signal shielding device installed in the test room, and because the teachers responsible for security inspection are not strict with the scanning of electronic equipment, many candidates have successfully brought mobile phones into the test room. There are a lot of people with mobile phones, almost every game with mobile phones, but the teacher did not care, nor swept out. The scanner swept to your pocket and rang. It was all fooling. He didnt let the students take it out when it rang clearly. Some will pull out, scanning I also rang, I was really a button, pull out a need not turn out, directly let in. And it only sweeps your upper body. If you hide your cell phone in your shoes or something, he doesnt know at all.

Another Taian choreographer also questioned the invigilator. She said that one of the candidates in her examination room was found by the invigilator because of cheating, but in the afternoon the examinee appeared in the examination room again and completed the examination. The girl sitting next to me was caught cheating, and the inspectors found out. Then they told her that you didnt use it in the afternoon, but she still came in the afternoon, and nobody cared about it. She could take the exam in the afternoon, and nobody pursued it.

Under the steep drop in the admission rate, some people study hard in the cold window and others operate in a dark box.

Up to press release, Taian Education Bureau has not yet responded to this matter. According to media reports, on the morning of December 15, during the unified examination for arts majors in Shandong Province, Taian District received reports of cheating by candidates. Taian Education Bureau attaches great importance to it. Taian Public Security Bureau intervened in the investigation for the first time. The results of the investigation will be published to the public in time and handled in accordance with the law.

A former Shandong choreographer told reporters that since last year, the proportion of Undergraduates in the category of choreographers and directors has dropped dramatically. Under the fierce competition, suspected leaks of questions have been exposed for two consecutive years, which makes it more difficult for candidates to prepare fairly for examinations. In 2017, Shandong Province registered for the examination and directed more than 20,000 people. Then around 18,000 undergraduates were admitted to Shandong Province and other provinces. By 2018, more than 20,000 people were registered for the examination and directed, and fewer than 4,000 people were admitted to Shandong Province and other provinces.

According to the public number Shandong College Entrance Examination Voluntary Filling news, in 2018, according to the data published by Shandong College of Entrance Examination and a table analysis, the undergraduate admission rate of literary directors in Shandong Province is about 18%, which is significantly lower than that in 2017. Before 2018, the editorial and directive examinations in Shandong Province will be administered by means of school examinations. The Shandong Provincial Examination Institute will set up examination points and time for schools that come to Shandong to admit students. In 2018, the editorial and implementation of the unified examination will begin. The students will make a unified examination paper, and then the schools will recognize the results of the examination paper. According to the unified admission rules formulated by Shandong Province, students will fill in parallel volunteers for admission. u3002 In 2018, more than 21,000 editors and directors of Shandong Province participated in the unified examination. After the unified examination, the final enrollment was 3,000 liberal arts students and 737 science students.

Lawyer: Leaking the test questions, suspected of organizing cheating and divulging state secrets

It is understood that, according to the relevant rules currently implemented in Shandong Province, the comprehensive score of editing and directing is composed of two parts. The scores of the unified examination accounted for 30%, and the scores of the college entrance examination accounted for 70%. Han Miao, a lawyer of Beijing Kangda Law Firm, analyzed that, for example, it was suspected that an organization had organized examinees to divulge examination questions and cheat, which constituted the crime of intentionally divulging state secrets and organizing examination cheating. The unified examination for arts and literature majors in general colleges and universities in Shandong Province in 2019 belongs to the examination stipulated in the Measures for Handling Violations of National Education Examination and constitutes the state secret level. Therefore, there are organizations that leak test questions, suspected of organizing cheating and divulging State secrets.

Lawyer Han Miao said that, according to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, those who organize cheating in the national examinations prescribed by law shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention, and shall also or shall only be fined; if the circumstances are serious, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years and shall also be fined. Whoever, in order to commit cheating in examinations, illegally sells or provides questions and answers in national examinations prescribed by law to others shall be punished in accordance with the aforementioned provisions.

The Shandong Provincial College of Education Enrollment and Examination issued a message that an investigation team had been dispatched urgently to Heze. At present, Heze education, public security and other departments have formed a joint investigation team to carry out the investigation, which will be dealt with seriously according to the rules and regulations according to the results of the investigation, and the relevant progress will be announced to the public in time.

Source: Voice of China Responsible Editor: Wang Zheng_N7526